That’s Gorgeous Fjords – Norway Unveils The World’s Coolest Passport

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Nov 19 2014
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After unveiled its new banknote series, easily the best money ever designed, Norway has unveiled yet another stylish design – passports. Much to the envy of non-Norwegian citizens around the globe, Norway’s National Police Directorate has announced that it’s selected a new “cool and beautiful” design for the nation’s passports, thanks to Oslo-based Neue Design Studio.

Norway New Passport Design - Three Colours

With the latest revelation, Norway now boasts the world’s best passports, to go along with the world’s best money. The jury who selected Neue as the winners said the design company won because of the “the simplicity of the solution”. The passport’s pages and the ID background showcase Norway’s stunning landscape in fine, minimalist lines and modern-looking block pastel colours.


On the face of the passport, the covers are simple, emblazoned with the national crest and some simple text which are finished with embossed san-serif golden letters. The passports come in three colours – red for citizen, blue for diplomatic, and pale-gray for immigrant. The new passports sporting the new design are expected to be released in the next two years in 2017.

Norway New Passport Design - Page

When exposed to UV light, secret images of the Northern Lights together with hidden text glows showing its beautiful design, so much so that it would be a waste for immigration officers to put visa stamps on it. Neue’s designers says their creation is a response to a brief from Norway’s National Police Directorate to come up with “a unique concept with excellent design qualities”.


As usual, nature has always been an essential part of the Norwegian identity and tradition, hence “The Norwegian Landscape” as the basis for the winning entry. Praising the design, the jury applauded: The design is attractive and stylish, the colours are subtle and the abstraction of the landscapes are exciting. Still, Neue Design Studio says there’ll be a few more tweaks to the design before it hits the market.

Norway New Passport Design - Page Under UV

Can somebody tells Norway to stop producing more world class designs – be it currency, passport or whatever they have in their pipelines? It’s such a cruel and torture making non-Norwegian citizens drooling about all these pretty and cute designs. The United States is planning a passport redesign in 2016, so can Uncle Sam designs something better than Norway’s?


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