A Vote For Khairy Is Still A Vote For Gangster Zahid To Become Next PM – Poor Najib Might Not Get Royal Pardon After All

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Nov 09 2022
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Khairy Jamaluddin has insisted that Ismail Sabri is still UMNO-led Barisan Nasional’s prime ministerial candidate. What do you expect the health minister to say? Do you expect him to honestly spill the beans and reveal that the turtle-egg man was already “game over” the moment the un-elected backdoor prime minister dissolved the Parliament on October 10?


Now, silly Sabri wanted to cancel the 15th General Election if massive floods hit the country. Finally, he realized that UMNO president Zahid Hamidi had scammed him. Everyone had already told him not to proceed with the snap election, but he was too stupid to understand. Even King Sultan Abdullah had warned him. But it’s water under the bridge now. It’s too late to cry over spilt milk.


Was it not Zahid who had issued the arrogant chest-thumping declaration that the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) will hold the national election come rain or flood? Had Sabri sought the blessing from Zahid before popping the idea of scrapping the election? After turning a deaf ear over the Meteorological Department’s warning, why is Sabri suddenly regretful?

Agong King - Disappointed With PM Ismail Sabri and UMNO

In truth, Sabri is panicked after all his lieutenants were exterminated from contesting in the upcoming national polls on November 19. But the fact that he didn’t see it coming speaks volumes about his level of intellectual disability. Even the hamster has been telling him till foaming at the mouth that once he dissolved the Parliament, he would be powerless. And that’s precisely what happens.


The accidental prime minister was incredibly shocked when party president Zahid unilaterally chopped off all his loyalists from the election line-up namely Annuar Musa (Communications and Multimedia Minister), Shahidan Kassim (Federal Territories Minister), Adham Baba (Science, Technology and Innovation Minister) and Halimah Sadique (National Unity Minister).


Three other deputy ministers – Zahidi Zainul Abidin, Mastura Mohd Yazid and Ismail Abdul Muttalib were also axed. The UMNO warlord who was stunned the most was the six-term Tanjong Karang incumbent MP and Selangor Barisan Nasional chairman Noh Omar, a well known UMNO gangster who literally cried like a baby after discovering his name was not on the candidates list.


Noh Omar could not believe his eyes because even his errand boy – Jamal Yunos – was allocated a parliamentary seat to contest. Noh used to be the top sidekick of the premier, taking orders before outsourcing dirty jobs to Jamal, a lower ranking UMNO thug, who would then take his share and pay RM50 and a pack of chicken rice as well as a T-shirt to gullible and unemployable UMNO-Malays to take to the street.


By chopping all his hands and legs, Ismail Sabri is worse than being castrated. Without his loyalists in UMNO, he is isolated and can only ask how high when Zahid told him to jump. The only reason Sabri’s name isn’t dropped too is because Zahid still needs him to hoodwink gullible voters into thinking he is still the “poster boy” in order to win votes, after which the lame duck would be dumped like a used condom.


It’s also possible that Sabri sent a signal to the Election Commission to cancel the general election under Zahid’s order. Realizing that he had misread and miscalculated the Malay support for UMNO, the party president wanted to make a U-turn. Therefore, Sabri, ranked third in the party hierarchy, was tasked with the dirty job to test water if it’s possible to reverse the decision to go to the polls.

Ismail Sabri and Zahid Hamidi - Laughing and Hugging

Yes, you know UMNO is in deep trouble when Zahid, instead of poster boy Sabri, promised to give “everything free” if people vote Barisan Nasional. From topping monthly income of every household to RM2,208 to free education and from giving free laptops to students to paying holidays for employees on their birthday, Gangster Zahid suddenly becomes Santa Claus.


Wait a minute. Didn’t “Bossku” Najib previously mock Pakatan Harapan government’s promise to provide free education because according to Najib, his Barisan Nasional government was already providing free education – from primary to tertiary? Hence, based on Najib’s brilliant argument, does that mean Zahid too is promising something that was already free – another scam?


It’s also hilarious that Zahid has promised 100% 5G Internet coverage in all schools within 18 months when his own Bagan Datuk constituency is still struggling with 4G for years since smartphone first invented. It’s amazing that Zahid could single-handedly eliminate poverty with a guarantee of minimum monthly income of RM2,208 when even the genius Najib had failed to do so.

Gangster Zahid Hamidi

The paid holiday for employees on their birthday is perhaps the best invention since sliced bread. President Joe Biden would be so impressed he might rush to find a job in Malaysia. Not even the world’s richest and most developed countries could afford to reward their people with free holidays every year. Of course, Zahid didn’t specify what type of holidays he had in mind.


Remember the wise man once said – if something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Zahid and UMNO should learn from Nigerian scammers how to scam without looking like an idiot. The Barisan Nasional election manifesto is full of horse shit that Najib is so glad he is in prison because even the crook would be rolling on the floor laughing while explaining the manifesto.


It’s a mystery why the UMNO chief didn’t promise to make everyone a millionaire if UMNO wins and he becomes the next prime minister. The corrupt Barisan Nasional will definitely win all the 222 parliamentary seats if it promises to give away a free house, a free car, a free plot of land, a free toaster, free internet, free Apple iPhones, free petrol, free electricity, and perhaps free loans without the obligation to pay.

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri - Clueless

Khairy has no choice but to support his boss as the poster boy because Sabri said if he is once again the prime minister after the 15th General Election, Khairy will remain the health minister. The caretaker prime minister is all Khairy got after all the Cluster Ministers aligned to Sabri had been slaughtered like a pig by Zahid. The caretaker health minister himself is in trouble.


The son-in-law of former PM Abdullah Badawi – Khairy – is sent to the slaughterhouse after his safe seat, Rembau parliamentary seat, was seized by UMNO deputy president “Tok Mat” Mohamad Hasan. This suggests that not only Tok Mat is a shameless bully, but the Malay nationalist party is running short of safe seats. Khairy is sent to the opposition stronghold Sungai Buloh to be butchered.


Some were sympathetic with Khairy, and wanted to vote for him instead of Pakatan Harapan. Still, a vote for Khairy is a vote for UMNO, which in turn is a vote for gangster Zahid to become the next prime minister, never mind the illusion that Sabri is the poster boy. People who wish to vote Khairy should remember that the health minister isn’t a saint.

Abdullah Badawi - Sleeping on the Job

Once the de-facto prime minister during Badawi administration, Khairy was known as the powerful infamous “fourth-floor boy”, rising through the party’s ranks primarily due to his father-in-law. He was once the 28-year-old arrogant boy who controlled and manipulated the prime minister’s moves and decision-making – while PM Badawi was sleeping on the job most of the time.


As the rising star, Khairy was as racist and corrupt as Hishammuddin Hussein, the cousin of Najib Razak. Like Hishammuddin, Mr Khairy too had brandished, kissed and waved the “keris” (Malay dagger) in attempts to intimidate and threaten minority Chinese. He once called political bloggers as “monkeys” and even had recommended they be punished for writing anti-government opinions in cyberspace.


And you don’t need a genius to tell who was the mastermind behind the civil servant of the Ministry of Youth and Sports involved in RM100 million scandal. It was only after his father-in-law was forced by Najib to retire in 2009 that Khairy had lost the support of a “powerful cable”, forcing him to keep a low profile in order to survive in the dog-eat-dog world of UMNO.

Khairy Jamaluddin - Pharmaniaga Sinovac Vaccine Rebottling and Repackaging

The perception that Oxford-educated Khairy is relatively clean and efficient as the health minister is largely because 99% of UMNO leaders and ministers are clueless, incompetent, extremely corrupt and not highly educated. But that’s not the only reasons why he should not be voted as the new MP for Sungai Buloh. He had chosen to keep quiet during Najib’s 1MDB scandal.


Lest we forget, he was one of the participants of “Sheraton Move”, a political coup that toppled the democratically-elected multiracial Pakatan Harapan government in March 2020. So, not only he allowed Najib to steal billions of dollars of people’s money, he was as power-crazy as Mahiaddin Yassin and Azmin Ali when the backdoor government was formed.


His latest achievement included a special instruction from his Ministry of Health to free Najib by relocating the crook to the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital on Sept 17, allowing the prisoner to stay in VVIP ward – till the plan was exposed by an anonymous. Khairy claimed Najib needed physiotherapy, but Najib only suffered high blood pressure, which has nothing to do with physiotherapy.

Najib Razak and Khairy Jamaluddin

Crucially, was it not under Khairy’s ministry that Pharmaniaga, despite lack of expertise, was allowed to rebottle and repackage Sinovac vaccine at a time when people were dying so that some cronies could profit from it? He is being targeted by Zahid because he had bet the wrong horse – Sabri obediently surrendered. He was not dropped like Annuar Musa because of his popularity.


Mr Zahid is leveraging Khairy’s popularity to snatch a parliamentary seat from Pakatan Harapan. If he wins, Zahid gets an extra seat. If he loses, Zahid could get rid of Khairy without creating unnecessarily internal tension. Either way, the gangster wins. Even if Khairy survives, he would be put in cold storage as it is Zahid, not Sabri, who would become the prime minister.


Get real, if Zahid really isn’t interested to become the 10th Prime Minister, he could easily prove it by not contesting a parliamentary seat. He could allow his daughter to replace him. By disqualifying himself, he would help UMNO regain public confidence and trust. Even when he claims that Sabri remains the poster boy, he deliberately said that it’s up to Agong’s (King) discretion to appoint the turtle-egg man.

Khairy Jamaluddin - Zahid Hamidi - Shahrizat Jalil

The plan is simple. After axing Sabri’s loyalists, the party is left with pro-Zahid MPs, who, at gunpoint, had signed letters of support to back him as the next prime minister. If UMNO-led Barisan Nasional wins, it will be Zahid Hamidi in his capacity as party president to be invited to the Palace to meet the King. Armed with those pre-signed letters, the monarch has no choice but to appoint him – not Sabri.


But the drama didn’t stop there. Zahid has proven to be a better drama queen when he cried a river of crocodile tears upon the jailing of Najib on Aug 23. He mobilized and rallied thousands of UMNO delegates to a chest-thumping session, using Najib family members to boost his position. The melodrama was so convincing that Najib’s eldest son, Nizar, announced on Oct 28 that he would contest both the Pekan parliamentary and a state seat.


However, when Zahid revealed UMNO’s candidates for the general election last week, Nizar Najib did not get to defend the Pekan parliamentary seat, which had been in the Najib family since 1959 when it was first won by his grandfather Abdul Razak Hussein (the country’s second prime minister). Instead, the junior Najib has been named as a candidate for a state seat only – Peramu Jaya.

Nizar Najib Razak

Not only it was a downgrade and humiliation to the Najib family, it was a strategy to deny the return of Najib Razak in case Barisan Nasional wins and Zahid is forced to push a royal pardon for his former boss. Nizar can’t vacate his parliamentary seat for his father if he hasn’t a seat to begin with. Isn’t it strange that the popular “Bossku” moniker is not being used to rally Malay voters?


That’s why the disgraced Najib unleashed “a tweet from prison”, reiterating support for Ismail Sabri as Barisan Nasional’s prime ministerial candidate. The bad blood between Najib and Zahid was made public after former UMNO Supreme Council member Tajuddin Abdul Rahman exposed in June 2022 of a web of betrayal and backstabbing involving Tok Mat and Najib to topple Zahid in May 2020.


Now, it makes perfect sense why Noh Omar, along with Tajuddin, was terminated. Both were dropped largely due to their loyalty to Najib (rather than to Sabri). Do you really think Zahid would rush to the Palace to demand a royal pardon for Najib after he becomes the next prime minister? That’s why pro-Najib propagandist like Raja Petra Kamarudin is attacking Zahid like crazy.

PM Najib and Deputy PM Zahid Wear Crowns

In the same breath, the ambitious Khairy has announced his desire to lead UMNO and become a prime minister. However, he’s in the wrong party. He might think he’s the smartest, the most competent and the least corrupted in the party. But there are 100% UMNO corrupt parasites that he has to feed before he can even start fantasizing about becoming UMNO president.


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