Apandi Fired, Thomas Hired! – Proof That UMNO-Malays Were Fake Defender Of Malays & Islam

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Jun 05 2018
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Under pressure from the netizens, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V (the King) finally agreed on the appointment of Tommy Thomas as the Attorney General of Malaysia. The people, with great hope for a better Malaysia, finally get to taste the real meaning of peoples’ power. And like Donald Trump, hopefully the people will not get sick and tired of “winning”.


In the same breath, Mahathir must be enjoying himself very much too. The 93-year-old man now realises how it feels to be on the other side, being the good guy instead of the bad guy he was. His meticulous and brilliant leadership – once as the so-called dictator from 1981 to 2003 and now as the peoples’ hero – should send a shivering message down his enemies’ spine.


The firing of Apandi Ali and hiring of Tommy Thomas should be an easy process. The hiccup should not have had happened in the first place. But the palace somehow, either was ill-advised or deliberately, had chosen to play politics. To save face, the monarchy now says the appointment would still continue to uphold the special privileges of the Malays as well as Islam as the religion of the Federation.

Attorney General - Hired Tommy Thomas and Fired Apandi Ali

Talking about protecting the special privileges of the Malays and Islam, where was UMNO when the people needed them the most? Had the UMNO Malay nationalist party still in power, the police would have been instructed to arrest and charge the person who had proposed Thomas, an ethnic-Indian-Christian, as Attorney General. All hell will break loose, of course.


But even after UMNO has been stripped of its power since its humiliating defeat on May 9th general election, should not its leaders, 100% of them Malay-Muslims, have come out opposing the appointment of a non-Muslim as the new A.G.? Amazingly, UMNO, the supposedly No. 1 defender of Malays and Islam, as they would like the Malays to think, had been eerily silent on the matter.


UMNO-Malays appeared to be more concerned about themselves. Without a strong leader, UMNO is like a headless chicken. To hell with Malays and Islam! All the UMNO warlords were more worried about saving their own skin than about “kafir Thomas”. They were more worried about how to hide their stash of cash, jewellery and gold bars, after Najib’s RM114 million was seized by the police.

UMNO Gravy Train - Hishammuddin Hussein and Zahid Hamidi Fool Malays

Have you heard voices from fake Malay and Islam defenders such as Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi, Hishammuddin Hussein, Khairi Jamaluddin, Salleh Said Keruak, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Jamal Yunos, Annuar Musa, Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Musa Sheikh Fadzir, Shahrizat Jalil, Tengku Adnan, and of course Ridhuan Tee and Nazri Aziz, just to name a few?


Yes, just when the King was awaiting reinforcement from UMNO warlords to defend the so-called dignity of Malays and Islam, the cavalry didn’t show up because all the fake knights were too chicken to gallop to the palace. In fact, the King was terribly insulted when warlord Tajuddin Abdul Rahman actually said UMNO has no problem with Tommy Thomas as Attorney General at all.


With friends like Mr. Tajuddin, the monarchies do not need enemies, do they? Now, do you understand why the old Mahathir was so confident that he only proposed Tommy Thomas and refused to budge even after the King threatened to reject his nomination? Mahathir knew besides his administration, the UMNO warlords will hang the monarchy out to dry too.

Cowgate Scandal – Shahrizat Family Received RM215000 Per Month In Salary

Shahrizat Jalil, for example, was a staunch supporter of ex-PM Najib Razak. As the woman chief of UMNO, she was arguably one of UMNO biggest defender of Malays and Islam. Yet, she was nowhere to be seen. In actuality, she and her family were trembling at home at the sight of being dragged to court over the theft of RM250 million in the “Cowgate Scandal”.


Billionaire ex-Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi is too terrified to offend Mahathir because a substantial of his ill-gotten wealth is still stuck in the country. But at least Mr. Zahid dares to take the challenge to contest for UMNO presidency. Najib’s cousin Hishammuddin Hussein has been such a coward he doesn’t want to have anything to do with UMNO.


Like cows thief Shahrizat, Hishammuddin was instrumental in securing 20.16% stake in Ekovest for his brother, Haris Onn Hussein. The company was given the deal to build the Setiawangsa-Pantai Expressway (SPE) at a cost of RM3.738 billion with a concession period with the Government for 53½ years. Between defending Malays and milking motorists for 53½ years, the choice isn’t difficult.

Missing MH370 - Hishammuddin Hussein Keris

As a former Federal Territories Minister, Tengku Adnan had allegedly partnered with Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (City Hall) and sold 64 parcels of land between 2013 and 2018. The 64 plots of land – totalling 424.29 acres – were reported to be sold for a total value of RM4.28 billion. City Mayor Mohd Amin Nordin Abdul Aziz was obviously involved in the scheme selling prime land below market price.


Malays and Islam have never been threatened from the beginning. This can be seen in institutions such as Royal Malaysia Police, Malaysian Armed Forces, judiciary, universities, civil services, monarchies, and whatnot that are controlled and dominated by Malay-Muslims. It was UMNO that used racial and religion cards for 61 years to fool the ignorant Malays while quietly enriching themselves.


Unfortunately to UMNO, the gravy train stopped on May 9th, 2018. And the fiasco on the appointment of Tommy Thomas is the best proof that UMNO-Malays don’t care a shit about Malays or Islam simply because the race and religion are being protected by the Constitution all along, not by the band of thieves riding the UMNO gravy train.

UMNO Gravy Train - Petrol Taxes - GST - Corruption


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