Take A Peek Inside A SmartWatch. Is LG’s G Watch Worth $229?

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Jul 10 2014
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Apple is expected to launch the much talked about iWatch this October. The cash-rich company has since hired TAG Heuer sales director Patrick Pruniaux to give a “Swiss made” label to the iWatch. And it has just poached two more engineers from Nike – Ryan Bailey and Jon Gale – to the team. Bailey was in the product development while Gale was working on hardware and firmware during their time with Nike.

LG G Watch - Compares to Samsung SmartwatchLG G Watch - Three Colours Option

By hook or by crook, Apple has to release its own version of wearable watch. The expected iPhone 6 launch will not stop Apple’s stock selldown if it doesn’t release iWatch. It’s not too difficult to apprehend why, considering the fierce competition from Android watch – first by Samsung and now my LG. Still, the main question from the consumers will still be the pricing.


Samsung Gear 2 costs a whopping US$300 bucks, while LG’s G Watch is slightly cheaper at US$229 a piece. Just like Samsung, LG’s G Watch is both water-proof and dust-proof. Naturally Apple’s iWatch should have this feature as well. Heck, Apple’s iWatch should be better than these Android watches, if it plans to make it a blockbuster success.

LG G Watch - Components Summary

LG G Watch - TearDown

Since Apple is late to the smartwatch party, will it sell iWatch at a freaking good price to give Samsung and LG a run for their money? If they can sell iPhone 5S from US$199 (16GB), surely they can sell iWatch for the same price, if not lower. Besides, how hard could it be to make a smartwatch compares to a smartphone. To see how simplistic an Android watch is made of, let’s see the components inside a LG’s G Watch.


A teardown was done recently by iFixit team by taking it apart. Surprisingly, the Android smartwatch is not that sophisticated or complex. The design was as simple as a Casio watch during the 1970s, literaly speaking (*grin*). Here’s what you have in a US$229 smartwatch – strap, casing, vibrator, LCD screen, rubber gasket, antenna, battery and of course the motherboard. It has the following basic specification:

LG G Watch - Top and Bottom Parts

LG G Watch - Motherboard Chips

  • 1.65” IPS LCD
  • 400 mAh battery
  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 processor with 1.2GHz CPU
  • 512 MB RAM / 4 GB Flash
  • 9 Axis (Accelerometer/Compass/Gyro)
  • Bluetooth 4.0


Having taken apart a Samsung Gear 2 before, the team were surprised that the external and internal design of LG’s G Watch was quite similar to the former. Could it be that LG actually clones Samsung’s smartwatch? Besides a trickier strap removal process, the rest of the components were quite similar. And the teardown process was quite smooth and easy.

LG G Watch - Casing and LCD Screen
LG G Watch - Battery - Front and Back

Judging from the simple design and components used to manufacture a LG’s G Watch, it seems both Samsung and LG are making tons of money and have been laughing all the way to the bank. How could such a simple watch costs more than an iPhone 5S (16GB)? Enjoy your profit while you can, Samsung and LG. Apple’s iWatch will make you run for your money (*hopefully*).


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