Apple’s iWatch To Come With 10 Sensors, Different Sizes & Designs

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Jun 20 2014
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Forget about Apple’s coming iPhone 6. That’s so (*yawn*) yesterday as everyone knows the new iPhone 6 will have better camera, slimmer, bigger screen and whatnot. Unless it can make coffee or pizza, iPhone 6 will be another facelift smartphone from Apple. If you like a big screen smartphone, chances are you would have already ditch iPhone and using a Samsung phone now.


The next coming breaking news from Apple has to be the much talked about iWatch. Anything less than that would potentially send the stock down. Guess what – iWatch could be making its appearance in October this year. In fact, Tim Cook was under tremendous pressure to do better than his former boss Steve Jobs. Apple iPhone, regardless of versioning was Jobs’ legacy, not Tim Cook.

Apple iWatch - Wearable SmartWatch 2 Apple iWatch - Wearable SmartWatch 6

Apple could have iWatch product inside its vault many moons ago. The time wasn’t right to introduce it simply because it would be out-matched by Samsung withing weeks. Apple needs to ensure its iWatch would be couple of steps ahead of Samsung’s version of the wearable watch. If you’ve try Samsung Gear, you would understand how boring the gadget is.


Now, it seems could be the right time to launch iWatch, although the official name has not been confirmed. Tons of rumours were floating on the net but based on what Wall Street Journal believes, Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) is planning multiple versions of its wearable watch or smartwatch, which makes perfect sense considering a “watch” is a personal style of choice.

Apple iWatch - Wearable SmartWatch 3 Apple iWatch - Wearable SmartWatch

You don’t see only one design of watch at shops hence similarly, the needs for different designs and screen sizes. The new wrist device from Apple will also include more than 10 sensors including ones to track health and fitness. The hint of this focus came from Apple’s new app called “Health”, which is supposed to collect all of a user’s fitness and health data in one spot.


But that was all about Apple’s Health app. The missing piece of a hardware to collect the data wasn’t there so now is the best time to introduce iWatch to complete the equation. Sources claims that Apples  smartwatch could launch as early as October with production to begin in two to three months at Taiwanese manufacturer, Quanta Computer Inc.

Apple iWatch - Wearable SmartWatch 4

Another person at a component supplier said shipments of the smartwatches are estimated to total between 10 million and 15 million units by the end of this year. Interestingly, Apple’s Chief Executive Tim Cook has pledged that the company will break into new product categories by the end of the year, so the timing seems to match perfectly.


The iWatch could start with a 2.5 inches display diagonally and slightly rectangular. The smartwatch face will protrude slightly from the band, creating an arched shape, and will feature a touch interface and wireless charging capabilities. The exclusive supplier of the screen is said to be LG Display Co Ltd.

Apple iWatch - Wearable SmartWatch 5 Apple iWatch - Wearable SmartWatch 7

Time flies and it’s been four years since Apple’s last major new product release – the successful iPad. Tim Cook has proven himself to be a good manager. But he has yet to prove himself on par with Steve Jobs who can successfully introduce a totally brand new product category – that gets people excited and want to worship Apple.


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