A RM2 Million Reward For Crooked Apandi – Mahathir’s Mistake Of Not Charging The Ex-AG & Other UMNO Crooks

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May 08 2022
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Mahathir Mohamad can’t retire peacefully and chances are the 96-year-old man will leave the world a very frustrated man, despite having been blessed with a very long life. It’s already bad that his son, Mukhriz Mahathir, may not become a prime minister. It becomes worse when more and more crooks linked to 1MDB scandal that he had fought to send to jail are now walking away free.


Musa Aman, Riza Aziz, Ahmad Maslan, Abdul Latiff (brother of Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim) and Tengku Adnan were some of the crooks that had been acquitted by the backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. Other powerful crooks like former Prime Minister Najib Razak and UMNO president Zahid Hamidi, along with Bung Mokhtar, may also walk away free very soon.


But Mahathir’s biggest shock was not how power-crazy Muhyiddin released Sabah’s biggest crook, dropping all 46 corruption and money laundering charges faced by Musa Aman, or how Najib’s stepson, Riza Aziz, was acquitted of all charges of money laundering involving US$248 million (RM1.25 billion). His biggest shock so far was the terms of the settlement involving Apandi Ali.

Settlement Deal For Apandi Ali - Mahathir and Najib

Apandi Ali, the former Attorney General appointed by then-PM Najib Razak at the peak of 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Bhd) scandal to specifically clear the premier, was sacked by Mahathir after the stunning defeat of Najib regime in the 2018 General Election. After a series of betrayals, the democratically-elected Pakatan Harapan government was toppled by Muhyiddin, Mahathir’s most trusted lieutenant.


Muhyiddin, together with the defeated United Malays National Organization (UMNO) and extremist Islamist party PAS (Parti Islam SeMalaysia), formed the backdoor government called Perikatan Nasional in March 2020, forcing Mahathir to resign after just 22 months. However, Muhyiddin was himself betrayed by UMNO and forced to resign 17 months later in August 2021.


It was during Muhyiddin’s regime that Apandi found the spine to file a lawsuit in September 2020, seeking a declaration that the termination of his services as attorney-general in 2018 by Mahathir was unlawful. The despicable ex-A.G. has also asked for RM2,233,599.36 in special, punitive and general damages. He argued that his contract was supposed to end only on July 26, 2018.


After the scandal-plagued Najib government was defeated, Apandi shamelessly cling to his position, refusing to resign voluntarily and honourably despite advised to do so by the new government. Subsequently, in a letter dated June 5, 2018, Chief Secretary Ali Hamsa informed Apandi that the King had consented to the termination of his service as Attorney General.


Not only Apandi Ali claimed that his termination was orchestrated by then-PM Mahathir, he also said Mahathir had abused his position, committed misconduct as a public officer and committed misfeasance in public office. Mr Apandi said before the 14th General Election in May 2018, Najib government had promised him that his tenure would be extended by three years.


Therefore, as a result of his termination, Apandi said he suffered losses and damages, including the loss of earnings, allowances and other benefits from July 27, 2018 until July 26, 2021. The burning question is this – why didn’t he sue Mahathir government immediately after his so-called unlawful termination, but chose to file a suit only after more than 2 years later?

Malaysia Yang di-Pertuan Agong - Sultan Muhammad V

The second question is did Apandi realize that he has sued the wrong person? He should have sued the Malay Ruler – the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan – because it was the monarch who had agreed to sack him, not Mahathir. Was Apandi trying to say the King had acted recklessly by agreeing to the recommendation to terminate him?


The third question is Apandi’s claim that then-Chief Secretary did not provide any document to support Agong’s consent to fire him in 2018. If the King had not agreed to his sacking, how did the monarch appoint Tommy Thomas to replace him in the first place? Did Apandi expect the Agong to make an appearance on national TV and announced the sacking of the disgraced attorney-general?


The half-baked former A.G. appeared to be clueless about the law. The Attorney Generals hold their office at “the pleasure of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong” as stated in Article 145(5). Unlike judges and auditor-general, the services of the A.G. (in this case Apandi Ali) can be terminated by the appointing authority – in this case Agong – who acts on the advice of the prime minister.

Mahathir Laughing

In short, the then-PM Mahathir can order the removal of the Attorney General after the new government of Pakatan Harapan was formed. In fact, based on how Najib fired former A.G. Gani Patail for investigating his 1MDB scandal, before appointing the “friendly” Apandi Ali as a replacement in 2015, it’s crystal clear that an attorney-general can be sacked whenever the prime minister likes.


So, the fourth question is why can’t Apandi be sacked when his predecessor can be easily fired? His argument that he cannot be sacked because his contract had been extended for another 3 years just before the 14th election by Najib Razak is yet another bullshit. According to the Federal Court, a contractual right cannot supersede a decision by the King to sack the attorney-general.


It’s hilarious that Apandi Ali had not read about the Federal Court’s case “Haji Ariffin v. Government of Malaysia 1969”. The position as the Attorney General does not come with job security because he is nothing but the government’s legal adviser, hence like a client who hired his lawyer, the government has the right to change or fire its top lawyer anytime.

Attorney General - Hired Tommy Thomas and Fired Apandi Ali

Just like former MACC chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad, who tendered his resignation after Mahathir accused the commission of ignoring widespread corruption and indicated a reshuffle, former Attorney General Apandi Ali had only two options – to resign or to be sacked. Apandi had refused to resign because he cannot lose face and thought of himself as incredibly powerful.


More importantly, Mahathir was looking forward to facing Apandi’s lawsuit in court. However, the clueless and incompetent Ismail Sabri government has quietly settled with Apandi, who happened to be a strong supporter of UMNO. Although the terms of the settlement are being kept top secret, it’s not rocket science that Apandi has been rewarded RM2.2 million – or even more.


Apandi was an UMNO member from 1982 to 1991, before joining the Bar Council from 1991 until 2003. He was even picked by UMNO as a candidate to contest the Pengkalan Chepa parliamentary seat in the 1990 election, but he was defeated. In July 2018, after he was sacked by Mahathir, he was appointed as a member of UMNO’s Supreme Council for the 2018-2021 terms.

Attorney General - Tommy Thomas and Idrus Harun

Interestingly, Muhyiddin’s handpicked A.G. Idrus Harun appeared to have advised the government to settle with Apandi, despite all the facts that the former A.G. cannot win the case. Not only taxpayers’ money has been wasted to pay the useless Apandi, it also sends the wrong message that the attorney-general is so powerful that he cannot be sacked.


Mohamed Apandi Ali became one of the most disgraceful top lawyer the country has ever produced when crooked Najib Razak appointed the stooge specifically to shield him. Mr. Apandi was already a 65-year-old retired ex-judge when he was offered the powerful job. As a bonus, he was also rewarded with a seat on the board of Lembaga Tabung Haji (hajj pilgrims fund board).


Almost immediately after becoming Attorney General, without offering any satisfactory explanation whatsoever, Mr. Apandi unilaterally cleared his boss – then-PM Najib Razak – despite MACC’s (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) recommendation that Najib be charged with criminal misappropriation under Section 403 of “dishonest misappropriation of property”.


Apandi declared that his boss was innocent of any bribery, claiming that US$681 million (RM2.6 billion) found in PM Najib’s private account was “gift” from Saudi royal family. To insult the world’s intelligence, Apandi claimed Najib had returned US$620 million to the Saudi royal family because it had not been utilised. But the world was not impressed with the Malaysian clown.


The Malaysian Attorney General became a world pariah when the then-U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch announced on July 20, 2016 that the U.S. Justice Department filed lawsuits to seize assets that it said were the result of US$3.5 billion that was misappropriated from 1MDB. Worse, the U.S. authorities found “no trace of Saudi gift” at all.


To the amusement of the international community, the same A.G. Apandi Ali was then caught in a video clip that apparently showed him dancing with a group of Najib’s ministers during the country’s Merdeka Day (Independence Day) parade in Kuala Lumpur, triggering outburst that it was the clearest proof that the attorney-general was indeed Najib’s stooge.

16th International Anti-Corruption Conference IACC - Question From Jose Ugaz - Najib Worry Inset

In 2016, Mr. Jose Ugaz, chairman of Transparency International (TI), singled out Mr. Najib as a prime example of national leaders in developing countries who have “become so corrupt that they endanger both citizens and society”. Earlier in Sept 2015, when Ugaz delivered his speech in Malaysia, PM Najib cowardly went into hiding instead of facing the international community.


To muffle embarrassing news about Najib, Apandi had even proposed life-imprisonment for whistle-blowers under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) and punishment for journalists who refused to reveal their sources, a draconian and desperate plan to suppress and oppress any embarrassing materials that could implicate the already extreme corrupt Government of Malaysia under Najib Razak.


Coincidentally, Mr. Apandi was the same man who headed a three-member Court of Appeal in 2013 which released two elite policemen (Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar) from charges of murdering Mongolian Altantuya Shariibuu, whose body was blown up with military-grade explosive in 2006 in the Scorpene submarine scandal involving Najib’s personal aide – Razak Baginda.

Altantuya-Shaariibuu Murder - Najib Razak and Razak Baginda Inset

Apandi was as crooked as Najib in the 1MDB scandal. And it’s not hard to see why A.G. Idrus Harun, after having freed crooks like Musa Aman, Riza Aziz, Ahmad Maslan, Abdul Latiff and Tengku Adnan, had decided to reward Apandi Ali instead of fighting the lawsuit – birds of a feather flock together. But Mahathir should not cry over spilt milk. It was his fault that Apandi laughs all the way to the bank.


Mahathir should have investigated and charged Apandi Ali, not just merely sacked him, for complicity in the theft of 1MDB. In the same breath, former secretary-general of Finance Ministry Irwan Serigar Abdullah should also be charged for his role in helping Najib siphoned more than RM3 billion from KWAP and EPF to invest (or rather cover-up) in 1MDB and subsidiaries.


Not only Irwan Serigar was 1MDB advisor, he was also part of the board of directors of at least 25 other companies. As the Chairman of Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) or Inland Revenue Board (IRD), he made sure Najib did not have to pay taxes from the RM2.6 billion stolen from 1MDB. As chairman of KWAP and director of EPF, Serigar approved all dubious investments in 1MDB.

Najib Razak and Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah

Together with another crook – Lembaga Tabung Haji Chairman Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim – Mr Irwan Serigar (a director) bailed out 1MDB by subscribing RM920.8 million of the sukuk raised by the fund. Guess who else was on the board of Tabung Haji back then? Well, it was Mr. Apandi Ali, of course. That was how Tabung Haji overpaid to the tune of RM188.5 million of Muslims’ hard earned money to purchase a plot of land at Tun Razak Exchange.


Mahathir should also have charged Khalid Abu Bakar, one of the most arrogant and corrupted police chief under Najib administration, for aiding and abetting Najib, the world’s biggest crook. In July 2015, the then-Attorney General Gani Patail was sacked ahead of his retirement date in October because IGP Khalid was the disgraced traitor who tipped off Najib.


Had Mahathir not abruptly resigned in February 2020, allowing the return of UMNO crooks to the government, Apandi would not have won his case unchallenged. Had the old man spent more time in fixing all the structural problems he created during his 22 years iron-fist rule (from 1981 to 2003) instead of rubbing shoulders with Zakir Naik and shouting Malay dignity, he might be a happier man today.

Mahathir Mohamad and Hate Preacher Zakir Naik


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It would be wanting blood from a stone to ask the Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Monster to fix any of the structures for corruption the Kerala Krait had put in place in gomen for his very personal benefit. But our “opposition” should have made it their priority to destroy the machine of corruption by forcing the Snake Pharaoh to destroy it when they got the Memali Monster in power, though with the “opposition” itself a pretty morally bankrupt outfit (serving foreign masters) and being the fcuking moronic arseh*les that they are, they kept the corrupt structure intact – for their own collapse, what fcuking geniuses!

Not only the “opposition” got arse-phcuked by the Snake Pharaoh, even diarrhic Niamahaidin who couldn’t plug his own arse could arse-phcuk/ plug the “opposition” further out of gomen! What’s the point of bitching when even Shorty Niamahaidin could outwit and arse-phcuk the “opposition” which has now crawled to serve and service the Sabrina Lowyatkob gomen what fcuking series of epic jokes!

One of the tricks used by the Snake Pharaoh is to keep those he want to manipulate and control and use in a state of limbo when the person cannot be active or turn against him and is pliant. The Memali Monster is a totally insecure old fascist creature and must have absolute control of everything or he cannot execute his cunning. He left Apandi “half-alive” and supposedly neutralised but unfortunately the Snake Pharaoh always overrate himself and thinks everyone else without his “intelligence”, Apandi is his match and it seems more, shafted the Memali Monster in the arse. Frankly, he deserves his windfall, he outwitted the Snake Pharaoh, he achieved shafting the Snake Pharaoh in the butt, thank you very much for the money too!

Like with Najib, the Memali Monster thought he had total grip of power when the dumbfcuks of PH put him in power, and could take his time to slowly tear Najib apart. The Snake Pharaoh overrated himself as always and Najib has been, even after his (rather shaky) conviction, cheerfully fcuking up the conceited Kerala Krait. Bossku’s style of fcuking the Snake Pharaoh is sharp, biting and hilarious. His antics may even give the Memali Monster a real good stroke to end all strokes. The recent years’ worth of arseh*les the Memali Monster has been able to arse-phcuk are all from the PH, a phcuking great party for him to phcuk on a grand industrial scale. If the Snake Pharaoh dies tomorrow, he should be very pleased of all arseh*les he fcuked, Tokong Lim Khat Siang’s was the best, he totally demolished Khat’s dignity and that of the whore of the DAP.

What more can anyone ask for on the way to Hell, the Lim Lynasty, with the DAP thrown in was a prized fcuk. That alone could be considered the one single achievement of the whore of the Memali Monster’s filthy lifetime, in many ways he also fcuked the Chinese DAP voters who got set up by their tokongs for the greatest loss of face – and, yes, Chinese dignity!

The tokongs, DAP, and their Chinese supporters asked to be arse-phcuked. And the Memali Monster obliged. The thick-skinned DAP monkeys are too embarrassed to admit took them for a nice ride. In fact, the Memali Monster rode them! Najib’s situation is quite different. The Snake Pharaoh has been attempting to totally destroy Najib for quite a few years now but Najib has been playing it really cool, he’s dodged and hit back at the Memali Monster all this while – while taking it from a whore bunch of others too. One has to call that some considerable ability and skill – and even style, Najib can handle himself without behaving like the Kerala Krait, bitching and frothing venom left right and center ceaselessly.

I could care less about “fighting corruption… saving Malaisesia…” and all that, Najib ain’t the only corrupt politician in the viper pit and the Snake Pharaoh ain’t the old darling crying croc tears to a bunch of kids about “saving Malaisesia”, hey, that PR con job on kids is a low blow (as in boxing, I don’t mean the DAP Playmate ccokscukers on their job around the Memali Monster’s hooves).

The Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Monster obviously has his own very private vendetta against Najib – which sold well to our monkeys baying for any body’s blood never mind the real picture, whatever the propaganda says, just yell that out like fcuking demented sheep. Well, the vendetta has come somewhat unstuck, Najib may yet get away with plenty, and he’s got more years left of his charmed life while the Memali Monster hasn’t got much battery life left and may in fair likelihood kick the bucket before anything interesting happens to Najib – I mean a nice spell in the slammer and not another spell in gomen which would be a really nice farewell present for the Snake Pharaoh on his journey to Hell, maybe still with Tokong Khat’s lips still glued to his butt hole!

As it goes, Najib is playing his Chinese card nicely, he’s so far being more interesting to the Chinese than the other racist, patron saint of anti-Chinese racism, the klan elder Petron of PerKKKasa, the Memali Monster. Najib should go for a winner right now, ask for the removal of Zakir Naik whom he got into Malaisesia, and who has been protected by the Snake Pharaoh, and used to stir up the Chinese. Najib could even do a Chinese dignity congress, Chinese dignity is definitely in very short supply after the Chinese being suckered by the DAP into “forgiving” and into worshiping the deity Snake Pharaoh.

Anyway, the Snake Pharaoh has overstayed his miserable existence, and recent elections showed his party fcuked properly, he’s not going to stand a chance in future elections. He should just fcuk off from the political scene and disappear with at least wan triumphant bang – he fcuked the tokongs and the DAP, and he fcuked them and their Chinese supporters good and hard. They begged to be arse-phcuked by the Snake Pharaoh – and they got arse-phcuked good! No politician could wish for better and achieve better, thanks to the tokongs and the DAP!

Would be great fun Najib makes a comeback, this time the DAP forgives him and throws its stale and rotten party leadership behind Najib’s behind. Maybe the Chinese should jump rocket go for even the MCA, at least they do a decent job of propping up the Chinese schools…

Btw, why are Malaisesia’s last words on morality, ethics, dignity, integrity and all that so fcuking obsessed with Najib? Sure, go get him for corruption, theft, abuse of power etc etc but don’t selectively avoid the many other equally corrupt politicians etc. And what about Fat Jho? What about Zeti?

As for our corrupt guardians and operatives in the legal system, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going after a judge who seems to have some issues with his conflict of interest over the Najib case. Malaisesia has just too many fcuking half-baked and never-baked plantation-grade “lawyers”. They all play the theatrical “lawyer”, talk too much and often seem the criminals themselves. Too often the fakapped monkeys should be in the lokaps. If these monkeys are able at all, why do we get so many monkeys arguing ceaselessly between each other and with so many of them in the industry, why is Malaisesia permanently in a fcuking legal, judicial, and constitutionnel mess? I think it’s time we deport the “lawyers back to the plantations, leaving it to AI to do the legal work and running the courts, we can put more faith in that.

Btw, RM2 million to Apandi is small fish. That is when you consider the many multi-billion dollar mistakes made by the Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Monster.

And Tommy is just another clown.

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