PKR Is Infected With Corruption & Trojan Horse – After Xavier’s Defection, Azmin’s Loyalist Sivarasa Could Be Next

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Mar 15 2021
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Democratic Action Party (DAP) won 42 seats in the Parliament in the May 2018 General Election. Today, those seats remain unchanged. National Trust Party (Amanah) captured 11 seats and it too still maintains its MPs. The People’s Justice Party (PKR), on the other hand, had grabbed the lion’s share – 47 seats. However, today, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has only 34 seats, thanks to defections.


What does that tell you about PKR (Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat)? People who mocked Amanah as the weakest link had made a mistake. The weakest link is actually PKR, a time bomb that would explode every now and then. When PKR deputy president Azmin Ali betrayed the party and defected, along with 10 PKR MPs, it was just the beginning.


It’s one thing to have Trojan horse. It’s another thing to have corrupt MPs. And it appears PKR has both, a recipe for disaster for PM-in-waiting Anwar. Up until last month, MPs like Jugah Muyang, Steven Choong and Larry Sng had quit the PKR under laughable excuses to support the ruling Perikatan Nasional coalition. Over the weekend, Dr Xavier Jayakumar joined the bandwagon.

PKR Traitors - Steven Choong, Xavier Jayakumar and Larry Sng

Xavier’s stunning decision to quit and join the fragile backdoor government has raised eyebrows largely due to his status as the PKR vice president. In an attempt to minimize voters’ anger who had voted him in 2018, Xavier, like Steven Choong and Larry Sng, said he would become an Independent MP while declaring his support to Muhyiddin leadership.


Did Dr Xavier Jayakumar really think voters would forgive him in the next 15th General Election, if he is lucky enough to be fielded by the prime minister? With the exception of Sabah, the only state where frogs or party hoppers are acceptable, no MPs who had jumped ship has ever been nominated by their new political master to contest again for a simple reason – voters will punish them.


So, Peninsula Malaysia MPs like Steven Choong and Xavier Jayakumar can kiss their parliamentary seats goodbye in the next election. The standard operating procedure (SOP) is – traitors must be slaughtered like a pig. This is one of the primary reasons why PKR leaders aligned to Azmin have decided to stay in the party, instead of following him en bloc during the coup in March 2020.

PKR Corruption - Xavier Jayakumar and Tinagaran

Azmin was believed to have at least 15 MP loyalists in PKR, which means Xavier is not the last lawmaker to switch sides. But the betrayal of Xavier, a strong ally of Azmin even before last year’s coup, has more to do with corruption rather than being a Trojan horse. When Perak PKR deputy chairman, MA Tinagaran, was arrested last month, RM1.2 million cash was seized from him.


Tinagaran reportedly was a special aide of Xavier, a former water, land and natural resources minister. However, the former minister has denied Tinagaran was his aide, but just a “close family friend”. Regardless, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) had also frozen RM77 million in accounts belonging to a company as well as the arrest of two directors.


The corruption investigation was linked to the award of sand mining projects, which was under Xavier’s jurisdiction. Interestingly, after he resigned and pledged his support for the government, PKR’s secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution claimed Xavier was threatened by a senior minister with serious consequences if he did not support Perikatan Nasional.

Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali

However, Xavier said he had grown “extremely frustrated” following the events that had unfolded in the past year. He said – “While there are parties discussing the possibility of elections, this is not necessary or viable this point in time. Our current priority should be to support the government in containing the Covid-19 pandemic, to create jobs and to secure funds to rebuild the economy.”


His reason, or rather excuse, went haywire when he desperately defended his decision to resign from the party which he joined since 1998. He argued – “It will take at least 18 months just to complete the vaccination programme and more than two years for the economy to fully recover. This needs bipartisan support to make sure the efforts of the government are fulfilled.”


The reasons offered by Xavier were a truckload of bullshit. That’s because Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme is expected to be completed before the end of this year. The genius Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz has assured that the economy will be booming this year.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Swab Test

Obviously, Xavier Jayakumar was talking nonsense with his half-baked justifications of quitting the party that he had fought together for more than 20 years. Even if it’s true that the MACC was being used by the Muhyiddin regime to threaten and intimidate him, Xavier is a coward at best. The so-called “Reformasi” fighter surrendered even “before” the authorities started questioning him.


DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng went to jail twice – first in 1998 for defending an underaged Malay girl who was raped by former Melaka chief minister Rahim Tamby Chik, and again during a political crackdown in October 1987 under the infamous “Operation Lalang”. Today, he has been slapped with charges linked to the controversial Penang Undersea Tunnel project.


To break the Lim family, the backdoor government of Muhyiddin has even targeted the former finance minister’s wife with charges over the 2015 purchase of a bungalow. Yet, Mr Lim has chosen to fight the tyrants – again – instead of switching sides like Dr Xavier. If Xavier was really innocent and clean, he would not have quit so easily and fights to clear his name instead.

Prime Minister-in-Waiting – Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim is another example, who fought the previous Barisan Nasional regime, despite charged with sodomy – twice. Xavier should realize that it would take years of trials before the court could send him to prison, even if the corrupt regime uses the Kangaroo Court to forcefully convict him. Besides, Xavier should not lose sleep over Tinagaran’s corruption, who was just a “close family friend”.


For the former PKR vice president to throw a towel into the ring before the game could even start means he is as guilty as hell. And if he was involved in bribery during the 22 months of previous Pakatan Harapan administration, chances are other PKR top guns – those who had betrayed the party like Azmin Ali or those who are still in the party – had enriched themselves too.


Therefore, to solely blame the ruling government of using MACC to threaten and intimidate Opposition MP to switch allegiance is hard to accept. Such dirty tactics may easily break new birds, but to a veteran politician like Dr Xavier Jayakumar, it simply did not make sense. Of all the MPs in PKR, DAP and Amanah, why did the authorities specifically target him?

PKR Sivarasa Rasiah

Hence, the argument used by another PKR MP – Sivarasa Rasiah – that his colleague would not have resigned if not for the MACC investigation is laughable. Based on his logic, does that mean all the remaining 87 MPs of Pakatan Harapan coalition will suddenly swing their support to the government if the anti-corruption agency opens 87 files against every single one of them?


In the same breath, PKR should prepare in the eventuality Sivarasa follows Xavier’s footstep. Another Azmin loyalist and lieutenant, Mr Sivarasa had fiercely defended Azmin over his “gay sex” performance at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Sandakan, Sabah. Sivarasa, a former vice president of PKR, was made Deputy Minister of Rural Development thanks to Azmin.


Together with Zuraida Kamaruddin, Ali Biju, Willy Mongin, Edmund Santhara Kumar, Steven Choong, Jonathan Yasin, Saifuddin Abdullah, Mansor Othman, Rashid Hasnon and of course, Xavier Jayakumar, all of whom had defected, Sivarasa was one of Azmin’s strongest defenders. Another possible Trojan horse waiting for an instruction to defect could be Maria Chin Abdullah.

PKR Supporters

But based on the overwhelming public uproar and criticism after Xavier’s betrayal, Sivarasa may have to hold his horse until such time PM Muhyiddin desperately needs his vote to boost the backdoor government’s simple majority again. Xavier’s support has increased the Perikatan Nasional coalition support to 112 in the 222-seat Parliament, providing a brief relief to the regime.


The recent defections have delivered a blow to Anwar’s ambition to become the next prime minister, which keeps slipping away. Unlike the cunning Azmin who worked quietly to strengthen his position, narcissist Anwar talked too much and delivered too little. It was not yesterday that Azmin built his tentacles in the party. Anwar knew Azmin was power hungry from the beginning.


Even during his era as the Selangor chief minister, Azmin had demonstrated his lust for power by working with PAS Islamist party to fight fellow Dr Wan Azizah, wife of Anwar Ibrahim. But de-facto leader Anwar did nothing except fantasizing. What Azmin needed to do was to sing songs of praise, creating a false illusion that the path to the throne was being prepared for Anwar.

PKR Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali - Trojan Horse


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