Apple Steve Jobs Is Alive? This Incredible Photo Of A Man Having A Coffee In Egypt Sparks Conspiracy Theory

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Aug 27 2019
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He was supposed to have died in 2011. At the age of 56, some 8 years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Steve Jobs’s death was mourned by the entire world. The co-founder of Apple Computer Inc. was kicked out of his own company in 1985, only to return to Apple in 1996 after his company “NeXT” was bought by Apple. And the rest is history.


In the same year Steve Jobs passed away, Apple’s worldwide annual revenue was US$127.8 billion. His legacy includes the iPhone smartphone, iPad tablet computer, iPad tablet computer, iPod portable media players, iTunes Music Store and Macintosh computers. Paying tribute to Steve Jobs, U2 lead singer Bono once said he was the “hardware and software Elvis Presley”.


So when a photo of Steve Jobs look-alike was snapped and shared over the Internet, all hell breaks loose in social media. The photo of a man chilling and having a coffee at a roadside shop in Cairo, Egypt, has immediately fuelled rumours that the tech titan is actually still alive, the same way some people think Elvis Presley is still alive despite the fact the King of rock ‘n’ roll died on August 16, 1977.

Steve Jobs Having Coffee In Cairo Egypt

Steve Jobs Having Coffee In Cairo Egypt - 2

And like Elvis numerous sightings in the past, this is perhaps one of those sightings of Jobs, some 8 years after his death from cancer. The undated photo first surfaced on Facebook before it was shared to Reddit. The man did not seem to be wearing shoes, which may strike a chord with fans who know Jobs used to walk barefoot while brainstorming.


“OMG Steve Jobs doesn’t wear an Apple Watch!” said one Reddit user. Is that the dead giveaway that the man wasn’t Steve Jobs? Still, despite the lack of an Apple watch, or his trademark turtleneck, many saw a striking resemblance. Did the billionaire fake his death for whatever reasons known only to him? After all, what are the chances that a random guy would look so much like him?


But should not Steve Jobs be staying in the U.S. instead of Egypt? Well, the location of Egypt added fuel for conspiracy theorists, with one user justified that it was “not far fetched” because Jobs’ biological father – Abdulfattah “John” Jandali – was a Syrian Arab. Jobs was born in San Francisco, California and was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs.

Apple - Steve Jobs - Died 1955-2011

Perhaps Jobs needed to escape from the American life and chose Egypt to live a simple and quiet life – spiritually – without the diversion of tech gadgets. He did travel to India as a teenager in search of enlightenment. It was in New Delhi that Steve chose to don a lungi and roam around barefoot. He learned the real meaning of poverty in India.


However, the photo was taken from only one angle. It would make more sense if a front-facing photo is available, although the haircut and glasses the man was wearing is pretty convincing. Believers said the man in the photograph was making the same hand-to-face gesture Jobs made in many famous photos.


Some said Steve Jobs must be crazy to fake his death and live a life without Apple products in Egypt. But considering rebellious Jobs was the one who came out with the “Think Different” advertising campaign in 1997, urging people to think, feel and behave differently, it makes perfect sense why he did it – if indeed he is still alive in the first place.

Apple - Steve Jobs - Evolution

This isn’t the first time a photo has sparked talk of the legendary entrepreneur being alive and well though. Similar theories appeared in 2014 when another photo posted to Reddit showed a man in Rio de Janeiro who bore a striking resemblance to Jobs. But if the latest photo is genuine and the man really looks like Steve Jobs, he has just hit the jackpot.


Apple should hire this guy, being him to the United States and make him the poster boy in the company’s future advertising campaigns for new products. He could even strike gold in Hollywood, making tons of money in films and movies and whatnot about the legendary genius.


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Steve Jobs is as dead as dead can be. From the pictures, one can see the ears are clearly different so it’s not him.

Steve was my hero – controversial, a maverick, somewhat of an asshole – and he blinked when Bill Gates got him to sign agreement to allow Microsoft to launch Windows 98; two words ‘in perpetuity’ in the agreement he overlooked and Apple lost exclusive control of its wysiwyg (GUI) OS.

Studied everything about Apple until the sacking of John Sculley when Apple was about to go bankrupt.

The invention of iPhone saved the day for Apple. Anyone who wants to study how to ‘change the world’ with a great product should study Apple from its ‘blue box’ days when Steve Wozniak, a HP engineer, building the contraption to make free international phone calls and Steve Job was the ‘salesman.’ Also study Xerox, a giant who didn’t know what to do with its wonderful inventions and then came along Steve Jobs who convinced Xerox to let him have the mouse and wysiwyg OS and ran with it, together with Steve Wozniak.Did anyone know Xerox also invented the internet?

Apple will face its Sculley days once more. Tim Cook is no visionary. Apple needs to invent another ‘change the world’ product soon to continue to be a viable company.

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