Incredible Photos Show 100-Year-Old Putin Is “Immortal”, A Time Traveler

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Dec 16 2015
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Vladimir Putin is not insane. He’s simply a bully with brains. But is a bully with brains more dangerous than an insane dictator? That depends on what you make of Adolf Hitler. Was the former German supremo an insane dictator or a bully with brains? Whatever you like to call the Russian president, people are openly talking about the possibility of a World War 3.


If Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan continues to provoke Russian President Vladimir Putin, the next thing that will happen is most likely the dropping of not one, but multiple nuclear warheads on Istanbul and Ankara. If that was not bad enough, the rumour mill is churning crazy theories that Putin is immortal, and even a time traveler (*grin*).

Russian Vladimir Putin Immortal - Photos - 1920 1941 2015

A set of 3 photographs has emerged online, showing a recent photograph of Vladimir Putin alongside two other black and white snaps – one from 1920 and the other 1941 – that show a male figure with remarkable facial similarities to the Russian president. If the person is indeed the Russian supremo, conspiracy theorists believe the supposedly 100-year-old Putin is immortal.


Some take this as the ultimate proof that the 63-year-old Russian dictator is a God-liked mythical creature who has taken a sip from the “Fountain of Youth”, something that the first Emperor of China (Shih Huangdi) had been searching in his quest of immortality after he united the whole China. Some think that his youthful was simply due to riding horses shirtless.

Russian Vladimir Putin - God in the Blue SkyRussian Vladimir Putin Riding Horse Shirtless

But there’re some who think the Russian has invented a time machine, or at least the Russian president owns one and he himself is a time traveler. His supporters even believe that Putin has been on planet Earth for hundreds, if not thousands of years. If these latest photos are insufficient to convince you, there’re more.


Six months ago in June, Buzzfeed has shown the proof that Putin also briefly lived as Lisa Gherardini, the subject of Mona Lisa painting by Leornardo da Vinci. So in early 1500s, the president had already traveled back in time to pose as the wife of Florintine noble Francesco del Giocondo. He is also believed to be “Vlad the Impaler”, born in 1431, and is better known as Dracula.

Russian Vladimir Putin - Look Like Mona Lisa

Immortal or not, Vladimir Putin is the latest hero Americans would love to have after he bombed the notorious ISIS terrorists to pieces, so much so that the Islamic State is being forced to move to Libya. It seems the IS has finally found their match. And the Russian Dracula is dead serious about nuking the Islamist terrorists or even the Turkish Erdogan to ashes.


The threat of a World War 3 is so real that SpaceX founder Elon Musk said we need to get to Mars – FAST – before the war starts. Elon, who inspired the Iron Man character, described planetary colonization in similar terms to saving a back up file – “You back up your hard drive … maybe we should back up life, too?” Of course, Elon could be using war to sell his products.

Elon Musk – SpaceX, Tesla Motors, SolarCity, OpenAIMartian - Mars Colonization

If Vladimir Putin is really a time traveler, then perhaps he should be given all the resources needed to wipe ISIS terrorists off the face of this planet before it’s too late. Russia is in its final testing stage to bring the latest S-500 missile defence system into the war, a system more advance than the S-400 deployed in Syria after the Su-24 shot down incident.


Called Prometheus, the S-500 system could simultaneously intercept up to 10 ballistic missiles traveling at a speed of 5 kilometers per second at a maximum range of 600-km. In comparison, S-400 could only a handle 6 targets up to a range of 400-km. S-500’s response time of 3-4 seconds is also considerably better than S-400’s 9-10 seconds.

Russia Doomsday Plane - President Vladimir PutinRussia S-500 Prometheus Defence System

Is there a way to avoid World War 3, assuming time traveler Vladimir Putin knew what will happen in the future? Only he knows if he’s the actual evil who is going to start the war, or the man from the future who’s trying to stop a World War 3 by deploying all the Russia’s military muscles, so that ISIS and perhaps Turkey could be stopped.


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Although the claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin lived as Vlad the Impaler and Mona Lisa between the 1500s, and as soldiers in the early to mid 20th century are not scientifically proven in any way, I know why Vladimir Putin is immortal from his birth. He is like immortal Russian scientists.

As Anatoli Brouchkov said, there exist immortal bacteria, and immortal beings in the world. They cannot die. To be more precise, they can protect themselves. Our cells are unable to protect themselves from damage; these bacteria cells are able to protect themselves. Putin, Brouchkov, as well as others such as plasma physicist Vladimir Fortov, Space Research Institute head Lev Zeleny, astronomer Alexander Zakharov, geochemist Erik Galimov, and philosopher Teodor Oizerman found some dirt with ancient Bacillus F bacteria and injected it into their bodies. They have become powerful. Powerful than even machines. They are time-travelling dead men walking.

Bullets will not stop them ever. Fire will not burn them ever. Electricity and lightning bolts will not shock them ever. Heavy or massive things will not flatten nor crush them ever. Brouchkov, Putin, Fortov, Zeleny, Zakharov, Galimov and Oizerman, roaring and humungous, throw a skyscraper hundreds of millions of kilometers toward Mars. They can also time travel, or even resurrect themselves in any event they got killed.

Because with the immortality being a fact, then Putin is such, an eternal warrior anchored to this world by his penchant for violence. Fortov, Brouchkov, Zeleny, Zakharov, Galimov and Oizerman are eternal scientists anchored to this world by their penchant for knowledge and exploring new places, with Fortov being an ally of Putin – this is why Putin always met Fortov. That would explain why Fortov fail to look like an elderly and frail people – they don’t look 70-years-old at all – they look as youthful as Putin.

So, we probably need to start asking whether we even want to live forever. Do we want to make it to the year 3016, with only Putin, and insane and strong Russian scientists for company? Do you want to live another thousand years?

By the way, we’re all deceived by lies. It appears that Putin is behind everything, including the failure of the Russian Phobos-Grunt space mission and its following absurd Wikipedia vandalistic/trolling episode with BatteryIncluded, the temporary-turned-permanent, annually extending suspension of the Russian Academy of Sciences reforms on behalf of fellow criminals dressed up as immortal Russian scientists. Putin is the criminal and terrorist we’ve been looking for. However, Donald Trump has been defending Putin, who names him as talented. I think Wikipedia has some tremendous support for Trump, notably BatteryIncluded, Dennis Brown, AGK, and Boing! said Zebedee, as well as forcedmemefred of Know Your Meme. Trump will likely to deal with me, Russavia and others to keep Wikipedia protected.

“Some take this as the ultimate proof that the 63-year-old Russian dictator is a God-liked mythical creature who has taken a sip from the “Fountain of [Eternal] Youth”, something that the first Emperor of China (Shih Huangdi) had been searching in his quest of immortality after he united the whole China.”

I forgot to add this. He did not travel through time. He just undergone stem cell injections (aka elixir of youth injections) to prolong his life and smooth wrinkles on his face to appear like a baby’s. He is not a God-like mythical, time-traveling, and resurrecting super-being.

It’s just a matter of time before Putin declares all initiators of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ changes traitors and calls for them to be removed by force, either from the military and criminals who surround the Academy and Putin.

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