New Zealand – First Country To Have Domino’s Pizza Delivery Robot

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Mar 18 2016
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When you need fast bucks temporary, you normally go for part-time jobs such as flipping burgers at McDonald’s or a pizza delivery boy / girl. Soon, such jobs may be out of reach because the replacement can do a better job with zero pay. Yes, we’re talking about robots snatching one of many jobs that do not need high education.

Domino Pizza Delivery Robot - Domino's Robotic Unit DRU

Domino’s Pizza is now testing pizza delivery by robot in New Zealand, known as the Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU). Standing at about 3-foot tall, the battery-powered delivery robot contains a heated compartment for storing up to 10 pizzas, and is capable of self-driving up to 12.5 miles (20 km) from a Domino’s shop.


First thing that might come to mind is what happens if thieves were to help themselves with some free pizzas from such poor defenceless robots? Worry not, because customers would be given a unique code to key into the pizza compartment once it arrives at their house to retrieve their ordered pizzas.

Pixar Wall-E Robot

Domino’s says its pizza delivery robot bears a striking resemblance to the robot EVE from Pixar’s “WALL-E” film. The DRU has different compartments to keep pizzas hot and drinks cold. The robot is designed to drive on both roads and pavements and has sensors like eyes for detecting obstacles on its route, knowing in advance the best path to its destination.


It also knows when to return to its store to recharge once the delivery has been made. New Zealand Domino’s general manager Scott Bush said – “DRU is cheeky and is a road to the future and one that we are very excited about exploring further.” However, Bush admitted the robot had required “a little” human help during its test on Brisbane streets.

Domino Pizza Delivery Robot - Domino's Robotic Unit DRU - Customer Taking Delivery

Still, it’s a long way from a perfect robot which can navigate quake-cracked streets, not to mention how it could prop himself back after a fall due to whatever reasons. And the robot is definitely a perfect target for vandalism. Developed by Australian Marathon Robotics, the cost of each robot is unknown but it’s not difficult to predict how it would be kidnapped for parts.


Wellington could be the lucky first city to have this cute looking robot but the delivery boy may see competition from its cousin – flying drone. Good news to human pizza delivery boy / girl though – it would take at least two to three years before customers have total confidence to go online and order pizza to be delivered by a robot. They still prefer “human to human experience”, for now.

Domino Pizza Delivery Robot - Domino's Robotic Unit DRU - Go Back to Store


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