Bibles Burning – Ibrahim Ali Was Kind-Hearted With Good Intentions

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Oct 29 2014
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It seems UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin is alone for insisting racist and extremist Ibrahim Ali’s call over bible-burning threat is seditious. Khairy is the “Lone Ranger” from Najib administration who believes Ibrahim Ali should be punished for his threat. Ibrahim Ali, who is also Perkasa president, is now officially one of the most powerful individuals in Malaysia. He has license to burn anyone’s bible, if he sees fit.

Perkasa Extremist and Racist Group

The concrete proof that Ibrahim Ali is the only person possesses such a rare and powerful right in the country, or perhaps in the world, was revealed two days ago. Malaysia’s Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) confirmed on October 27 that it has closed its books on Ibrahim Ali’s case, saying it cannot prosecute the Perkasa president for threatening to torch bibles as he was only defending the sanctity of Islam.


Hence, in a nutshell, as long as Ibrahim Ali mumbles the magic word – “in the name of Islam” – he can proceed to to burn your bible, the same way James Bond is licensed to kill anyone he believes is the bad guy (*grin*). If even the powerful Attorney General dares not charge Mr Ibrahim under both Section 504 of the Penal Code and Sections 298 and 298A, it can only means one thing – Ibrahim Ali has immunity of the highest order.

Bible Burning

Today, former dictator Mahathir Mohamad has confirmed the remaining doubts that many people have regarding Ibrahim Ali’s sudden extraordinary power. Godfather Mahathir, a strong supporter of Perkasa, explains and justifies why Christians’ Bibles can be burned. Apparently, according to Mahathir, bibles can be burned as long as there were good intentions. Comically, he says since Malaysian Muslims always burn Quran which is old and no longer in use, the same logic can be applied on bibles.


As mind-boggling as it may sound, it appears Mahathir has opened the floodgate for more extremists to do whatever they like to the minorities in the country, as long as they mention the password – in the name of defending (Malaysian version of) Islam. Amusingly, Malaysia is the only country on planet Earth where the majority needs protection – from economy to religion. Of course in this case, the “good intention” in burning bibles are subject to UMNO-Muslims own interpretation, whatever that may be.

Perkasa Ibrahim Ali

But one wonders if a non-Muslim can “helps” to burn Quran, under Mahathir’s own reasoning that the Quran is old and presumably no longer can be used. In this context, isn’t the intention is good, not to mention the spirit of 1Malaysia where multiracial citizens should “help each other” (*tongue-in-cheek*)? Perhaps Mahathir can spend some time to ponder about this noble value proposition, as part of his latest awesome logic.


However, how does Mahathir know if the Bibles were “old” enough to be burned by Perkasa extremists? Were there any Vienna Standard to measure if a Bible is qualified to be sent to the burning ground due to “old age”? Will the senile Mahathir proposes to do the same thing to other religious books, since the intention is good? The fact is you can’t go around threatening to burn other religious books just because you don’t like it, period.

Ibrahim Ali with Mahathir Mohamad - Bibles Burning

To justify that UMNO-Muslim Ibrahim Ali can burn Christians Bibles disguised under the excuse that his intention was good is like saying Mr Ibrahim can screws his neighbour’s wife because the hubby was always outstation hence out of good intention, Ibrahim Ali sacrifices himself, literally speaking. Like it or not, today’s racial problems were created primarily by Mahathir’s 22-year-old rule, during his divide-and-conquer adventure.


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And that is not enough,he continue that legacy in perkasa. He ought to be the Papa of Racism in Malaysia.

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