Diplomat Rizalman To Be Sent Back. Was There Hanky Panky Between NZ and Malaysia?

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Jul 03 2014
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In a latest twist, Malaysian Government announced that its diplomat who was allowed to leave New Zealand after an alleged sexual assault will return to New Zealand to face the charges after all. On paper, this seems to be a good news for the victim, the 21-year-old New Zealand woman, who was followed and attacked in her own home by the Malaysian diplomat – Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, 38.


But wait, there’s something strange in this development. First, Malaysia Foreign Minister Anifah Aman claimed that New Zealand authorities offered Rizalman the “alternative” to go home. Anifah said that Malaysia was willing to waive the diplomat’s immunity but decided to take up New Zealand’s offer to invoke diplomatic immunity and bring him back home instead.

Malaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - Foreign Minister Anifah Aman Liar

Then, Anifah was caught lying when New Zealand disclosed official documents with a differing story. New Zealand wrote to the Malaysian high commission asking it to “waive diplomatic immunity” for Rizalman, of which the latter replied that not only they refused to waive immunity, but also sought to “seal the police file” on the case and “withdraw all charges”. ( Read the letters here )


Now, why suddenly Malaysian Government becomes “obedient” and submit to New Zealand Government’s “official demand” to send back Rizalman to New Zealand, when it refused to do so in the first place? If the Malaysian government couldn’t care less about China’s demand for transparency over a more severe MH370 crisis, why should it be intimidated by John Key administration?

Malaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail - Photo

Either militarily or bilateral trades, China commands more weightage than New Zealand. Furthermore there were 115 Chinese citizens’ lives at stake (in the MH370 crisis) as compare to one single Kiwi woman, who has not even been raped yet. Remember, the charges against Rizalman is burglary and assault with “intent to commit rape”. In short, Rizalman could have unzipped his pants with his underwear still intact and has yet to rape the woman.


If I were Rizalman, I could say I wasn’t interested in raping the woman at all but merely to show my manhood. Yeah, Rizalman can claim he has a peculiar hobby – a flasher. That would be less serious than a rapist. Furthermore, there is no death sentence in New Zealand. In short, it was rather a stupid move to flee New Zealand as Rizalman could get away scot-free if he stays. Unless of course, there’s a strong evidence he did intend to rape the woman.

Malaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - Malaysian Embassy

Here’s the interesting part – New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully admitted and apologized over ambiguity from “unofficial meetings” and communication between MFAT (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade) and Malaysian high commission, which could have led Malaysian authorities to believe it had the blessing from John Key’s administration to go back home.


The unofficial meeting was between MFAT boss John Allen and Malaysian high commissioner Rosmidah Zahid followed by mixture of phone calls and emails by officials from both sides of the governments. Well, unless the language used was not normal English but of Shakespeare classic standard, chances are the answer to whether Rizalman is allowed to go back or otherwise should be a straight forward “yes or no”.

Malaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - MFAT chief executive John Allen

Besides, the “official stand” from John Key administration was for Rizalman to face justice in New Zealand. If there were indeed emails from New Zealand which could be interpreted as blessing from the Kiwi to let Rizalman go, Malaysian government has even stronger reason not to send Rizalman back to New Zealand. After all, it was New Zealand’s blunder and not Malaysian’s.


So, what gives that the sudden flip-flop and send Rizalman back to be “sacrificed”, not that he was innocent in the first place. Could there be “secret hanky panky transactions” during the “unofficial meetings” between John Allen and Malaysian high commissioner Rosmidah Zahid? If it was true that PM John Key and Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully were kept in the dark over this secret unofficial meetings, then heads need to roll.

Malaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - John Key and Murray McCully

Unlike Malaysia where corruptions are considered daily breakfast sets, this latest crisis could turn into a scandal in New Zealand which could bring down John Key administration. On Malaysian side, the damage has already been done with the revelation from the official documents that it blatantly asked for the charges to be dropped. Hence, there’s no other compelling reason to send Rizalman back to the Kiwi land to face music.


Unless of course, there’s an element of corruption between New Zealand MFAT and Malaysian high commission. That would cause a huge embarrassment to both countries. By sending Rizalman back to New Zealand, it was hoped that the local police would not investigate further on the unusual extradition. But if it can be proven that John Key administration deliberately tried to cover up initially, then it would be disastrous.

Malaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail in Military Uniform - PhotoMalaysian Diplomat Rape Case in New Zealand - Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail Cutting Cake - Photo

After all, Rizalman is going back to New Zealand to “assist with police investigation”. In short, he’s still protected under “diplomatic immunity” and can invoke his privilege anytime he wishes to. There’s no official statement from the Malaysian government to waive his diplomatic immunity. As Second Warrant Officer , Rizalman’s position is between Staff Sergeant and First Warrant Officer, drawing a basic monthly salary of RM2,700; if he’s based in Malaysia.


Like it or not, this fiasco is far from over. It depends on how the damage control is being carried out and how free investigation is allowed by the police, and perhaps anti corruption. But do you know that New Zealand actually “does not” have any single independent commission against corruption? Could it be that Rizalman was sent back on a mission to save both countries from a bigger embarrassment due to little Napoleans who made secret transactions?


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