APPLE iPhone Sales Top US$100 Million on Day-1?

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Jul 01 2007
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AppleInsider reported that Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) iPhones have largely been sold at AT&T’s (NYSE: T, stock) shops. AT&T reported on Saturday that the supply of the iPhones given for the launch just a day before had been “virtually” sold out completely. Apple’s own supply which had initially been healthy was also reportedly to be running low.

Claims are circling the net that the 1,800 strong AT&T stores received fewer devices compare to Apples’, making it logically to run out of stocks fast. Apple declined to say how many units have been sold throughout its own 162 US shops. Based on
iPhone availability check, California was the hardest hit by the wave of customers with over 50% of stores’ iPhones sold. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Las Vegas outlets are among some of the stores which have sold out all the iPhones supplied.

Some estimates put each AT&T’s store was given 50 units of iPhones while Apple Store was supplied with 500 units. Depending on city, some who were on the queue to purchase the gadget claimed there were about 800 people in the line, not to mention some of these people were seen buying two units each. So there could be a possibility that Apple Stores could have 1,000 units of iPhone stacked.

Simple mathematic will thus shows that AT&T could contribute about 90,000 units (assuming 50 units per store) while Apple Stores would have sold 113,400 units (assuming 700 units per store) giving a total of 203,400 units sold on Day-1. Assuming equal numbers of 4GB and 8GB of iPhones sold (although most of the customers preferred the 8GB), Steve Jobs had just made over US$ 111 million revenue for Apple Inc. in one-day. That’s pretty awesome.

Interestingly, most of the buyers who got their hand on the iPhone actually tried to make a fortune by selling it on eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY, stock). A search shows there’re over 12,000 iPhones are up for bid at eBay. You can get two units of iPhones for US$1400.

So, how would the stock price react if the official sales figure released top the above estimate? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Shame the iPhone is not as good as it could be, it had the potential to be great. It still will be though as per the brand that Apple is associated with.


well, from the feedback i got when i did a questionaire, it seems everyone who got hold of it simply love the device …

I got one and I just love it. The funny thing is when I went to look at the iPhone I originally intended to kick the tires and wait for the next model. Once I got my hands on one I had to buy it. These things just tend to sell themselves.

yes george, if you wanna get yourself out from the iPhone, you better adopt “hear no iphone, see no iphone” policy or else you’ll get sucked into the blackhole of iphone …

furthermore, from my questionaires it seems everyone are happy with the iphone and it’s definitely one of the hot items within people’s wish-list …

so i won’t be surprise if the sales hit 1 million pieces very soon …



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