134% Profit Locked After A Scare from APPLE

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May 10 2007
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Right after I blogged about the BUG, Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) surprised me when the stock price fell almost 2 points (that’s 2 bucks). I haven’t checked the news as I’ve opened too many sessions but I don’t really care if it’s just a minor hiccup. I just click sell at the market price as experience taught me this is not a good signal. I made a mere 134% profit from roughly a 2-weeks trade. I entered this baby right before the earning announcement and right after that it just jumped above $ 100 per share for the first time. You can read my previous analysis here at AKAM and The Gang of Four – AAPL, CTXS, FFIV & FRK

At the postings APPLE Scores Big – Wait Till iPhone Comes to You, I also reasoned why I still hold on to the stock option – simply because I feel bullish because the sentiment or the pulse of the market towards Apple is bullish. So when everyone is bullish, the greed rules the market and I should be in fear mode right? Well not exactly, if the whole sentiment is in unidirection there’s still some “leftover” from the cigarrette that you can have a few puffs. I believe I’ve said in my previous post that the other reason I’m still holding is because the $ 100 per share level has not been fully tested yet and so when it stabilize above $ 100 it tends to test a new high and another new high non-stop.

But it can’t goes on forever, the moment you noticed something is not right with the real-time chart, you better run for cover. Why? Simply because investors are finding reasons or rather excuses to sell. And when a big market-makers sell, it sparks the chain-reaction and everyone will dump their position in a panic way. I’ve seen this numerous time and I don’t plan to wait and watch another time. At least I follow the guidance that says :

Bull and Bear makes money, Pigs get slaughtered

I might be wrong by closing my position today but at least I can sleep well knowing I’ve made the money more than the initial 100% targetted. Anyway, I can always re-enter the stock market again if all the indicators point towards it.

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Many congratulations!

thanx boon … apple today really scares the shit out of me … you should see the free-fall just now … all the best to you as well …

cheers …

DJIA was down 147.74 points. I was watching bits of the actions. Ha ha…

enjoy reading your blog. You must be making tons of money.

Could you perhaps explain how to trade US options/stocks while residing in KL for me? Thanks.

boon, hope you made your fortune from the future on such a sell-off on djia …

yap, glad you’re enjoying my blog … hmm, i’m just making some pocket money not to the extend of tons …

it’ll take many days and moons to explain the trading of U.S. markets (most of them i’ve blogged it within my blog here) … remember that internet is the main reason i can trade anywhere (that’s why i’m still puzzle why malaysia couldn’t 100% open up it’s trading platform to cyber-traders) …

basically you can open an account with U.S. brokerage house to trade stocks and options (for functionalities try optionsxpress, for performance, try interactivebrokers) … you don’t really have to goto U.S. to just open up an account – can be done at your sweet home online …

but you need to have education and learn the fundamentals of trading or rather investing … there’re lots of books, info or blogs which you can gather the necessary info …

if you’ve investing stocks, then trading option will present you another dimension of making money …


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