June 29th – Apple iPhone's Judgement Day

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Jun 27 2007
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June 29th 2007 – mark this date as it could be one of the most important day in the civilization of mankind, the revolutionary phone will arrives at the store near you (only if you’re in the States). The shipments of the iPhone from Asia (via a “Hong Kong-based air courier”) are accompanied by armed guards. It was such a buzz that when AT&T (NYSE: T, stock) and Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) announced the basic plan for iPhone yesterday, Tuesday, it generated headlines all over media and the stock took a plunge – the basic plan is $60 a month for 450 voice minutes, 200 text messages and unlimited Web browsing (ouch!)

At $500 or $600, depending on the amount of memory, the 4.8-ounce device is expensive by any standards – yet there’re people ready to queue to get hold of it, with sleeping bag, sleeping pad, camping chair, sweatshirt, sweat pants, and breath mints. Who can blame them? Remember when the video game addicts slept on sidewalks outside Sony (NYSE:
SNE, stock) stores to be the first to buy the PlayStation-3? It was estimated that two-thirds of the population of the United States seem to be aware of the device.

Daniel Roberts, 27, a Web engineer, said he got three takers within hours of posting his offer to sit in line at the Apple store in San Francisco for $300. Such is the craze for the gadget and once in a lifetime for people like Daniel to makes pocket money.

As far as Apple stock is concern, most of the bad news are out. The stock took the bullet and between now and 6 p.m. Friday, there can only be good news (I hope) and the celebration will starts as if it’s the New Year. This short-period will also be your last chance to sell Apple stocks as there won’t be anything to push the share price until the next earning quarter announcement. But on the other hand depending on the iPhone sales report over the weekend, Apple stock might just skyrocket again. Hard to make a decision, isn’t it?

Well, if you’re holding some shares which are in the profitable position, why not just take half of the money off the table. Alternatively, you can long the stocks by trading the option which has tons of time-value and wait for the next quarter earnings *evil grin*.

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