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Bye Exxon, Apple is World’s Most Valuable Company

Finally, Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) is now officially the world’s most valuable company after the iPhone maker surpassed Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE: XOM, stock) early in the trading Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011, till the closing bell. Apple’s market capitalization is a whopping US$ 337.17 billion compared to Exxon Mobil’s US$ 330.77 billion. Indeed it […]

... written on Aug 11 2011

Taking 228% Profit, Thanks To S&P’s AAA – AA+ Cut

The U.S. stock market joined a sell-off around the world today (Monday) in the first trading since Standard & Poor’s downgraded American debt by one notch – from AAA, the highest rating, to AA+. The Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 250 points minutes after the opening bell on Wall Street. As expected the […]

... written on Aug 09 2011

Welcome To Chaos, Welcome To Panic Selling

Chaos ruled the trading floor when investors sold their stocks in a big wave triggering what appears to be the worst stock-market selloff since the middle of financial crisis in early 2009. Both Dow Jones and S&P-500 dropped more than 4% while the Nasdaq lost 5% on fear that the still-trying-to-recover United States may hit […]

... written on Aug 05 2011

7 Things That Would Happen If The USA Is Downgraded

With less than 100 hours (Aug 2) before the world’s largest economic powerhouse, United States of America, is set to default on its debt obligations or otherwise, the global stock markets are trembling with fear. It’s very unlikely but should it happens, the U.S. economy may tumble by 5% and the stock market may drop […]

... written on Jul 29 2011

Apple’s BlockBuster Earnings, iPad Eating Up PC Market

Apple’s stock jumped as much as 7.5% to $405 a share in extended trading hour, after its earnings announcement. This is one company which grows as if there’s no tomorrow and leaves the competitors miles away especially in the tablet market. It was nice to read that iPhone sales actually quadrupled from a year ago […]

... written on Jul 20 2011

A Duty Well Done, RIMM, Thanks For The 480% Profit

Was away on a short holiday trip but that didn’t stop me (or you) from selling or buying the stocks or options, as long as you’re connected to the internet. Can you imagine the trading or investing landscape changes between now and ten years ago? Now, as long as you’ve a smartphone with connectivity to […]

... written on Jun 22 2011

Getting Ready To Take Profits, Thanks to Toasted RIMM

I‘ve said this before and I’m going to say this again – BlackBerry is toast and its latest earnings announced just after the stock market closed proves this. As expected Research In Motion Limited’s (Nasdaq: RIMM, stock) reported an awful set of forecast during the conference call. The fact that RIM still managed to give […]

... written on Jun 17 2011

Should You “Sell In May And Go Away” This Round?

As we enter the month of May (2011), we’re once again greeted with the question of whether we should “Sell in May and Go Away”. With earnings season coming to an end, investors will shift their focus to economic data next week such as the April employment report on Friday as investors will scrutinize the […]

... written on May 02 2011

Great iPhone Sales Saves iPad’s Backlog – Stock Up

Another quarter and another outrages earnings from Apple. Seriously the authorities have to do something about this earnings guidance thingy. Apple has been making fun of earnings game by deliberately giving lower guidance since the dinosaurs were wiped out from this planet only to announce better than expected results. Not that I complain (*tongue in […]

... written on Apr 21 2011

BlackBerry Maker RIM is Toast, At Least For Now

RIM is toast, if the stock price’s performance in after-hours trades is any indication after the company announced its earnings. Well, the earnings was great with the fourth-fiscal quarter surged 32% on strong sales of the company’s BlackBerry smartphones. What was disastrous was the forecast for the current period that is below Wall Street’s expectation. […]

... written on Mar 25 2011

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