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Welcome to FinanceTwitter.com – a blog that talks (or rather tweets) about Financial Information such as Stocks, Options, Investing and Trading, Latest Economy Update, Business Transactions, Financial Instruments, Political Impact on Financial Markets and other updates in Oil & Gas, Gold, Currencies and so on.



Why FinanceTwitter?

This site is a continuity from our previous site/blog which was on Blogger’s blogspot platform. In short – started on blogspot, realized it was the wrong platform for serious blogging but too concerned about migration and finally (somehow) made the decision to own our hosting and a dot-com domain.

We started blogging in October 2006 and since then have accumulated well over 2,000 articles. In actual fact we didn’t know we can survive blogging for such a long period. We realized too late that our blogspot brand-name was taken by those “domain name speculators”. Yeah, that’s right, not only there’re stock market speculators but also domain name speculators.

We were scouting for a better domain name since many moons ago but were sentimental about retaining our old blogspot brand-name (We built it from the scratch, mind you). Finally, we found “FinanceTwitter”, which fits perfectly into our mission – to talk or tweet about financial and related matters.


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