Mahathir’s Fishing Trip Is Over – Zakir Naik The Foolish Bait Is Waiting To Be Deported

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Aug 19 2019
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Zakir Naik is toast. And it’s hard to see how he can still be protected after what he has – stupidly – done. Has anybody noticed that until today, the two top guns of UMNO – Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi – have yet to defend the controversial Indian Islamic preacher accused of spreading hate speech, laundering money, and funding terrorism by the Indian government?


Mr. Zahid, as the president of UMNO Malay nationalist party, should have screamed until foaming at the mouth defending the preacher who has attracted truckloads of conservative Malay Muslims. Likewise, Mr. Najib, the former president of UMNO, hadn’t spoken a word of praise for the Mumbai-born preacher, the man his administration had granted permanent resident (PR) in 2015.


Worse, Zahid has thrown the poor Zakir under the bus as if he was some kind of pariah. Heck, the former deputy prime minister has even denied that it was him as Home Minister who had granted PR status to the hate preacher in 2015. Instead, Zahid blamed Muhyiddin Yassin, who was then former deputy prime minister, despite the fact that PR matters are under the jurisdiction of the Home Ministry.

Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi - Crooks Laughing

Why neither Zahid nor Najib defends Zakir Naik, who, despite being only a PR was given VVIP treatment and body guard protections fit for a King? As much as Zahid and Najib wanted to milk the fiasco using race and religion cards, they can’t. Both UMNO leaders knew it’s a matter of time before a dangerous preacher like Zakir is kicked out of the country after he is of no use to Mahathir.


Yes, Zakir the foolish preacher was nothing but a tool for Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. While Najib and Zahid watch with popcorn and Coke, Hadi Awang, the idiot president of the PAS Islamist party, do all the dirty jobs of defending the radical preacher. Mr. Hadi would look like a bloody fool if he could not raise an army of 1-million supporters to defend Zakir from being deported, would he not?


After Zahid’s remarks, the next piece of clue that Indian Muslim preacher Zakir will be booted is the spectacular U-turn from Mahathir. The premier finally announced on Sunday (August 18) that the preacher, whom he had protected numerous times in the past, has crossed the red line when he touched on racial politics and stirred racial tension in the country.

Zakir Naik with Mahathir Mohamad

Mahathir said – “In the first place, I don’t know who gave him PR status, but as a PR, you cannot participate in politics. Religious teachers can preach, but he was not doing that. He was talking about sending Chinese back to China and Indians back to India. That’s politics. I have never said this kind of things. But he tells the Chinese to go back.”


“It is quite clear he wants to participate in racial politics in Malaysia. Now, he is stirring up racial feelings. That is bad. People here are trying their best not to say those things. Even I would not dare say those things. Whatever action we take will be in accordance with the law. This government respects the rule of law,” – said the 94-year-old prime minister.


You don’t need a rocket scientist to decipher Mahathir’s hidden message. Prior to Zakir’s outburst – accusing Hindus in Malaysia of being more loyal to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi than to Dr Mahathir and telling “old guests” Malaysian Chinese to go back to China first before he (“new guests”) can be asked to leave – Mahathir had protected him with dozens of silly excuses.

Indian Islamic Preacher Condemns and Criticises China

Now, Mahathir suddenly recovers from his senility and spoke like a great leader? Not only his message to the police was that Zakir Naik had engaged in high stake racial politics, hence he must face the law, but Mahathir has also passed the buck to the previous government led by Najib and Zahid – questioning how on earth did the preacher get his PR in the first place.


There’s a reason why Najib or Zahid didn’t rush to claim credits, as they usually would under normal circumstance, when Mahathir repeatedly defended Zakir initially. The despicable preacher was just a pawn in a political manoeuvre. Think about it. As Zakir’s popularity rises beyond that of Mahathir – or even the King – in the eyes of Muslims in the country, it’s a matter of time before he seizes power.


Religion is one of the biggest scam in the market. Just because Zakir looks innocent, pious in religious costume, talks fluently about afterlife and appears like an expert in comparing religions does not make him any different from a power-hungry terrorist. He does not need to raise swords, but merely incite his gullible followers to terrorise people from other religions.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL Leader)

Of course, he hasn’t reached the stage like the one where ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi converted the Jihad movement into the Islamic State caliphate, with tens of thousands of fighters recruited from more than 80 countries (while he went into hiding enjoying himself). But Zakir is on the right footing to achieve that if he’s allowed to continue mocking and insulting the Hindus and Chinese.


His words have already poisoned some of his followers. A 28-year-old man who works as a storekeeper and a security guard was detained by authorities after he threatened to “behead” lawyer Syahredzan Johan for suggesting that preacher Zakir Naik’s permanent resident status be rescinded. The ISIS terrorist group was notorious for beheading hostages in their Jihad adventure.


To borrow Mahathir’s favourite naughty phrase, only the “blind, deaf and dumb” could not see the danger of keeping a time-bomb like Zakir in the country. Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi, Rais Yatim, Rafidah Aziz and Hishammuddin Hussein saw it. As an old fox, Mahathir saw it too, but the cunning premier had chosen to act dumb and gave the preacher enough rope to hang himself.

Zakir Naik - White Kopiah

Inspired and encouraged by Mahathir’s defence for him, Mr. Zakir has mistaken the gesture as a blessing or approval to go a step further in his rampage against non-Muslims in the country – belittling, mocking and insulting not only the local Hindus but also Malaysian Chinese and even poked the dragon China’s mistreatment of Uighurs in the Xinjiang region.


As we had written previously, Mahathir was using Khat Jawi and Zakir Naik to promote himself as the greatest champion of Malays and Islam. Playing the emotions of the ethnics Chinese, Indians and even Malays, the old man wanted to weaken his allies DAP and PKR in the Pakatan Harapan coalition government because his own party (PPBM or Bersatu) is very weak.


Without adequate uproars and criticisms against Zakir Naik, the prime minister might let the preacher continue with his extremism and radicalization. Mahathir’s fishing trip is now over after 115 police reports filed against the India-born preacher. And the prime minister has caught quite a bucket of fish in his little expedition using a foolish bait called Zakir Naik.

Student Writing Khat Jawi Arabic

DAP, a Chinese-majority party, has already suffered tremendously as a result from the silly Khat Jawi stunt. In the eyes of the Malays, DAP, who commanded 95% of the Chinese vote bank, is anti Muslim for its refusal to learn the Arabic calligraphy. In the eyes of the Chinese, DAP top leaders are a bunch of traitors who failed to stop the Jawi from being pushed down the throats of vernacular schools.


If Zakir Naik is deported today, the Malays will not blame Mahathir squarely, but the Chinese DAP – again. In the same breath, the oppositions UMNO and PAS are also milking Zakir Naik to dry. All the Malay political parties are using DAP as the punching bag in their attempt to swing the Malay voters to their respective camps. DAP will definitely lose tons of seats in the next general election.


Comically, the deportation of Zakir Naik could make the Hindus cheer for Mahathir, despite the fact it was the same prime minister who had refused to kick out the hate preacher upon forming the government in May 2018. The premier can conveniently say that he could not deport the preacher because the controversial figure had done no wrong – until today.

Zakir Naik - Radical and Extreme Indian Muslim Preacher

So far, doors are closing fast with 7 states – Melaka, Johor, Selangor, Penang, Kedah, Perlis and Sarawak – have decided to ban the radical preacher from speaking in public. It certainly will look very stupid on Mahathir’s side if he makes another stunning U-turn and allows Zakir to continue staying in the country. The preacher has overplayed his hand and has no use to Mahathir anymore.


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You mention terrrorism why not Hindus terrorist

The best solution is sent back him to india or other country

Zakir Naik should be deported immediately. Can also send him
To Saudi, where he can Kashooggi with his powerful sermons.
Pretend to be holy & promoting suicide bombers..


How come such an eloquent, professional & brilliant editor like you could have omitted the above news on your subject ?

Becoz hatred had blinded you fool?
And many other fools are following you as chief of the fools.

Dude, Interpol Red Notice is not the ultimate Holy Grail in determining Zakir’s guilt or innocence.

Fugitive Jho Low’s name is not listed in the Red Notice too, so does that mean he’s innocence? Don’t let your obsession with religion blinded you. Zakir does not have to apologise if he strongly believed what he said about the Hindus and Chinese were right. But he did, did he not?

Semua warga Malaysia perlu sedar diri…….jgn bermain dgn api….
Islam adalah agama rasmi Malaysia dan sebarang bentuk provokasi terhaadap Islam seolah2 menuang minyak kedalam api…Jd berhati hatilah
.Orang2 Melayu adalah seumpama Harimau yg tido..

Of course everybody knows Islam is the official religion. Nobody dares to question this. Besides, it’s protected under Constitution. So, only fools will try to challenge this.

What does your remark has to do with Zakir’s mocking and insulting of other religions? While Islam is the religion of the Federation, other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.

This news full of hatred and racism muslim people would not like it too as you do..

It’s PM Mahathir who confessed that Zakir has crossed the line when he touched on “racial politics”

It is indeed Islam is officual religion. Then i ask again, the fellow muslim in malaysia, do you really follow in your heart what Islam is all about? This might be rude but, Dr. Zakir Naik still a human and tend to make mistake.

Islam very respect other religious as far as i know and as long as it is promote peace as one of the strong components in Islam itself. Who is he to give his opinion to chinese and indian in malaysia? What does this so called islamic preacher knowledge in malaysia history?

I take it as an insult to other races/religion and this is strongly against Islam teaching. Now Dr. Zakir has done 2 mistake, which is not follow the rule of ruler, and insult others. For me this 2 is enough to make me ignore all his speech from now. There are none mentioned in Islam if the rule made by human from any authority cannot be followed.

Even our beloved prophet told us otherwise, we should follow the rule make by your local authorities. This world is nothing, are you afraid of death? You are not going to war for God sake and fear nothing but Allah. Even Zakir Naik know this fact.

Allah will help you even the world against you if you are in the right way. So i ask again fellas, do you really wanna backup some seek your support rather than our own God?

This is the true story about zakir naik in this YouTube url

For one pro-Zakir YouTube you can find, there’re two negative videos about Zakir that you can find.

The moment ZN sent back to India.. PH government will lost majority of supports from Malay and Islam voters… Next GE.. PH wont win anymore..that time umno pas will take over.. You can say what you want about Islam.. Islam will just grow stronger.. People who never watched ZN video will try to find fault in his video but eventually will convert to Islam after doing research. For that i thank you.

Dude, no people talk bad about Islam. Actually, we had written that Islam will become the biggest religion in the world. Why don’t you search for it?

We’re talking about Zakir Naik here. Are you saying Zakir = Islam and Islam = Zakir?

Writer is very harsh with his words.. despicable piece of article.
I bet he has not even seen or heard one full length of Zakir Naik’s speech.
Yet he passed privolous judgement. This is the kind of journalism that promotes hatred.

It’s Mahathir who confessed that Zakir has crossed the line and ventured into racial politics!

Let’s not talk about whether Nail sincerely apologized or not. Let’s talk about Naik asking for formal apologizes for misquoting him and/oralso taken his speech out of context and that to the Hindu or “old guest” should have listen to his ceramah.

What I do want to know is that how does the Hindu or Indian loyalty to Mahathir or Modi relates to Muslim or Islam? How does the “old guest” staying or leaving relates to Muslim or Islam? Did he explain this? I doubt there is any relationship between Muslim or Islamic teaching talk about loyalty to leader or even migration of “first in first out” rule.

Is clear that Naik said those things and he claimed that he never have the intention to hurt anyone as it is forbidden by the quoran. Can that be true? I do not question the quoran, I only question if Naik really seriously think or believe so?

Still the same issue, how does people misunderstand him and taken his speech out of context? When he said those things, does he know the implications and what the effect? Whether he knew or not, it is clear that his ceramah is really out of context or should I say highly questionable.

As I have mentioned in FB. Malays are extremely easy to be influenced by those having higher
status and like to worship aggressive heroic figures.
Tagline like Bossku, Malaysia boleh etc are also weld a lot of influence. Indians and Chinese will normally take all these as propaganda.

I am very disappointed in almost everyone in the comments section, sure this article is harsh on ZN but it was what he asked for. Why wont you protect your own fellow countrymen, you have betrayed all of us who call ourselves Malaysian. You guys put religion above your country and people. It is truly saddening.

Sultan-Agong-UMNO-PAS-Dr M, Anwar, Azmin, Wan Azizah, Hadi, Shariah, Jakim, JAIS all STILL Support Him as Brotherhood of Islam…..and Sabah-Sarawak still want to Learn BM-Jawi As National Make you Stupid Language?? Foreigners are Quitting Malaysia and Choosing Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand as prefered investment…..Ringgit Crash is Coming and Debt $1.37 Trillion…..Keep upholding ISLAM -Jawi -Shariah-Jakim_Jais KHAT KRAP!! Malaysia WILL Suffer More..>Sabah-Sarawak Sack Malaya…Turn ALL Schools to SEKOLAH JENIS KEBANGSAAN (INGGERIS)…and you will be like Singapore in 10 Years after SACKING MALAYA!!…Thanks to KHAT .>WE HAVE A CHANCE TO BRING BACK ENGLISH AS MEDIUM OF INSTTRUCTION!!…with Jenis Kebangsaan INGGERIS!!

the only remaining Country on earth with Institutionalised Race discrimination laws or Apartheid, constantly try to fool themselves and others that it is democratic when it is not ie when non-muslim gdt democratic votes cannot take office, constantly try to fool themselves and others that freedom of religion exist, when forced legal conversion laws and criminal law violated for anyone who wishes to choose his religion or renounce, and try to fool the world believing ‘affirmative action’ when it is not

apartheid, corruption, false democracy ie non muslims who got votes via election cannot assume political post, false freedom of religion ie anyone choosing his own faith or renounce is a criminal by law

enough said.. Modi and BJP should use their majority votes to amend the India cconstitution #followmalaysia and make Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist the 3 religion in Constitution

so far no evidence of racial biasness of India’s judiciary and state laws against non Hindus, india’s judiciary had in recent years sentenced many uneducated Hindus hooligans for violence towards muslims. HOWEVER, racial biasness is evidential in malaysia towards the non muslim where a non muslim was recently sentenced 10 years for one posting on social media deemed insulting to islam etc

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