World’s Biggest Crook Najib Finally Arrested – Here’s Why He Should Be Dressed In Orange Lockup Suits Tomorrow

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Jul 03 2018
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The best day is finally here for millions of Malaysians who are getting impatient over the freedom enjoyed by former Prime Minister Najib Razak since he was toppled at the 14th general election on May 9. For years, the despicable Najib evaded the law by virtue of him being the most powerful man in the country. His luck, however, runs out today.


Mr. Najib has finally been arrested today (July 3) at about 3pm at his residence in Langgak Duta. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said that the ex-premier will be taken to the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex to face charges at 8.30am tomorrow. Najib is expected to face more than 10 counts of committing criminal breach of trust related to the SRC International Sdn Bhd.


He was reportedly taken directly to the lock-up. Not only Najib will go down the history as the first prime minister to be arrested, and possibly jailed, this will be the son of Razak’s first experience spending a night in a jail-liked environment. Newly appointed Attorney General Tommy Thomas will lead the prosecution team against Najib Razak.

Ex-Prime Minister Najib Razak - World Biggest Crook

We had written that PM Mahathir was about to make his move after dropping multiple hints to arresting and charging his protégé-turned-enemy Najib. The 93-year-old Mahathir wanted to extend his last gratitude to Najib’s father – allowing his son his last festival of Eid al-Fitri. But the defiant Najib didn’t seem to understand that his former mentor was trying not to humiliate his family name – the Razak – during the holy month of Ramadan.


While netizens on social media celebrate the arrest of Najib Razak, arguably one of the most hated figures in the country, the question remains whether the scandal-plagued ex-PM would be dressed in the infamous MACC orange jumpsuits normally worn by those remanded in custody. It would certainly be a humiliation to the Razak family if Najib is to be paraded in such fashion tomorrow.


The extraordinary desire of Najib critics to see him in the orange suit speaks volumes how much the arrogant and corrupt leader is being despised by the people in the country. Therefore, in anticipation of such embarrassment, there are calls for the MACC to treat the detained former prime minister with utmost dignity, respect and fairly.

MACC Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Lockup Orange Jumpsuits

Among those calling for a fair treatment were PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli. He said – “I was among his fiercest critics. But I pray that he is accorded kindness and treated with dignity befitting a former PM.” It’s unclear if Mr. Rafizi was referring to the possibility that Najib would emerge handcuffed and clad in the MACC orange lockup attire.


But if Mr. Rafizi was demanding that Najib be given the exception of not wearing the orange jumpsuits and handcuffed, he should stop playing hero and behaving holier-than-thou. There’s nothing wrong with decorating Najib with the orange lockup attire simply because it was in accordance to the MACC standard SOP (standard operating procedure).


Former Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had said that the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) has the power to decide on the colour of the uniform as provisioned under Section 97 of the Police Act which allows the IGP to issue a permanent order or administration instruction for the police force.

MACC Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission - MACC - Emblem Logo

In his response to then opposition N. Surendran (PKR MP) last year, who was querying if the police or MACC would stop the practice of having remanded detainees to wear purple and orange lock-up uniforms respectively, Mr. Zahid clarified that the IGP issued a detailed lock-up management and lock-up uniform permanent order under the provision back in 2009.


Last year, former Felda chairman Mohamed Isa Samad, who was remanded by the MACC to assist in investigations into the purchase of a hotel in London by Felda Investment Corporation (FIC) was also made to wear orange lock-up attire. In fact, as recent as last month, a former special officer to Najib was brought to the court – handcuffed and clad in the MACC orange lockup attire.


That special officer was being held on remand by the MACC for 7 days to assist in the investigation into a case related to 1MDB. So, why didn’t Rafizi Ramli spoke against the so-called humiliating treatment against that officer? Now that the PKR is part of the government, they have to make up their mind whether MACC was wrong with the orange dress code SOP.

Najib Razak Praying - 1MDB - Handcuffs

If the Article 5 of the Federal Constitution as well as the Prisons Regulation 2000, which says arrested person could lawfully decline to wear the lockup uniform, actually supersedes the provision under Section 97 of the Police Act as argued by then opposition N. Surendran (PKR MP), then the new government should take the necessary procedures to correct it.


Until then, Najib Razak should be treated like any other ordinary detainees and be required to wear the orange lockup attire. To do otherwise would send a wrong message – that due to Najib’s status and family background, he is entitled to special privilege. The new government must realize that Najib is just an ordinary citizen – not a former prime minister who enjoys certain rights.


After all, when Najib’s bodyguards and police escorts were withdrawn, it was Prime Minister Mahathir who explained that Najib “doesn’t represent the past prime ministers” as he is currently under investigation, and thus is not entitled to certain privileges. Heck, Najib Razak is nothing but a shameless thief who had robbed and stolen peoples’ money to the tune of billions.

It’s an insult to the peoples’ intelligence to argue that a defiant crook like Najib should be treated with dignity and respect. After plundering and leaving the country with RM1 trillion in debts, its incredible insane to suggest that Najib should be accorded a VVIP treatment. Where’s the freaking rule of law that the new government has been whining and bitching?


The chicken has come home to roost. There should not be double standard just because Najib is the son of Razak, the second Prime Minister of Malaysia. Najib should be made responsible for all the crimes he had done. It would be unfair to other detainees who were made to dress in orange suit but Najib is allowed to wear thousand-dollars Bijan suits.


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