Khairy Plays Hard To Get – Waiting For Mahathir’s Invitation To Jump Ship From Sinking UMNO

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Jul 26 2018
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Khairy Jamaluddin has acknowledged turning down offers by UMNO President Zahid Hamidi to take up top positions in the party. Earlier, Zahid revealed Khairy had twice turned down his offers for him to be the Barisan Nasional (BN) Secretary-General and UMNO Information Chief. Zahid also claimed that Khairy had turned down his offer to contest for the UMNO deputy presidency.


Instead, Mr. Khairy, formerly UMNO Youth Chief, had gone direct for the UMNO presidency but lost to Mr. Zahid. However, the fact that Khairy, the son-in-law of former premier Abdullah Badawi, managed to garner 61 votes against Zahid’s 99 speaks volumes about the young chap’s influence. Razaleigh Hamzah only managed 30 votes, despite huge expectation from the veteran.


Had there been a direct fight between Zahid and Khairy, the 30 votes from Razaleigh could end up in Khairy’s pocket. Of course, Zahid, former ex-Deputy Prime Minister but is now the opposition leader, won the UMNO presidency through massive vote buying. Unlike Hishammuddin Hussein, Zahid still hallucinates that BN could rise again to retake the government.

2018 UMNO Presidency Debate – Razaleigh, Zahid and Khairy

When asked if Khairy felt he would have a bigger voice if he had taken up the posts offered, Khairy said: “Really? You think so? It will then be the same thing all over again, right?” Clearly, he didn’t care much about UMNO, let alone respect for empty vessel Zahid. Get real, do you expect an Oxford-graduate Khairy would kowtow to a boss who spoke horrible English?


Ever since his elegant defeat at the UMNO polls last month, Mr. Khairy has practically done everything but toeing the line of the once mighty and invincible party. He was among only three UMNO members to remain in the Dewan Rakyat (Lower House) when he should have obediently followed the party’s order to walkout of the Parliament last week in protest of the appointment process of the Speaker.


Had UMNO still ruled the country like before the May 9 general election, Khairy would not have been so daring – and rebellious. In the same breath, he would gladly accept whatever posts, with hand-kissing thrown in, offered by his president, had UMNO still in power today. During the good old days, any position within BN or UMNO would guarantee instant wealth and power.

Not Joining Walkout – MP Khairy Jamaluddin and Anifah Aman

Now powerless and without the gravy train, those positions offered were seen as too insulting to a smart man like Khairy. If he couldn’t even care about becoming UMNO Deputy President in the first place, why should he lower himself and accept the insignificant post as secretary-general or information chief, and in the process indebted to a weak and pariah leader such as Zahid Hamidi?


If it was true that Zahid had offered Khairy to contest as his deputy, it proves that either Zahid was freaking afraid of losing the presidency or he desperately needed someone with brains to run his errands. However, Zahid hadn’t a clue that smart people don’t work for a dumb boss, especially a powerless dumb boss. Yes, Khairy doesn’t plan to waste his remaining youth time in UMNO.


Considered one of the smartest leaders in UMNO presently, Khairy knew UMNO is “game over”. As old Malay voters shrink but the young Malay voters increase moving forward, UMNO will be the last place the sophisticated, educated and liberal young Malays wish to join. Even today, only racist, half-past-six and corrupt young members remain as leftovers in the party.

UMNO Lost 2018 Election - Sad Moments - Najib, Hishammuddin and Zahid

The future is with the Pakatan Harapan coalition. However, Khairy was smart enough to know that he cannot resign from UMNO and send his resume to join the new government. It would be too obvious. Hence, like any disgruntled employees hoping to get fired (and paid compensation) by their boss, Khairy has started rebelling in the hope of getting sacked.


Once fired from UMNO, Khairy can cry, whine and bitch to all and sundry that it was the Zahid leadership who sacks him, not him quitting the (useless) Malay nationalist party. That’s why he took the trouble to explain that he is still with UMNO even after he deliberately went against the party wish for the infamous walkout of the Parliament. He cannot be seen as an opportunist or traitor.


The burning question is why did Khairy go for the top position in UMNO knowing he won’t stand a chance of winning? His pocket wasn’t as deep as Razaleigh and certainly nowhere near Zahid’s. Would it not be safer and wiser to contest for the vice president post, even if there wasn’t an offer from Zahid to run as his deputy? There’s little doubt he would win the vice presidency hands down.

Mahathir Mohamad - World’s Oldest PM - 1981 to 2003 and 2018 to Current

Perhaps the answer could be found with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Its worth to mention that Khairy jumped for the UMNO presidency only after Mahathir said – either sarcastically or deliberately – that the son-in-law of Badawi would be the best candidate to be UMNO president. But was Khairy so dumb that he took Mahathir’s opinion as the sacred bible?


Mahathir’s endorsement could be a hint. The 93-year-old prime minister had neither endorsed the much experienced Zahid nor Razaleigh. One needs to think out of the box when reading Mahathir’s next move. The old fox wanted to see Khairy’s courage and influence in UMNO. As expected, the Oxford graduate pulled 61 votes out of 191 UMNO warlords, giving Zahid a run for his money.


Zahid, despite winning the UMNO presidency, was actually quite pathetic for winning only 52% of the votes. Thanks to his kowtowing and bending over backwards, begging to be friend again after UMNO lost horribly, Mahathir has lost whatever little respect he had for Zahid. Khairy, on the other hand, possesses the leadership quality which could help strengthen PPBM.

Mahathir Mohamad with Khairy Jamaluddin

Yes, Mahathir’s party – Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) – desperately needs young leaders such as Khairy. Compares with PKR and DAP, there aren’t many talents in PPBM, sad to say. It would be wonderful if Khairy could bring along young members to PPBM who reject expired UMNO warlords such as Zahid Hamidi, Mohamad Hasan, Ismail Sabri, Annuar Musa and whatnot.


As far as Mahathir is concerned, UMNO is toast. Before the 61-year-old sinking ship went down to the sea, he would like to cherry-pick some sailors who are worth saving. Time is on Khairy’s side. He can afford to wait to be called for an interview. Meanwhile, he can fully utilise his time as an opposition to prove his worthiness to Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan.


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Wah liaow, you can read Madey’s mind meh? But you are so
spot on! (my favourite term when you hit a bulls eye – army lingo).
But whatever the mamak KJ wants to be, he is still a politician
kindergartened in UMNO; just a slimey scumbag like Ah Jib Khor!
No scruples, ethics or morality; and they are puritan Muslims meh? I wonder if their Creator also received donations from the Royal Camel Shaggers?
Keep on writing Bro, i love puzzles, especially from Bolehland!!!
and regards, Low Peh

Khairy could be Home minister.

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