Security Guards In China – You Don’t Pay, We Lift Your Car Onto Roof!!

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Aug 24 2017
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China is a nation of endless possibilities. So be careful who you might offend. As a woman driver found out the cruel way, even security guards could give you a lesson you won’t forget for the rest of your life. The woman was trying to leave a residential estate in Benxi, Liaoning province, on Tuesday morning after illegally parked there for 38 hours.


However, she was stopped by security guards to charge her for the illegal parking. The woman, upset that she has to pay, argued and refused to pay a fine. She walked away, leaving her white sedan parked directly outside the security station. The woman driver thought she could teach the security guards a lesson by blocking other cars from entering or exiting the housing estate.


Turns out, she was wrong and could not outwit the residential property management. Two hours later, with the owner still gone and nowhere to be seen, the property management decided to creatively solve the problem – hired a crane to move the car – by lifting the illegally parked vehicle onto the roof of the security station.

China - Woman Illegally Park Her Car - Crane Lifting Car To Roof

China - Woman Illegally Park Her Car - Car On Roof 3

The splendid scene of the car on top of a guard house was too good to be true among some residents there; hence, the photographs of the incident went viral on Chinese social media. Eventually, the woman driver and the property management met at a nearby police station to settle their dispute. After the meeting, the crane was once again deployed to lift down the woman’s car.


Although it’s unclear who paid the cost of the crane services, there’s no way the security guards would let the woman off without paying for the 38 hours of illegal parking. Chances are she could be too shocked and traumatised after finding her car up on the roof that she could probably have paid for the crane services as well.


Besides, while the woman was eager to get her car back, the same cannot be said about the badass security guards. After all, CCTV in front of the guard house could have a complete recording of the whole fiasco, making any argument by the woman practically useless. Moral of the story – do not mess with security guards, especially in China. Negotiate with them nicely, if possible.

China - Woman Illegally Park Her Car - Car On Roof

China - Woman Illegally Park Her Car - Car On Roof 2


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