Why Trump’s New Hire For Secretary Of State – Rex Tillerson – Is A Masterpiece

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Dec 15 2016
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Donald Trump will not become the 45th President of the United States until Friday, January 20, 2017, in Washington, D.C. That’s more than a month away. But the staffs he’s hiring have raised more eyebrows than his stunning victory. And he’s enjoying every moment of providing the same kind of entertainment he provided on his TV-series “The Apprentice“.


People who were taken by surprise of Trump’s choice of new recruits obviously haven’t learned anything from the 2016 Presidential Election. Trump is businessman, investor, author, TV personality, billionaire and anything but a politician. Therefore, whatever Trump said and did were based on unconventional method, something very alien to political analysts.


In general, Trump’s choice of recruits consists of two types of people – the military men and the businessmen. His military-heavy picks for top posts raise concerns about military influence. Such concerns, of course, are quite silly considering America is the world’s military superpower. Like it or not, only tough military badass knows how to deal with stubborn terrorists like ISIS.


Trump understood this and has recruited a team of former generals to serve as Cabinet secretaries and advisers in his administration. He has tapped retired Gen. John Kelly, a former Marine, to lead the Department of Homeland Security. Retired Gen. James Mattis, also a former Marine, is recruited for Secretary of Defence. Trump’s national security adviser is retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.


Just when every politician thought the new recruits couldn’t get any worse, Trump gleefully drops a bombshell. Despite favourites Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, the post of Secretary of State goes to an underdog – ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson. Punters were betting on either Giuliani or Romney to win the most important job but Trump has once again shown the real meaning of a dealmaker.


Giuliani has been Trump’s most loyal supporter in the darkest hours of the presidential campaign. In fact, the former mayor of New York City was so confident of landing the job that he turned down two other Cabinet posts. However, aside from being loyal, there’s nothing extraordinary in Giuliani’s resume that would make him useful to Trump administration.


Romney, on the other hand, is a seasoned politician who is programmed to say and do political-correct things. The only reason why Trump bothered talking to him, whom the President-elect said “walks like a penguin”, was to humiliate him. Trump deliberately put “Penguin Romney” onto the stage for everyone to view, and denies him the prestigious job when it matters the most.


Romney was the preferred pick of Reince Priebus, Trump’s incoming chief of staff, as well as Vice President-elect Pence. However, incoming chief strategist and senior counsellor Steve Bannon together with former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway were against Romney. Mr. Priebus and Mr. Bannon were specifically hired by Trump so that both compete with each other.


If Romney is hired, it would tilt the balance of power in favour of Priebus, whom has already demonstrated broad influence over hiring decisions. Trump cannot allow either one of his two top guns to be too powerful. An untrustworthy Romney would not only create rebellion within White House, but also defection within Trump’s supporters who still remember how much Romney hated Trump during campaign.


Unlike Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney who walked through the camera-filled lobby of Trump Tower to be interviewed by boss Trump, Tillerson entered through the Trump Tower back door – twice. Like another episode of “The Apprentice”, Mr. Rex Tillerson wins the top job, a last-minute plot twist no one initially saw coming. And that makes Trump administration very interesting to watch.


But did Trump deliberately choose Tillerson merely for entertainment purpose in order to keep Americans amused? Or was Trump actually a brilliant tactician but underestimated by arrogant full-time politicians? Both Trump and Tillerson have made billion-dollar deals and naturally, both individuals “clicked” when they met in Trump Tower on 6 Dec.


Like Trump, Mr. Tillerson has never officially been a diplomat, an important ingredient if Trump wishes to work with someone who wouldn’t sell his mother just to be on the good book of the next president. Trump needs a businessman first, politician second, kind of person to make good deals for America. He needs someone who can deliver, not apple-polishing.


Under Mr. Tillerson, Exxon Mobil has struck lucrative deals with repressive governments in Africa, clashed with China and befriended Vietnam over disputed territory in the South China Sea, learned from hard experience in Venezuela, and built a close rapport with Russia at a time of deepening mistrust between the Kremlin and the West.


Tillerson can offer something that both Giuliani and Romney can’t – a genuine Russian-friendly top executive to seriously reboot U.S.-Russia relationship made sour by Obama administration. War needs money and multiple wars need even more money. Trump’s immediate war is against terror group Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, IS), not the mighty Russian.


Heck, Rex Tillerson was such a buddy to Vladimir Putin that he was awarded the Order of Friendship by the Russian president in 2013, the highest civilian honours that Russia can grant a foreigner. Obama couldn’t defeat Putin despite economic sanctions on Russia. So, why should Trump do the same thing over and over again but expect a different result? If America can’t beat Russia, join them.


Sure, Tillerson has known Putin since 1999, but just because he knows Russia doesn’t mean he’s being pro-Russia. After all, Tillerson’s recommendation came from none other than former Secretary of Defence Robert Gates and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, two individuals who had condemned Trump during his presidency campaign.


ExxonMobil is one of the few American oil companies that have managed to stay in Russia through all kinds of political weather simply because Vladimir Putin likes Rex Tillerson. And that’s very important to Trump administration if the new POTUS insists to having an economic war with China. By being Russia-friendly, Trump could isolate Beijing, to a certain extent, from Moscow.


More importantly, Trump could use a close relationship with Russia to control the European Union, who is drifting further away from America’s influence under the leadership of Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. Besides China and the EU, Trump could also rely on Russian’s influence over Tehran in regards to Iran nuclear deal.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

In the same breath, Trump administration could expect an easier task of containing Islamic terrorism and radicalism in the Middle East, if Putin can be dragged to the American’s side. With both U.S. and Russia fighting a common enemy – radical Islamic terrorist – Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabism, which is believed to be the main source of global terrorism, could at least be controlled.


Of course, Trump can be assured that Rex Tillerson is taking the job not because of money. As Secretary of State, Tillerson will be paid only US$186,000 annually, just a fraction of US$27.7 million (excluding other bonuses and perks) he’s getting every year as the ExxonMobil boss. Tillerson is indeed an unexpected but a masterpiece choice. Trump could kill many birds with a Rex.


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An exceptional man this Trumph is.!!! All the seasoned politician will only perpetuate the same old same old shits and being easily corrupted too(do not have to go far for a reference ) A non politician when elected are usually innocent in political awareness will rely heavily on their acumen gathered thru’ the years of exposure and will not make hasty decision but usually a strong decision will be derived after many thoughts and thorough consultation without any prohibitions. A sesoned politician on elected will still operate within the peripheral of political correctness usually provide by the same pool of under achievers politicians trying hard in keeping their job .This will render it a useless decision and very meek in approach. Up to now Trump is still making decision base on his survival instinct and so far it has bore some substantial result. I still think he will make some impact in the world and more for a stronfer USA which will keep the balance of the other super power in check. Berik Hussein Obaloney has his time while in office but he is only a pussy cat.

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