Mukhriz Termination – Najib’s Tactical Error Due To His Narcissism

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Feb 04 2016
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If Najib’s father – Abdul Razak Hussein – is still alive today, he would be 94-year-old. Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad who was indebted to Najib’s father is today 90-year-old. Najib himself is 62-year-old while Mukhriz, Mahathir’s son who is now jobless after lost his Kedah state Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) post, is 51-year-old.


One of the reasons why Najib Razak is Malaysian prime minister today was due to Mahathir’s gratitude to the Razak senior for accepting him back to UMNO political party after being expelled. Therefore Mahathir repaid Razak’s kindness with support for Najib to become the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia. Until last year, Mahathir has been taking good care of Najib.

Prime Minister Najib Razak and Former PM Mahathir Mohamad - Happy Time in 2009

When 1MDB scandal exploded, all hell breaks loose. The war between Mahathir and his protégé, Najib, becomes personal now. Supposing 1MDB didn’t happen. Would Najib take care of Mukhriz Mahathir, the same way Mahathir had taken care of him? Traditionally, ethnic-Malay takes great pride of “mengenang budi (being grateful)” but does Najib have such value?


Immediately after 2013 national election, Najib Razak conspired and ensured Mahathir’s son loses his bid to become one of three vice presidents in UMNO, instantly blocking Mukhriz as a future national leader. Therefore, before Mahathir gets his hands dirty in the 1MDB scandal (last year); Najib has already shown little respect to the value of being grateful.

Mukhriz Mahathir (ex-Kedah Menteri Besar)

To be fair, Mukhriz is no great leader but a cry baby who got lucky to be born as the son of the longest serving Prime Minister of Malaysia. Without daddy Mahathir, Mukhriz could be another ordinary government servant or an ex-MAS employee who has just been retrenched. Like Najib, everything handed to junior Mukhriz on a silver platter.


Because Mahathir refuses to play dead, retires peacefully and plays marbles on Najib’s pet project – 1MDB – the prime minister has taken the battle to Kedah state and terminated Mukhriz. Sure, it was Najib who played some parts in making Mukhriz the state’s Menteri Besar. But it’s the same Najib who sacked Mukhriz too.

Najib Razak and Mukhriz Mahathir - At Dining Table

Mahathir didn’t sack Najib during his administration, even when the latter was allegedly caught “khalwat”, bonking actress and singer Ziana Zain in a Port Dickson hotel room. Even after retired, Mahathir played dumb and didn’t add fuel to the fire when the gruesome murder of Mongolian Altantuya exploded, linking the murder scandal to Najib son of Razak.


Encouraged and ill-advised by some UMNO cheerleaders, Najib felt compelled to flex his muscles to show the boy who’s the boss. Najib must be feeling really proud and invincible for defeating and hurting Mahathir’s son, a new bird who is still wet behind the ears. But was it a brilliant tactical politic move, or a stroke of stupidity with nothing to gain but everything to lose?

Prime Minister Najib Razak - Emperor Crown

To suggest Mukhriz fails his Mathematics for assuming all 15 opposition assembly seats in Kedah would support him was laughable. Even if Mukhriz really doesn’t know how to count, surely daddy Mahathir knew there was no way he could remain as Kedah Menteri Besar. Does anyone believe Mahathir didn’t know PAS’ 8 seats were in Najib’s pocket, considering Hadi Awang and Najib Razak sleep in the same bed?


Thanks to corruption, Mahathir could easily spend some loose change to swing some of 21 assembly seats under Barisan Nasional in Kedah. Then what? Najib can still buy those traitors back. Even if Mukhriz were to successfully dissolve and call for a snap state election, how could Mukhriz contest under UMNO or Barisan Nasional banner? Either way, Mukhriz was toast.

Mahathir Mohamad Grinning

However, by doing nothing and letting Mukhriz slaughtered by PM Najib, it would paint a picture of a cruel big bad wolf ripping an innocent lamb through its skin, flesh and bones. That was precisely why Mahathir watched with popcorn and Coke, without extending any help to rescue his beloved son. Someone must have forgotten how cunning the old fox is (*grin*).


True, Mukhriz had done nothing extraordinary to transform Kedah into New York. But neither had he done anything disastrous, as compared to other states’ Menteri Besar who screwed up but still get to keep their seats because they know which part and side of Najib to suck. What harm could Mukhriz do to Najib if the junior is left alone? Absolutely nothing!

Mukhriz Mahathir - Sad and Worry

But narcissism had gotten the better of Najib. Mukhriz must, therefore, be exterminated to teach Mahathir a lesson, or so he thought. That’s fine because as the President of UMNO, Najib has the right to plot for the ex-Kedah Menteri Besar downfall. But at least someone with better quality should be chosen as the new chief minister.


Amusingly, that wasn’t the case. Instead, Najib chose someone with perhaps the lowest academic qualification of all the Kedah state assemblymen to be the new Menteri Besar. Enter Ahmad Bashah Mohd Hanapiah, an assembymen who possessed only SPM (equivalent to O-Level) certificate and some even suggested it was actually lower at SRP level (Lower Certificate of Education taken by Form-3 students).

Ahmad Bashah Mohd Hanapiah (New Kedah Menteri Besar)

That’s fine too because having tertiary education doesn’t mean Mr. Ahmad is a genius. At least he didn’t buy a Master or a PhD but still couldn’t read any of “Key Words with Peter and Jane” books. But to have the new chief who snored during a palace function is not only disrespectful to the monarchy but also speaks volumes about his leadership quality.


Heck, not only he couldn’t clarify whether he possess a SRP or SPM certification, he also tried beating around the bush by claiming he was actually appreciating Kedah monarchy speechwith both eyes closed (*grin*). His intelligence was put to test when he further claimed the video clip was edited, despite the fact that it shows him in slumberland for an entire 36-seconds.



Essentially, people would perceive Najib as an ungrateful bully who took a lollipop from a boy whose father he couldn’t defeat in the triple scandals – 1MDB, RM2.6 billion “donation” and RM42 million irregular fund transfers. Most importantly, Najib is pushing Mahathir, an old lion who ruled for 22-year, to the wall of no return but maximum retaliation.


Kedah may not be a super-duper state but it commands 15 parliamentary seats, which is extremely important to Najib’s Barisan Nasional coalition. Like Johor, Kedah could fall to the opposition, especially PAS, if Kedahan thinks Mukhriz has been victimized. Perhaps Najib thought that’s not too bad after all because PAS’ President Hadi Awang is his playmate.

Mukhriz Mahathir and Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad - Uncle Najib Took Lollipop

But what if Mahathir takes the role leading all the opposition parties, for real? Mahathir is still influential among rural ethnic-Malay. So far, he hasn’t campaign against Najib administration at the election level. On the positive note, people who felt oppressed and suppressed by Mahathir regime can now say – karma is a bitch – and Mahathir deserves what happened to his son.


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poor chap

you’re still nursing that AXE TO GRIND!!

your ‘facts’ are twisted to paint an ugly side to Tun

so enjoy your toxic indulgence and stay healthy


Haha.. in a way Mahatiu is tasting his own medicine..

During his 22 years of dictatorship, he consistently weaken the built in check and balance founded by our forefathers and concentrated almost absolutely power in hids hand,hece making the prime minister of the day the most powerful man in the country.

Finally Mahatiu is defeated and humiliated by Najib and Rosie.

Really can’t say I sympathize with the old fox and the bald bloke

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