Promotion!! – Prime Minister Najib Razak Is Now “Emperor” Najib Razak

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Dec 04 2015
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All the predictions and statements by pro-Najib bloggers about the Malaysian prime minister’s bravery haven’t materialized. It’s true that it’s extremely hard to force Najib son of Razak into early retirement, thanks to former premier Mahathir who had fortified the position before he retired in 2003.

Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor - Sitting

Najib, his advisers and his band of bloggers knew that as long as FLOM Rosmah Mansor hasn’t gotten herself boring with Putrajaya, nobody can boot them out. What Najib and Rosmah needed to do is to play dumb and pretended everybody loves them, the same way President Barack Hussein Obama did. And they have been doing that marvellously.


It’s easier said than done though, because not everyone possesses such skills and elements – thick skinned and shameless. But this is a game of politics that comes with mouth watering perks – RM42 billion mismanagement in the form of 1MDB scandal and RM2.6 billion in the form of private donation money, just to name a few.

1MDB Najib 700 Million Donation - Obama and Staffs Laugh At Arab Morons

People would willing to kill and sell their daughters for a million bucks, let alone billions of dollars, so for Najib to pocket this retirement fund in exchange for being thick-skinned and shameless is a small price to pay for. But what Najib, his advisers and his band of bloggers cannot take is the label that the prime minister is a “coward”.


You can call Hitler thick-skinned or Obama shameless but to call them a coward is an insult to the highest degree. And Najib is no exception. To be called a coward is an insult worse than being called a eunuch. Of course, Najib is no eunuch because together with Rosmah, they still play marbles once every blue moon (*grin*).

Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor - Thumb Down

With few tools left to force a thick-skinned and shameless Najib to resign, Mahathir’s mouthpieceformer News Straits Times group editor-in-chief Kadir Jasin – has chosen to personally insult the son of Razak, by telling all and sundry that he has never seen the prime minister this “afraid” in his entire life, essentially calling Najib a bloody coward.


But isn’t it a well known fact that 30 million Malaysians and 7 billion world population know that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is a freaking coward? From MH370 to #Nothing2Hide to IACC conference to RM2.6 billion explanation in the Parliament, he never once found his courage to confront the issues heads on.

16th International Anti-Corruption Conference IACC - Question From Jose Ugaz - Najib Worry Inset

Ahh, what happens to the band of bloggers who claimed Najib critics would be reduced to licking their wounds once the self-proclaimed brave Bugis warrior reveals the RM2.6 billion private donation scandal in the Parliament? He skipped Parliament out of fear and asked his deputy gangster to tell lawmakers the government will not make any statements.


It seems that Najib administration has found a new way to stop people from calling their prime minister a coward, literally speaking. His domination in the Parliament allows the National Security Council (NSC) bill to be bulldozed and passed with 107 votes in favour versus 77 votes against. Essentially, NSC empowers the already powerful prime minister to become even more powerful.

Agong and Najib - Who is more Powerful

NSC gives powers to the council headed by Najib Razak to arrest anyone without a warrant once an area is declared a security area. It’s exactly like how French President François Hollande requested from the France Parliament for a 3-month extension for a state of emergency following the Paris attacks so that the terrorists can be hunted without a warrant.


But there isn’t any terrorist attack to begin with in Malaysia. Hence, to grant PM Najib Razak with such an unlimited power is beyond comprehension. It’s also safe to presume that his cousin, Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, was cooking up fairy tales about ISIS wanted to kidnap him. The intention was to justify the creation of an authoritarian government through NSC.

Hishammuddin Hussein - ISIS ISIL Islamic State Target List

What this means is Najib Razak is promoting himself from prime minister to “Emperor”, more powerful than the existing 9 Sultans and even the Agong (King) combined. In 1983, former premier Mahathir had tried his luck at amendments on Article 150 so that the power to proclaim an emergency is transferred to the hands of the Prime Minister instead of the Agong.


After much confrontation and displeasure shown by the monarch, the Agong maintained his power of proclaiming an emergency but was required to act on the advice of the Cabinet before declaring an emergency. But now with the NSC tool in the hands of Najib Razak, he has essentially taken away the power to proclaim an emergency from the Agong.

Emperor Najib Razak

Article 150 has been rebranded as NSC. Cheekily speaking, if anyone, for example opposition MP Nurul Izzah, dares to call Najib a coward then the Emperor can declare Lembah Pantai a security area and gets the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim arrested without a warrant, if he chooses to. NSC is the most deadly toy dictator Hitler would love to have, and now Najib owns it.


The burning question is – does Agong (King) or 9 Sultans realized that their power has been robbed and taken away, quietly? But the most disturbing issue with NSC is the fact that Emperor Najib Razak can maintain his regime even if his Barisan Nasional coalition wins only 1 (one) parliamentary seat in the next 14th general election, theoretically speaking.

NSC National Security Council - Authoritarian Law to Arrest Demonstrators and Calling Najib Coward

Assuming the parliamentary seats remain at 222 seats and he lost 99%, Emperor Najib can declare all the 221 seats (minus his own Pekan seat) as security area so all the opposition members who won in the next election can be arrested without a warrant. Wait a minute, isn’t that equivalent to a state of emergency? Yeap, it is because Emperor Najib is now in possession of such power, and can abuse it whenever he likes.


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Najib being a dictator was a foregone decision even when he was a DPM waiting to get into the PM throne.


What better way than to borrow PR MB (planted wolf in a sheep’s skin) to bury Pakatan’s march to PutraJaya. Most political analysts underestimated “weak” Najib. Najib might be weak and never had to put in a hard’s day work in his whole life. But he is surrounded by evil scheming advisers on loan from his Zionist Rothschild Godfather. The way to destroy PR is from within. UMNO thugs will distract from without and buy time for the infiltrators to destroy from within. With PR’s MB Khalid acting more and more like Najib’s UMNO henchman, in no time will the people’s support for PR be eroded away. Why vote PR when the pro-crony business policy is the same as UMNO’s?

But there is a more important reason why MB Khalid is shamelessly acting like a Najib’s puppet even in public. It is Operation Malaysia Hilang (Operation Malaysia Disappear). Mahathir had his OPS Lalang to consolidate his power since becoming PM.

Najib’s advisers also advised Najib to have a similar ISA (Internal Security Act) operation to round up all of his opponents including those in his own UMNO party. That would include former PM Mahathir and his supporters too. It is no secret Mahathir would want to see his son (Mukriz), currently the MB of Kedah, next in line for the PM throne before leaving this world. So either Najib ends up as a 1 term lame duck PM or he has to put an end to all these internal party bickering for power.

But Najib is no political strongman or maverick like Mahathir. His politically ambitious wife (Rosmah) too would not let Najib fade away like his predecessor, Badawi. In Sun Tzu’s Art of War, being weak is no excuse for losing the war. You can always borrow the opponent’s sword (literally) to kill or to win. Thus the plan (Ops Malaysia Hilang) was hatched as early as 2008; soon after the united opposition PR (under Anwar’s charismatic leadership) scored unprecedented election upset dubbed 308 Political Tsunami in the 12th general election.

Now you know why MH370 was not an accident or pilot suicide mission but a well planned orchestrated plot (borrowing US-Zionist expertise) to launch Najib’s OPS Malaysia Hilang and his dream of setting up his own dynasty; NajibRosmalsia.

Malaysia (a flawed federation of 13 states) is literally lost (wiped out). Thus, fulfilling the prophesy that Najib would be the last PM of Malaysia. The last letter N as in the 1st PM name, RAHMAN.


Let me get straight to the point: the National Security Council Bill 2015 tabled in Parliament yesterday is nothing less than a prelude to dictatorship, the final step in the ‘Zimbabweization’ of Malaysia.

The bill, now being rushed through parliament with unholy haste, is so patently and blatantly undemocratic in its intent that it staggers the imagination that any government in this day and age would even contemplate it. It is a new low from a government that has consistently and increasingly disregarded the spirit of our constitution and trampled upon the rights of the people with callousness and impunity in order to cling to power.

The bill creates, in effect, a police state wherein the government and its agents are empowered, in the name of national security, to do anything they want with total impunity and without regard to constitutional constraints and obligations.

And this from a government that has already amassed more power than any previous government. Today, the executive has untrammelled powers over almost every aspect of national life especially given the erosion of traditional checks and balances. Our citizens have never been more at the mercy of the executive, never been more vulnerable, more exposed, more intimidated.

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