Launched!! – US$10,000 Apple Watch, But Why Do You Need It?

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Mar 10 2015
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When Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone in 2007, everyone was crazy and wanted a piece of it. Understandable, it was an iPod, phone and internet glued together into one. Later, when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad in 2010, everyone was equally crazy and wanted a piece of it. Understandable, it was a device acting between a phone and a computer, perfect for watching movies, reading and digesting general information.

Apple Watch - on display table

During the just concluded March 9 “Spring Forward” event, CEO Tim Cook launched the first Apple Watch, but not everyone was impress with the highly anticipated wearable device, at least not the investors. Apple shares didn’t skyrocket. People couldn’t understand why they need a super-mini iPhone on your wrist that costs between US$349 to US$10,000 (£231 to £6,625; RM1,287 to RM36,893).


Available in silver or space gray, with a casing made of aluminium, the Apple Watch Sport starts at US$349 for the small 38mm size and US$399 for slightly bigger screen 42mm. The “regular” Apple Watch, with a stainless-steel casing, will range from US$549 to US$1,049 for the 38mm size, and US$599 to US$1,099 for 42mm. The Apple Watch Edition, with a casing made of 18-karat solid gold, starts at US$10,000.

Apple Watch - pay with Apple Pay

At such high prices, it seems nothing short of coffee making functionality would justify owning an Apple Watch. Okay, it can’t make coffee, not yet, but it does allow you to pay for coffee via Apple Pay. The watch also can vibrate to notify you of a call or text or notification, checking your heart rate and your calendar, tracking your exercise with a fitness component, executing commands like creating reminders by talking to it, and others.


Heck, we still don’t buy the idea. At the most, Apple Watch is just another piece of expensive jewellery that acts as the middle man between you and your iPhone. It adds a little convenience so that you don’t have to flip your iPhone for every single task. Sure, you do save a couple of seconds here and there, but hey, since humankind has evolved to a new species who can drive and flick smartphone at the same time, who cares about it?

Apple Watch - multiple straps colours and interfaces

Okay, we may be labelled as small thinking people who couldn’t see the big thing, and this Apple Watch is the pioneer gadget for a Star-Trek Wearable Communicator. Just think about it, your kids may not need to burn the midnight oil to get distinctions because they can be fed with all the examination answers wearing Apple Watch (*grin*). Well, perhaps we would rather get a Rolex for the time being.

Apple Watch - interfaces 1

Still confuse about the needs for such an expensive gadget? Imagine this Apple Watch as the start-stop button in your car’s keyless system. With the button, you enjoy the convenience of not having to use the traditional mechanical keys, thus saving you some time, literally speaking. In short, Apple Watch qualifies itself as a “Want” rather than a “Need” piece of device.

Apple Watch - interfaces 2

On the other hand, you should get this latest gadget if all you want is to play music, unlock doors, fitness tracking, alarm and notification, and of course – to look cool. Also, you should take note that the battery lasts all day, an Apple’s definition to mean 18 hours with the following use: 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, and a 30-minute workout with music playback from Apple Watch via Bluetooth.

Apple Watch - interfaces 3

However, the Apple Watch should sell well into the luxury market segment, especially the 18-karat solid gold version. What better way to show off one’s wealth than wearing this watch, never mind it would obsolete every year? For the techie but with less money to burn, they would probably scramble for a piece of the cheaper models. Apple should be able to sell more than 5 million units, the figure sold by Samsung and Motorola last year.

Apple Watch - as fashion items wearable

Seriously, considering that this is the first generation of Apple Watch, perhaps it’s wise to stay away from it. Let the suckers or guinea pigs pay their tuition fees while you watch from sideline. The second generation should be less than 12-months away, going by iPhone’s versioning convention. But who are we to stop you from splashing your hard earned money to look cool and hot, right?


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