Ferrari Designer Unveils 7-Star Penthouse On Railways

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Jul 06 2014
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Last month, Japan JR East railways together with Ferrari designer, Ken Okuyama, revealed its revolutionary seven-star super-luxury train blueprint. The new luxury sleeper train, the “cruise train,” will begin carrying passengers across Japan as early as Spring of 2017. JR East is expected to spend 5 billion yen (about US$50 million, £29 million, RM159 million)  to create the train.

Ferrari Designer and Japan Seven-Star Train -  Cruise Train

Ferrari Designer and Japan Seven-Star Train - Ten CarriagesThe luxury train will be run on EDC system, allowing it to run on both electric and non-electric rails. Since the train can only accomodate max capacity of 34 passengers, it would certainly be exclusive and pricey for interested parties. The whole design will have 10 carriages, including two observation areas, to be built with glass walls so that passengers can enjoy the landscape while relaxing inside the train.

Ferrari Designer and Japan Seven-Star Train -  View with Glass War - Day and Night

It was as if yesterday when JR East introduced its 200 mph (321 km/h) sleeper train with an open deck, while passengers will be able to breathe in the fresh air. Just like this earlier train introduced, the last train designed by Okuyama will be another Nanatsuboshi (Seven Stars) – the target customers are recently retired people with money and time on their hands.

Ferrari Designer and Japan Seven-Star Train -  Relax and Restaurant

This latest “cruise train” will be colored in champagne gold, passengers are expected to do a lot of relaxing on comfortable, sofa-style seating. One of the awesome feature is a two-storey deluxe suite car, complete with two beds on the lower floor, a private bathroom, and a lounge area upstairs. This is like a Penthouse on the railways.

Ferrari Designer and Japan Seven-Star Train -   two-storey deluxe suiteFerrari Designer and Japan Seven-Star Train -  Rest Area

There’s no indication on pricing yet, but considering that each hyper-exclusive outing will only carry 34 passengers in total at a time, you don’t have to be Einstein to tell that tickets will be astronomically priced and almost entirely out of the reach of normal folks. Still, it’s 3 years away so JR East could change the business model and make this “cruise train” more affordable, which means more carriages.

Ferrari Designer and Japan Seven-Star Train -  Restaurant

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