Still steamy hot with fuel hike? Why not kick Badawi’s arse?

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Jun 08 2008
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Don’t you hate Monday? It’s not end of the month so there’s no reason to celebrate. If you didn’t manage to squeeze some drops into your tank last week, chances are you already felt the pain of pouring extra 40 percent for the fuel by now. But seriously do you think this time around people will take to the street in a big wave or at least the same crowd as previous Bersih rally? I doubt so.

The oppositions have captured five states and there’re enough foods on the plates for them. In other words, they would be pretty “occupied” with their busy schedule to think of a demonstration. It’s not like before the 12th general election whereby they’ve nothing to loose and everything to gain, not to mention the time they have in co-ordinating and organizing such event. Anwar claimed the defections plan will proceed as planned (Malaysiakini reported) and if you still believe his trumpet, it doesn’t worth the risk of a demonstration that would lead to nowhere but could turn the table in favor of PM Badawi to declare an emergency with absolute rule?

This recent fuel hike could be Badawi’s bait to create havoc. It could a bait to lure the traitors out of the cave to speed-up the cross-over of BN’s MP to oppositions. It could be a bait to see who’re against him within UMNO itself. It could be just another attempt to test the water before going for higher fuel hike. Heck it could be thousands of possibilities but it sure was an ingenius plan as Badawi would not lose anything. So what if you call him Bodowi, Sleepy-head, Father of Destruction, Stupidwi etc as long as he can accumulate billions of dollars with a sudden announcement that caught even Shahrir Samad offguard for his next mission / plan? If you didn’t know, Shahrir had just announced that the fuel price of RM2.70 will remains until next year 2009, that’s if you’re lucky that global oil prices will not go beyond $200 a barrel and his boss Badawi doesn’t flip-flop again.

As for the poor people on the street, they have no choice but to bite the bullet and change their lifestyle (again?). Of course you heard that they might need to change to cycling to work instead of driving but it was really a joke. It was just an expression of frustration. Being pampered and with no sight of improvement in public transportation, they just have to eat less and buy less. And for these people to change their travelling mode from car to motorcycle or from motorcycle to bicycle would be extreamely hard. To think of the possibility of becoming snatch-thief’s next victim would force many women drivers to maintain status quo.

Of course Malaysians being Malaysians are never out of creativity. They cursed and whined a while of the fuel hike and then discussed with great length on how to “cheat” the RM625 rebate such as to buy a damn a cheap car, leave it to rot but keep claiming for the annual money. Well, first of all the rebate is a one-off thing and the flip-flop government will most likely change the rules of the game sooner than you can blink your eyes. So it would not be wise to rush out there to buy an old car fit only to be used as chicken-den and start claiming. Anyway, in case you’ve not fully release your steam, here’s how you can kick Abdullah Badawi’s arse. Hope this will lighten up your Monday blues. Tell the whole world how you enjoyed kicking (your score) Badawi’s arse at the comment section.

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