Bad News for You and Good News for Me

First the bad news! You’re just inches away from having to pay the biggest quantum of fuel hike next year (I said next year because it would be silly for the Malaysia government to increase the rate this year), probably after general election. At the same time the government is just inches from an [...]

Change in plan for Google, going for “Top Greed”

Google Inc. stock was trading in a very narrow range and for the most of the morning session it was trying to breach the $632 resistance. It managed to do so at 1:45pm trading time (as of writing). So some crazy ideas pop-up into my brain and I’ve decided to let my little GOOG Nov 570 Call Options [...]

Fuel Price Hike of 90 cents to RM2.82 a liter next year?

Oil prices dominated most of the businesses, stocks and economies discussion lately. Due to the fact that the fuel prices affect our daily life, we simply cannot ignore its impact no matter how hard we try. One of my friends who bought a brand new BMW 3-Series recently somehow didn’t looks happy a [...]

Multiple loans mushrooming from subprime crisis

When the subprime crisis exploded, the U.S. largest mortgage lender, Countrywide Financial Corp was perhaps the most talked about company after Merrill Lynch analyst ticked off the possibility of a bankruptcy. And now The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the obvious insider-tradin [...]

Web applications require Citrix’s performance

It appears both Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) and Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) behave very well in the morning trading session today. So I’ll just let it trade whichever direction it wish to. As blogged earlier, Google is expected to announce its earning tomorrow, Thursday 18th Oct 200 [...]

Little Secret in Making Money trading GOOGLE

StockTube has been bashing Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO, stock) whenever the opportunity presents itself in favor of Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock). While you might see me as a mean-creature just short of sexually abuse both Jerry Yang and David Filo, in contrast my intention was for “Yahoo’s own [...]

Google and Apple stocks, my money making machine

Google Inc. might have breached the $600 level and currently floating comfortably above this level but the stock’s vulnerability has increased with the current market pulses. If Dow Jones keeps on dropping as if there’s no tomorrow, sooner rather than later the stock price will follows. Even tho [...]

The first Airbus A380 for Singapore Airlines

In early Monday morning trade, New York's main oil futures contract, light sweet crude for delivery in November, was 16 cents higher than the US$86.13 a barrel amid mounting tension between Turkey and Kurdish rebels in Iraq. This is a bad news for airlines which are stupid enough not to hedge their [...]

Six more months of good time before Election?

Now that the Muslim festival, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, has entered its third or final day before the stock market re-open tomorrow, the shift has been on the sustainability of the bull which could see the charges gaining momentum towards the year-end window dressing. After that you have the Chinese Lun [...]

Would you like to make 100 percent Trading Stocks?

Vincent Tan’s Berjaya Corporation Berhad (KLSE: BJCORP, stock-code 3395) has attracted punters and speculators for the last 2 weeks with great interest. The stock price more than doubled since end of September 2007 when the stock breached the resistance level of RM0.52 confidently and never look b [...]


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