Mahathir’s Racist Agenda – Dynasty’s Survival Series

Mahathirism is set to come back and it will be back with vengeance. The old former dictator has enough of the so-called retirement. There’s much work to be done to ensure his dynasty continues to prosper and take over the throne after Najib Razak completed his premiership as to the R.A.H.M.A.N pol [...]

IBM’s $7 billion for SUN – A Happy Marriage

Sun Microsystems used to be the darling stock during the dot-com boom. The company was the “dot” that connects everybody in the internet, so goes the saying. And IBM used to make jokes about this marketing statement – Sun was just a little dot, so why bother? But IBM can afford to be arrogant [...]

EPF’s 4.5% Dividend – Your Cheese Eaten by ValueCap?

Nobody likes to hear that their hard-earned money “invested” in EPF is earning pathetic dividend. I mentioned the word invested because your money was “forced” out from your pocket before you can even smell the aroma of the money and both of you (money and you) were cruelly separated on the [...]

Sucker’s Rally and Sucker’s Advice

People are confuse and can’t think straight. The game is pretty simple, just like the “Big or Small” game on the gambling table in Genting Highland Casino you either place your bet on “Big” or Small”. Nope, there’re no “Odd”, “Even”, “Specific Triples” or other combinations [...]

Hey Mr. PM Badawi, I have an Apple iPhone too

Apple iPhone is finally here. It’s a must-have gadget especially if you’re looking for the coolest device to brag around. And it’s a perfect gift for your love one. Who could resist this gadget that is loaded with the most innovative technology and tons of applications? Heck, even the sleepy o [...]

Mini-Budget or Major-Leakage? Where’re the Goodies?

Najib Razak who will become Malaysia’s sixth Prime Minister in less than a month has revealed the much talked about mini-budget today. Make no mistake about it because going by the quantum of the budget it’s more like a major-budget instead of a mini-budget – a whopping RM60 billion to be spen [...]

Eyes on Stimulus Plan – Can Najib do the Magic?

Economists at the World Bank predicted that the global economy will shrink for the first time since World War II with trades at its lowest in 80 years. You may not like it but it seems this Great Recession that we’re riding on is going to be the longest since World War II, making the 1981-82 and 1 [...]

Citi Stock at $1 a share – Cool; Right Issues – Boo

Who would have thought that the mighty Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C, stock) could become a penny stock one day? It was unthinkable as the American brand was once the most powerful bank on the planet earth and to flash your Citibank Credit Card was a privilege that Mr. Bean would not get tired of. Citigro [...]

Great Recession’s Scope is Deep and Broad

Like it or not we may be entering the Great Recession without us realizing it and only time will tell if we’re indeed walking into the history. So how does it feels or just how comprehensive is this so-called Great Recession? In reality unless you’re in the manufacturing or other vulnerable sect [...]

We don’t live on trees. We conduct Assembly under the tree

Two scariest (or rather amazing) things are to be remembered as we entered the month of Mar 2009. First – the Dow Jones Industrial Average has finally breached the 7,000-level when it closed at 6,763.29; a loss of almost 300 points. The Dow hadn’t traded below 7,000 since Oct. 28 1997 – 11 yea [...]


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