Windfall Tax – Punishment or Desperation for Money?

It’s funny that the brother of deputy Prime Minister expressed his pessimism of the country’s economy so much so that he urged the government to review the windfall tax imposed on independent power producers (IPPs). Huh? The CEO of CIMB group is protecting the IPPs who are making tons of money b [...]

Candies for Najib, Badawi’s tactical move to stay longer

Strangely I couldn’t claim my RM625 rebate on the 1st July 2008 even though I’ve renewed my road-tax and insurance about two weeks before the expiry at the end of June. I was told that some processing need to be done before they can hand-over my money and it would take about four working days. S [...]

Dow Jones gained but VMware founder booted

Dow Jones industrials gained more than 150 points as the oil prices tumbled more than nine bucks for two days of trading alone. Phew! I thought the oil prices will shoot up to $200 as what some experts predicted. But hey, this is not the end of the story yet – just like stock or option trading, co [...]

Bear the Responsibility? Walk the Talk, KLSE

So, the rumors of troubles ahead of last Sunday’s “One Million People Protest Rally” organised by the Opposition in Petaling Jaya is just a rumor. Maybe the poor turnout as what the deputy PM Najib proclaimed helped to contain the situation but nevertheless the spectators were given free “bu [...]

A week full of Tensions, Rumors, Sex and Lies

In times of uncertainty rumors fly as fast as those spirits released from the underworld as per-according to Chinese Ghost Day which traditionally falls on the thirteenth day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar. I’ve lost count of the number of calls I received last Friday reminding me to s [...]

Stock Exchange down, CEO lies about computer glitch?

Frustration and cursing were all over the day when the local stock exchange, Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE), was down for the day – the worst in the exchange’s history. Initially Bursa Malaysia Securities said trading would be suspended for at least the morning trading session from 9am to 12 [...]

Another yardstick on Economic’s Health – Starbucks

When I tried my first sip on that RM10.00 or US$3.00 “Ice Blended Mocha” from Coffee Bean more than 10-years ago, I was hooked. It was a trend back then to have a cup of those dark brews at least once a week but I was basically almost had it everyday. When Starbucks arrived thanks to tycoon Vinc [...]

More plans for 3G iPhone from AT&T, costlier service

Many people outside of U.S. can’t wait for the iPhone to reach their shores and ended up cracking or unlocking the phone so that the cool gadget could work with their local telco. U.S. residents meanwhile criticized Apple Inc. and AT&T because the two-year contract requirement with AT&T ac [...]

External and internal factors point to gloomy economy

While it’s entertaining and exciting to read the spectacular development in Malaysian politic with the latest twist of which the former Deputy Prime Minister was accused of sodomy “again”, you got to pay a little attention to the global economy because if it’s going to slow down continuously [...]

Holy Cow! The Sodomee-Sodomite is back, lazy CopyCat

What’s your chance of winning the lottery or to make it more mind-boggling – the chance of winning it twice? If you ask former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, he will gladly tell you that it was as easy as snapping your fingers. Yes, history repeats itself and it appeared Anwar’s strange [...]


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