Can Proton just make up its mind on the partnership?

Less than a month since ailing Malaysian carmaker Proton Holdings Bhd (KLSE: PROTON, stock-code 5304) abruptly called off any negotiation with both Germany's Volkswagen (FRA: VOW) and US-based General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM, stock), the reason begun to appears although it’s still hard to determine [...]
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Jim is still the Mad Cramer, make no mistake about it

There’re not many crazy stock investors or traders around, at least not that FinanceTwitter is aware of. However when you have someone as crazy and mad as Jim Cramer you just got to be both flabbergasted and thrilled. If you’ve been trading for a while in the US stock markets chances are you sho [...]
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RHB Bank to be Sold Again, EPF to make good money

Money from Middle East is basically screaming to be flushed elsewhere. While the US dollar is flushing down the toilet, Middle East’s fortune is looking into, well, Islamic countries to be flushed. One of the countries that attracted these hot monies is Malaysia, not a hard thing to understand sin [...]
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2008 Election Polls – USA and Malaysia

Does financial or stock markets related to politic in one way or another? It’s no brainer that the answer is an obvious “Yes”. A government that is unstable, lack of transparency, policies that forever changes, weak and poor governance, bias and so on could only scare off potential investors ( [...]
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What to do during US Economy Slowdown?

Just what was Ben Bernanke and company was thinking that it kept cutting the interest rate (the recent being the 25 basis points on 11th Dec 2007) to satisfy the investors and economists? Didn’t the sight of cheaper dollar scare the shit out of Ben to cut it further? How about inflation? Could the [...]
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ISA-Mania, can you smell what Badawi’s cooking?

Before the 8 million Malaysian viewers happily paid, despite the forever-long advertisements, for Astro’s channels, people in Malaysia relied on VCR (video cassette recorders) for entertainment. Those were the days when Malaysians, regardless of their race would grab a seat and order a glass of [...]
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IOI building muscle to become Stronger and Bigger

Although it wasn’t published officially the people around the palm oil industry knew what awaken the plantation sector. It used to be one of the most boring sectors and the related stocks’ movement could out you to sleep. It started with the Super-Merger that saw the merger of Kumpulan Guthrie B [...]
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Stocks Threw the Punches – Cut or No Cut

FOMC’s announcement at 2:16 ET Tuesday that the Fed decided to cut the rates by 25 basis points to 4.25% didn’t go well with stocks investors. The Dow, Nasdaq and S&P plunged 344, 83 and 46 points, respectively. The sell-off was expected since the investors appetite was for 50 basis points c [...]
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Investing Gold Bullion 24 hours a day at BullionVault

Since thousands of years ago gold has been the most reliable currency or valuable metals human ever used, even until today. During past revolutions when paper money was dumped as the values drops into the toilet, gold’s value remained or even escalated. Even now when U.S. dollar depreciates, inves [...]
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Why I don’t trade Apple-C1 shares?

OSK Investment Bank really knows how to pick the stock especially when comes to list call warrants (CW) of American stocks. After listed Google Inc.’s (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) call warrant (GOOGLE-C1) recently, today it’s listing Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) Call Warrant as APPLE-C1 (stock- [...]
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