Possible Tsunami after 8.4 magnitude earthquake

CNN reported that at least three people are dead in Sumatra as a result of an 8.4-magnitude earthquake that shook buildings across Indonesia and sparked widespread panic earlier today. A small tsunami was detected in Padang, on Sumatra - several hundred miles northeast of the epicenter, measured abo [...]

Volkswagen sets to Control PROTON, in 5-years?

The old unsolved problems pop-up again, and this time Germany's Volkswagen (FRA: VOW) was reportedly wants to take 20% stake initially in Malaysian loss-making car-maker Proton Holdings Bhd (KLSE: PROTON, stock-code 5304). Volkswagen also wants to be able to raise its share to majority stake of 50% [...]

Stock Markets – the game of Feeling, Perception and Hope

Traders had been hoping the Fed chairman, Bernanke, would give some indications during his speech to the Bundesbank, the German central bank, yesterday about the Fed’s next move. Not only Bernanke avoided the topic of interest rate, he instead talked about something else – the need for countries [...]

EPF withdrawal to Reduce Housing Loan Clarified

One of the grey areas has been clarified by the authorities regarding the mechanism on the EPF monthly withdrawal for reducing housing loans initiative proposed during last Friday’s 2008 Malaysia Budget. Today it was clarified that the said withdrawal will be credited directly into the contributor [...]

9/11 – Two Towers Crashed; 9/08 – Two Civilians Shot

Relatives of Sept. 11 victims bowed their heads in silence on Tuesday to mark the moments exactly six years earlier when hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field. A memorial honoring Flight 93's 40 passengers and crew began at 9:45 a.m., shortly befo [...]

Stock-brokerage fees debate – a Win-Win solution

Some retail investors are unhappy over the higher costs in investing in stocks after the minimum brokerage charges are increased by about 233% to RM40 per transaction from the current RM12 effective 1st Jan 2008. Local news provider theStar also reported that the increase would have a significant im [...]

Who’s the New Buyer for 12% stake in DIGI.com?

It appears the Norway’s Telenor ASA (OSL: TEL) will have no choice but to follow a Government directive to cut its stake in mobile phone operator DIGI.com Berhad (DIGI : stock-code 6947) by the end of the year. Energy, Water and Communications Minister Lim Keng Yaik said that the company would not [...]

Warren Buffett on Housing Crisis and Presidency

Just what does the legendary investor Warren Buffett thinks of the current real estate or housing crisis in U.S.? Is it for real? Are consumer still spending? As far as politic is concern, Warren doesn't support either Clinton or Obama but the chairman of the most expensive listed company, Berkshire [...]

Red Blood Everywhere – Stock Market and Social Clash

As expected, Malaysia Stock Market nose-dives in early trading on Monday taking the cue from last Friday’s Dow Jones almost 250 points losses. Couple with uninteresting budget revealed last Friday by Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi, investors couldn’t find any reason to buy in big ways. Mostly ar [...]

Malaysia 2008 Budget Rumbling

As usual, after Malaysia Prime Minister Abdullah finished his 2008’s Budget speech last Friday (after heavy coughs in between), you can bet your last penny all the cabinet members will praise how great the budget was. All the ministers never fail to amuze me and perhaps everyone on the street, as [...]


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