Congrats Najib, You’ve Just Lost Johor & Inches From Fulfilling “RAHMAN” Prophecy

Desperate times call for desperate measures. By sacking his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin, PM Najib the son of Razak is practically telling all and sundry that he’s a very desperate man. And a desperate man is a very dangerous man, not because he would run amok like the mobile phone thieves at Low Yat recently, but […]

... written on Jul 30 2015

Move Over Obama, There’s A New Most Powerful Man On Planet Earth

Many think the President of the United States (POTUS) is the most powerful man in the world. That may be true right after the Allied Forces won the World War II and the US became the world superpower. By virtue of the POTUS being the commander-in-chief, the president can authorize a nuclear attack by a […]

... written on Jul 29 2015

The End Of Racist Muhyiddin, The Rise Of Thuggish Zahid?

The Edge has been slapped with 3-months suspension, effective this week. The Home Ministry, headed by Zahid Hamidi, has given 3 reasons to justify the punishment. First, the reports on 1MDB scandal have created negative perceptions. Second, the published news was based on unverified information. Third, it was inappropriate to report on 1MDB since the […]

... written on Jul 28 2015

Forget About Nuclear Deal – Iranians Want iPhone & McDonald’s

In the eyes of Tehran, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry were nothing but rhetoric empty vessels that have been bringing nothing but shames to the Americans. Clearly, Obama administration is considered the worst president the country has ever produced, for as long as Americans can remember.   Nobody believes Iran would […]

... written on Jul 26 2015

NASA Finds Earth 2.0 – An $800 Million Mission Which Challenges God’s Existence?

On Thursday, NASA announced the spectacular discovery of Kepler-452b, an exoplanet that’s a “close cousin” to Earth. It’s called “exoplanet” because it orbits a star outside the solar system that we’ve known, namely the Sun. So, this Earth 2.0 revolves around its own Sun 2.0, literally speaking.   In other words, if Darth Vader and […]

... written on Jul 24 2015

Here’s Why Najib Is “TOAST”, Even If The RM2.62 Billion Was A Donation

The boring and predictable scripts are all over the place. When caught with their hands in the cookie jar, corrupted UMNO politicians would simply rubbish them. Then they will create some issues to divert the attention, preferably with racial elements in the storyline. Of course, they will never forget to intimidate, threaten and harass the […]

... written on Jul 22 2015

A Comic Way To Understand The 1MDB Feud Between Godfather & Emperor

Advertising and propaganda wizard Lim Kok Wing has reportedly ended his special mission as Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s public campaign coordinator. If it’s true, then this could easily be Mr Lim’s shortest contract job with the government, not to mention one with a huge failure, although we’re not sure if he would get paid in […]

... written on Jul 21 2015

China vs Hong Kong Rivalry – These 22 “Naughty” Graphics Tell All

Hong Kong returned to China on July 1, 1997. Time flies and it’s been 18-years since the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from United Kingdom to China. Also known as the “Handover”, Britons remembered the occasion as how Mrs Thatcher lost Hong Kong. Needless to say, Hong Kong people opposed the “transfer” of ownership. […]

... written on Jul 08 2015

ISIS Provides Example How To Chop Off A Hand, Just Like What PAS Wants

How long do we need to wait before Hadi Awang and his conservative minions from PAS can show they actually have dignity and are indeed the most spiritual and pious Muslims in Malaysia? Sure, we know what game they’re playing here. They provoke DAP everyday, hoping to be sacked. That’s why they do not want […]

... written on Jun 18 2015

Meet Helan Abdulla, The “Kurdish Shakira” Who Fights ISIS With Pop Song

After the first UAE female top gun – Major Mariam – took to the sky bombing the barbarian ISIS, denying the fake jihadists of their supposedly 72 virgins reward in heaven, another woman is taking to the sky for the same purpose. But instead of flying F-16 fighter, this woman is using cyberspace to fight […]

... written on Jun 15 2015

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