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Here’re Insider Reasons Why Malaysia Airlines Bailout Will Not Work

Finally, Malaysia’s national carrier which was founded in 1946 (then known as Malayan Airways) and later commenced operation as Malaysia Airlines System in 1972, dies a natural death. Well, that’s a polite way to bid farewell to the 68-year-old airline. In reality, Malaysian Airlines System (KLSE: MAS, stock-code 3786) or popularly known as MAS was […]

... written on Aug 12 2014

Pakatan Rakyat May Not Last till 14th General Election

Today, May 13th 2013, is a day that every Malaysian should remember. Approximately 44 years ago, racial riots happened hence the infamous May 13th 1969 black chapter in the country’s history. Nope, you shouldn’t remember the May 13th that happened 44 years ago but rather the May 13th that happens 44 years later, which is […]

... written on May 13 2013

After Exit TMC, Dr. Colin Lee Set-Up New Fertility Center

Dr. Colin Lee Soon Soo, the founder and former managing director of TMC Life Sciences Bhd (KLSE: TMCLIFE, stock-code 0101) has set up his own new fertility center after sold all his 120.4 million shares (at RM0.52 a share) in TMC to Singapore billionaire Peter Lim Eng Hock. This is an expected move since he […]

... written on Jul 30 2011

Microsoft-Skype Deal – 7 Reasons The Sucker Did It

Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, agreed to pay $8.5 billion cash for Luxembourg-based Skype. That was cool because both Google and Facebook were trying to acquire Skype as well. But Google doesn’t really need Skype because it has its own Google Voice. As much as Facebook would like to add Skype into its inventory, […]

... written on May 11 2011

Another Mega-Merger, Deutsche Boerse to Acquire NYSE

Germany’s Deutsche Boerse AG, the company that owns and runs Frankfurt stock exchange, could soon take over the American’s New York Stock Exchange. NYSE Euronext Inc., which also operates exchanges in Europe, said it is in “advanced discussions” about a possible merger with Deutsche Boerse. The merger would create the world’s largest trading powerhouse with […]

... written on Feb 10 2011

SGX and ASX $8.4 Bilion Merger – A New Powerhouse

Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and Australia’s stock exchange operator, ASX Ltd, have agreed to a $8.4 billion merger to create the fifth-largest listed exchange in the world. SGX offered a combination of A$22.00 in cash plus 3.473 of its own shares for each ASX share – valued ASX shares at A$48.00 each, 37% premium to […]

... written on Oct 25 2010

Sime Darby Mini-Crisis, Two Fired and Three to Resign

Less than four months into a five-year term, South Korean President’s approval ratings have plunged to new lows with opposition politicians threatening to boycott Parliament. Everything started when Lee decided to remove restrictions on U.S. beef which sparked widespread protests over food safety. Mad cow disease or not, Lee was seen as too eager to […]

... written on Jun 10 2008

MPs grill Maybank CEO – let the worms come wriggling

Even if Maybank or some other hidden hands in this matter would eventually pull it through, the real reasons for paying exorbitant price for Indonesian PT Bank Internasional Indonesia (JAK: BNII) should be revealed to the public especially the stock investors. At least investors who are thinking of going into the river of Maybank be […]

... written on May 30 2008

StemLife and TMC Life – Vincent Tan to strike a deal?

Two stocks seemed to be courting each other. Before that these two stocks seemed to emulate kids’ story – Rabbit and Turtle. There’s a small twist though. While the arrogant rabbit decided to take a nap the turtle slowly crawled past the rabbit to the finish line. The rabbit tried to catch up but it […]

... written on May 16 2008

HP to pay $13 billion for EDS?

Carly Fiorina, the former chairman and chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard, served at HP from 1999 and 2005. She could easily be the most hated boss during the period; at least within Malaysia territory. HP Malaysia was never the same again with most of its top brains “migrated” to the competitors such as Sun Microsystem […]

... written on May 13 2008

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