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China Finally Fights Back – Export Controls On Metals Critical In Chip Manufacturing Could Checkmate U.S. Tech War

Since Donald Trump launched his trade war in 2018 against China, there has been concern in the West that the Chinese government would retaliate. In the second phase of the trade war, the U.S. president banned Huawei with an executive order prohibiting U.S. companies from selling semiconductors to (or buying technological equipment from) the China’s […]

... written on Jul 05 2023

Blaming A “Middleman” – Top Level Cover-Up As MACC Tries To Protect Corrupt Immigration With A Bullshit Story

Remember those days at school when we received tips that the discipline teacher is doing a spot check? Students would comb their hair to look like Elvis Presley, trim their fingernails and tug in their shirts nicely. And when the feared teacher arrived with his inch-size cane, everyone pretended to be paying attention. Of course, […]

... written on Jul 04 2023

The Role Of Government Regulation In Shaping The Insurance Sector

Government regulation plays a crucial role in shaping and overseeing the insurance industry. By establishing rules, regulations, and frameworks, governments aim to ensure fair practices, protect consumers, maintain stability, and promote transparency within the insurance sector. This article will explore the critical aspects of government regulation and its impact on the insurance industry.   Consumer […]

... written on Jul 04 2023

How Inflation Prices Are Impacting Home Builders

Inflation is a topic that has been making headlines recently, and its effects have spread across various industries, including home building. Inflation has affected construction companies’ profit margins and overall operations. This article examines how inflation prices impact home builders and how they navigate this economic landscape.   Increased Material Costs Home construction relies on […]

... written on Jul 03 2023

How Corrupt Immigration Solicited RM18,000 From Chinese Tourists – China Warns Malaysia To Protect Its Citizens

Everyone knows that Immigration Department of Malaysia is one of the most corrupted institutions in the country. Arguably, the corruption started to spread like wildfire during former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s 22 years iron-fist rule (from 1981 to 2003). Today, every single institution is still infected, even after 20 years since Mahathir’s retirement.   But […]

... written on Jul 01 2023

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