Afghan Women Distrust Taliban – Out Of 700 Women Journalists, Only 39 Are Still Working While Others “Disappear”

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Sep 03 2021
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As the U.S. military’s last C17 aircraft left Kabul airport, marking the end of a 20-year war in Afghanistan that the superpower could not win, it has also left something there – a fragile democracy. Over the last two decades, the U.S. government spent huge sums of money to create a stable democracy in the alien land, but it appears the foundation may crumble soon.


The best yardstick to measure the democracy is the freedom of speech, which can be seen in the news media. However, according to RSF (Reporters Without Borders), despite Taliban assurances that press freedom would be respected and women journalists would be allowed to keep working – Afghan women journalists are missing since the Taliban takeover on August 15.


During the period of thriving press, Kabul had 108 media outlets with a total of 4,940 employees in 2020, including 1,080 female employees, of whom 700 were journalists. Today, of the 510 women who used to work for eight of the biggest media outlets and press groups, only 76 (including 39 journalists) are still working. Women journalists are in the process of “disappearing”.

Afghanistan Women Protest - Demonstrate and Demand Recognition

Even then, existing women journalists are working from home as they dare not take any more risk. About 48 hours after the Taliban took over the capital, women reporters with privately-owned TV channels such as Tolonews, Ariana News, Kabul News, Shamshad TV and Khurshid TV had tried to resume talking on the air and going out to cover events.


But they were soon harassed and harmed by Taliban. For example, Nahid Bashardost, a reporter for the independent news agency Pajhwok, was beaten by Taliban while doing a report near Kabul airport on August 25. A privately-owned radio station in the province of Ghazni was warned by the Taliban – “You can continue, but without any woman’s voice and without music.”


In Kabul, a female anchor at state-owned Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) was told to “stay at home for a few days”. The Taliban then stationed some guards outside the building to stop 140 women journalists employed by RTA from entering. The intimidation and threat work like a charm – now, none of them dares to go back to work at the state TV channels.

Taliban Bans Afghan Journalist Shabnam Dawran From Working

A female journalist, who was a frequent critic of the Taliban oppression and brutality against Afghan women, told Fox News that she has to change her address every day to hide from the Taliban. She said – “They are checking for the people who always talked against them. I don’t know what will happen to me, because if they find me, they will kill me”.


A female news host – Behishta Arghand – was stunned when a Taliban official, Mawlawi Abdulhaq Hemad, unexpectedly walked into the studios of the privately owned Tolo News just two days after taking control of Kabul in mid-August. The 22-year-old anchor made history by interviewing the Taliban representative live on the TV station.


But she quietly fled the country after the interview, unwilling to take any chances about the Taliban’s promises. Behishta Arghand is temporarily in Qatar among Afghan refugees, part of 100,000 Afghans who left the country. She is just the tip of the iceberg – hundreds of journalists have fled as they simply could not trust the Taliban.

Afghanistan Taliban Militants

Saad Mohseni, the CEO and chairman of Moby Group, which owns Tolo News, said he believes the Taliban are tolerating the media – for now – because they wanted to win the hearts and minds of the people. And the Taliban is doing that because they have a bigger fish to fry – the country’s economy, which has plunged into a crisis. The national coffers are basically empty.


The Taliban had taken over Afghanistan at lightning speed, but not quick enough the get their hands on the US$9.5 billion in assets held by Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), which are mostly outside of the country. The money has been frozen by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the U.S. government. Likewise, the World Bank has halted funding for projects in Afghanistan.


As a result, civil servants haven’t been paid for months as ATM’s have been shut down and banks are limiting withdrawals to US$200 per week, triggering large crowds. The Taliban has assured people that the service of Western Union will resume, enabling Afghans to receive cash from relatives living abroad. But so far, there has not been any response from Western Union.

Afghanistan People Queue At ATM For Money

The Taliban has also said they want good relations with all countries, including the United States. Qatar, who has been hosting and sponsoring Taliban leaders in exile, is expected to play an important role in shaping the Taliban government due to its connection between the West and the Taliban. Still, nothing will go through without the green light from Uncle Sam.


Western nations, especially the U.S., are expected to demand the Taliban live up to their promises to form an inclusive government. Besides preventing Afghanistan from being used as a haven for terrorist groups, women’s rights is also something that the Taliban would be pressured to recognize. But the Taliban insisted that news reports must not contradict Islamic values and should not challenge the national interest.


Such vague rules sound familiar because they are typical for authoritarian states across the Middle East, where journalists have been silenced and prosecuted. In the past, 53 journalists have been killed in Afghanistan since 2001 and 33 of them since 2018. In 2014, an Agence France-Presse journalist, his wife and two children were among nine people killed by Taliban gunmen while dining at a hotel in Kabul.

Afghanistan Taliban Militants 2

In 2016, a Taliban suicide bomber targeted Tolo employees on a bus, killing seven of them and wounding at least 25 people. In July this year, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer from Reuters, 38-year-old Danish Siddiqui, was killed when Afghan commandos he had accompanied while on assignment were ambushed by Taliban militiamen.


The world has witnessed the brutality of the Taliban when they ruled Afghanistan between 1996-2001. They enforced a harsh interpretation of Islam, barring girls and women from schools and public life, and brutally suppressing and killing dissent. Now, they promised an inclusive government and a more moderate form of Islamic rule.


The Taliban has also said women will be able to continue their education and work outside the home. But many Afghans, especially women, are deeply skeptical because at the same time, they have also vowed to impose Shariah law, without providing specifics. So far, what they said and what they have done does not instil confidence that they would keep their promise.

Talibans At Desk Of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani 

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Going by the few recent protests by the ladies, it does seem the Afghans know how to take care of themselves. The protests showed women yelling away at the guys with beards and bandaged heads out to quell dissent – rather politely… One protester even grabbed a loudhailer from a grinning Taleb and used that to scream her message. I’ve yet to read if the noisy women were subsequently rounded up and had their behinds whacked – or even got shot. But I won’t worry, I’m sure them ladies would do a good job looking after themselves, they’re certainly more capable than Malaysian men.

Goes to say how pointless it was for the West plus Japan in tow, to bomb and kill countless innocent, including plenty of women, in order the good women do not have to wear the burqa, cover their hair, and go to school. Of course, it was nothing of that sort, as much as they pretend otherwise, war is the most profitable business there is for the West, and the real reason was for that: to make a killing! And it was not even about Unkasama bin Laden – he died sh*t ages ago, and not even in Pakistan, you think I’d fall for Yank Hollywood bullsh*t Rambo assassinated him?!

Fancy, with its mighty killing machine, and with crawling support from the EU, etc, the most powerful country in the world got phcuked by bearded men with heavily-bandaged heads, and in night gowns and sandals! Not far different from being phcuked by the Vietcong, little men in pyjamas and slippers!

Still, the West has left plenty of options to resume killing the Talibans (meaning all Afghans), the issue of women’s rights remains a jolly damn good excuse for continuing the war . We mustn’t forget the Yanks were rescued by Malaysian and Pakistani soldiers when trapped by the Somalians, “Blackhawk Down” showing rescue undertaken by white men was cheap Hollywood propaganda.

Mustn’t forget either Ketuanan Cina wiped out some top Yank, Brit, and South Korean regiments and battalions within days of China joining the Korean War. Truth is the angmohs can’t fight, always depended on brown and yellow people doing the real fighting. Unfortunately, some natives are pretty smart, hang around to get their angmoh massahs to do the worse fighting and to die for them. Thus the South Vietnamese army collapsed, now the Afghan Army too, when the angmohs’ proxies buggered off.

I dread to think what it would be like if the West’s useful stooge idiots here get routed by our ketuanan redneck army plus our Hadibans plus PerKKKasa. The thought of those Western stooges in their “colour” uniforms holding on to “umbrellas” and lawyer qualifications, and clinging on to the sides of evacuating aircrafts is quite scary. Amazing how easily and readily the West dumps its stooges.

Neocon stooge and Israeli running dog Anwar would have to balik the UAE if our own bearded men in gleaming Mercs take over, he may have to squat at Jho Low’s penthouse and ride on the fat boy’s camel, and become another “regime change” Thaksin!

We should not only find fault with just the Talibans, the West’s favourite terrorists and proxies ISIS/IS/ISIL etc are far worse than the Talibans, why are they always treated as the good terrorists?

If killing all indiscriminately to save some women from having to follow disagreeable dress code is so important to the West, they could have rained bombs on most countries in the Middle East, the Hindian subcontinent, and a good many countries in Africa. Malaysia can be a good candidate for a spot of Christian love-bombing in the near future as more and more women are having to cover their heads, and even put on the burqa. Plus endure more oppression.

I won’t worry about education, what’s the point, to waste lots of money in order never to get a job? With our own case, a massive amount of money is spent on educating ketuanan women – then their husbands don’t allow them to work, and their parents don’t want them to leave home.

And it gets more interesting, we have those who are educated including women leave home, go to Syria, Iraq – and as it has been discovered recently, even Afghanistan, to join the worst of the terrorists! I don’t mind if they balik elsewhere but some got killed by those they want to kill, think about your taxes going to their education, and they show their gratitude by dying for foreign terrorists!

The point is not what women are free or not free to wear, or if they can get educated. The point is errr what’s the point if their societies dictate the issues of their permitted attire and their education or otherwise. Say, the West, after 20 years of killing wins the freedom and rights for Afghan women but the women still get beaten up (not just by the Talibans), raped or even killed for exercising their freedom and rights – or even for just being women, would it be more honest to say the Afghan war was more about plenty else – controlling central Asia, and destabilising China?

Daily, women and girls are beaten, raped, and killed in all those countries with unusual religion (its not just the one you are thinking of), shouldn’t those societies be lifted out of the Stone Age, rather than just their women? The war in Afghanistan is not really over yet, there’s every likelihood it will continue, and there will be the fight between women and those who want to keep them in the Stone Age.

There’s no war in many countries controlled by religion but the women suffer the same as those in war torn Afghanistan. So it is not just the Talibans, is it?

I have nothing against the Talibans stopping the flow of Afghans out of their country – if it is to prevent any brain drain. If there’s any pious talk about the virtues of leaving the country and running off to the West, all the saviour countries have said they don’t want Afghan refugees, thank you.

I won’t mind Afghan women coming to Malaysia, they are more beautiful than most of our lot. And are more genteel. They are more educated and intelligent too, they study and work because they want to. I would be wary for them though if they come, some of us are pretty adept at treating people like slaves. Not too few of our warped horny men have gigantic humping appetite,can’t even spare goats. And Malaysians are internationally-known for torturing maids.

Btw, are women in Malaysia truly free? It appears they are becoming less and less free. It appears there are even women who are happily helping men to control and oppress women. Maybe we’ve already got the Taliban, Alleluyah! Quick, women! Wrap your heads, get rid of your sexy outfits, wear your tents… and hide your goats!

Comment by Paul Wolfobitch on September 6, 2021 at 7:00 am
“I won’t mind Afghan women coming to Malaysia, they are more beautiful,……………………. Not too few of our warped horny men have gigantic humping appetite,can’t even spare goats.”

HO, HO, HO, that’s a natural thing Wolfo Dick, just that not all have it. As for humping goats and like, that is naturally unnatural. Since you mentioned it, good to know you have an eye for it. Hi, Hi, Hi .

“Daily, women and girls are beaten, raped, and killed in all those countries with unusual religion (its not just the one you are thinking of), shouldn’t those societies be lifted out of the Stone Age, rather than just their women?”

Hey, Wolfo Bitch, you forget to mention about how the Uyghurs of Xinjiang are being treated in Communist China.Heard that them commies are being real nasty towards the Uyghurs of Xinjiang, doing all kinds of unholy things to them. How come you didn’t say anything about it . Oh! forgot. Communist President Xi is your comrade, right. Mmm.


“China has been accused of committing crimes against humanity and possibly genocide against the Uyghur population and other mostly-Muslim ethnic groups in the north-western region of Xinjiang.

Human rights groups believe China has detained more than one million Uyghurs against their will over the past few years in a large network of what the state calls “re-education camps”, and sentenced hundreds of thousands to prison terms.

There is also evidence that Uyghurs are being used as forced labour and of women being forcibly sterilised. Some former camp detainees have also alleged they were tortured and sexually abused.

The US is among several countries to have accused China of committing genocide in Xinjiang. The leading human rights groups Amnesty and Human Rights Watch have published reports accusing China of crimes against humanity.

China denies all allegations of human rights abuses in Xinjiang, claiming its system of “re-education” camps are there to combat separatism and Islamist militancy in the region. Unquote.



“… just that not all have it.”

Orifice Delhi Variant,

Didn’t I just said “Not too few of our warped horny men have gigantic humping appetite”?!

Yes, freaks like you should spend a lot more time developing reading ability.

Instead of playing with goats.

And the table-legs too!

Learn what incest is.

And don’t marry your cousin. See how such ideas have resulted in you being a freak “that is naturally unnatural”.

He, He , He , Wolfo silly boy, read again what you have
said. No interest arguing on Wolfo Dick’s Silly English


Orifice Delhi Variant,

Still Cut n Paste of questionable diet of dedak from your white massahs, eh ?!

Amazing how bereft of intellectual capacity your are, nothing from your bit of stale tauhu from your tiny head, it’s that automatic reaction of the niggah slavewallah with half-baked ketuanan, say what the much-worshipped white massahs want you to say!
Where is your sense of self-respect, having to gratefully pig off garbage chucked on the dirt by your massahs? So much for our brand of ketuanan that produces thick and thick-skinned clueless, useless, and worthless brain-dead retard monkeys, *sigh*!

Let Uncle here help you!

Aren’t you terribly backward in any simple understanding of the real world?

You are slavishly regurgitating the lines hatched by your white massahs, there is zero (“0”) evidence for the accusations against China about the few Uighurs in Xinjiang. If you are not such a dumb loyal stooge sheepwallah useful moron for your white massahs, you’ll find plenty of evidence that destroy the weird claims manufactured by your white massahs and gratefully swallowed by the likes of obedient slave plantation niggahwallahs like you.

Too many Muslim countries have been to Xinjiang and reported Xinjiang as a wonderful place for Muslims. Except for the Wahahababi Salafi terrorists – and their white massahs – and Israel.

Yes, China takes a hard-line on the terrorists. And why not?

The only way to deal with terrorists is to hit them very hard. And then hit them again. Unlike terrorist jihahahadi sympathisers like you, I’m all for whacking them stoopid and eradicating them like cockroaches, Ameen. What’s more, China is getting the Muslims to wipe out each other, something the jihahahadis are great at! The next great show will be the Xinjiang terrorists in Afghanistan and Hindia being pulverised to blessed smithereens, Alhamdulilah! The Xinjiang terrorists are already being slaughtered – all just like any retard monkey jihahahadis from anywhere else signed up for their sexual perversion of dying to meet the 72 “virgins”!

As you have that “great appetite” for sex as fantasised by similar primitive monkeys in Malaysia, you should get out of the plantations and volunteer as jihahahadi for a rampage on them 72 “virgins”, early volunteers will get the two free gifts of a herd of goats to eff to death, and extra stamina for those with “great appetite” to deal with the tens of thousands of lovely little Assmins in paradise!

China has been really successful handling the jihahahadi terrorists, the uncivilised monkeys sponsored by the CIA etc have been properly phcuked upside down by Almighty Ketuanan Cina. There are next to no further insane behaviour in Xinjiang from the terrorist spawns of holy Satan, Alhamdulilah!

Xinjiang Muslims are not of the primitive Wahahababi Salafi type. They are mostly Sufis, Shias, Han, Ismaili, and so on, of mostly the Hanafi flavour. These are lots more civilised in behaviour toward others. Maybe that’s why they are not to the taste of the more backward of followers of the religion in Malaysia and the Hindian subcontinent. Don’t forget our morons go to the Middle East to “martyr” themselves in some spectacularly pig-dumb terrorist enterprises. When they realised it is not cosplay, our dumbfcuk retards wake up to find they are very dead with no free ticket on the winged donkey to the great China Up the Sky!

Of late mullah Hardy has stopped shagging off about raising an army of his Hadibans to save the Shias, Sufis, and Ismailis etc of Xinjiang, he’s even spoke of China’s role in Afghanistan! It’s nice he’s job would be just about being racist in our kampongs, it’s not a good idea getting phcuked by Ketuanan Cina just for saying the wrong things at the right time.

Muslims in Xinjiang are all sweetly treated. They are certainly vastly more superior in mental capacity and with greater freedom than in most Muslim countries. Malaysia which is running back to the Stone Age has plenty to learn from the Xinjiang success for women. Those in Malaysia who have to learn are the cave-monkey men. Given half the chance our women will eat the pathetic men and take over, the pathetic men need their religion to protect them for dear life. Same for the Hindian subcontinent, the women win the medals for weightlifting, that’s because the men are fcuking weaklings.

I saw a delightful little documentary on the women SWAT teams in Xinjiang. The Muslim women police would all like to martyr themselves fcuking their terrorist monkeys with cold lead, Praise Be! The Xinjiang women SWAT have their counterparts in Afghanistan, they too dream of shafting as many of their men as possible – also with cold lead, Alhamdulilah!

Plenty of lovely facts from Xinjiang, but for now, try waft over to Grayzoneproject.com, they also have great stuff on YouTube, it would be a great idea you watch them than you Hardy Awanking yourself stupid studying porn, the nombor wan pastime of Muslim countries! It explains the lack of oxygenated blood going to those tiny heads, the incredible amount of Hardy Awanking and molestation and rape they do in those religious and pious countries, Hindia with its cow worship certainly included!

Just one last one LAH, Wolfo Silly Bitch.

“Not too FEW of our warped horny men” — should read as

“Not too MANY of our warped horny men”


” too few of our warped horny men”


” few of our warped horny men”

to mean what Wolfo Silly Boy actually wanted it to mean in his silly writing in English.

Hello, Wolfo boy, Do you understand your error now? If yes, I’ll say, you should know that you have shot yourself in your own smelly foot by saying ” you should spend a lot more time developing reading ability”. LOL. Please note that your overall sense of self-value is all false. It is high time that you re-evaluate yourself. If you don’t know how, please go and see a ‘shrink’. Not sure how much good that will do for you, being a basket case and all. He, He, He. Your commie comrade Xi is disappointed with you LAH. If you still don’t understand, I’ll say, just let it be.

“Let it be, Oh, Let it be, speaking words of wisdom, Let it be, eeeeee. OK ! Bye for now.


“Not too FEW of our warped horny men” — should read as”

Orifice Delhi Variant,

What I wrote is absolutely correct.

I think you must have been taught Hinglish by those imported subcontinental Hindian Hinglish teacherwallahs of yesteryear, I’ve come across such dogmatic and pedantic Sambos doing the subcontinental versions of the Victoria era who have not moved with the times.

And I don’t mean the Hindustan Times.

Or the times of any Stan countries of the backward subcontinentalwallahs.

To truly appreciate what I mean you need go study carefully the series on YouTube called “It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum”.

No need copy the accent, not too few of you primitive monkeys have the natural gift already.

To improve on the accent, listen and copy that ugly Hindian comedianwallah Jackal Naik. Or make friends or enemies of those ketuanan species from the subcontinent.

You’ll get endless free tuyishen as the half-baked subcontinental copies of the white massahs do talk endlessly – and noisily.

The subcontinental species also wave and gyrate to the sounds of their funny Hinglish.

If you are lucky – or cursed, you get to move the container for your limited grey cell tauhu in a funny way too!

Move along now, Hurry Krishna, Harry Rama, Hari Raya, Hurry Harry.. Alhamdulilah!

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