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China Unveils World’s First 600km/h Train – Cutting Journey Between Shenzhen And Shanghai To 2.5 Hours From 10 Hours

Using electro-magnetic force, a maglev train “levitates” above the track with no contact between body and rail. The term “maglev” itself is derived from “magnetic levitation”. Some engineers called it the floating trains. These trains basically float over guideways using the basic principles of magnets to replace the old steel wheel and track trains.   […]

... written on Jul 20 2021

“Empty” Covid-19 Vaccine Jab Scandal – A Result Of 60 Years Of Corruption That Spreads To Healthcare Workers

May 29, 2021 was one of the biggest turning points in Malaysia. It was the day the country recorded a whopping 9,020 daily Covid-19 cases in the past 24-hour period, then the highest infections since the Coronavirus outbreak last year. And it was because of the infections that Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin was forced to […]

... written on Jul 19 2021

All Adults In Britain Vaccinated – But The UK’s Daily Covid Cases Could Still Go Up To 200,000 From 50,000

Ahead of the end of lockdown restrictions in England on Monday (July 19), the government of Boris Johnson declared that it had hit its target of offering every adult in the country a Covid-19 vaccine. Popularly known as the Freedom Day, British Prime Minister Johnson has adopted a “big bang approach” in setting the targets […]

... written on Jul 18 2021

A PM Terrified Of The White Flag – Muhyiddin Wants People To Praise Him, Threatens Anyone Who Tarnish His Image

When the police announced last year that the crime rate almost halved (dropped 49.1% from March 18 to May 5, 2020), it wasn’t hard to believe the authorities. After all, it’s not rocket science that when people were confined to homes during the first MCO 1.0 lockdown, with the government’s financial aid in the form […]

... written on Jul 16 2021

Preventing Another Pandemic – A Single Vaccine That Can Protect Against Multiple Coronavirus In 5 Years

In 2017, scientists and researchers wanted to develop a single vaccine against all types of Coronavirus. However, the ambitious proposal was given a low priority at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). That’s because at the time, no one had proven a vaccine could stop even a single beta Coronavirus – the […]

... written on Jul 15 2021

Kaboom! – Apocalypse 11,079 New Covid Cases As Clueless Muhyiddin Govt Still Running Around Like A Headless Chicken

Two days ago, once-celebrity Health Director-General Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the Health Ministry expected the country’s daily Covid-19 to stabilize and show a decline in the next one to two weeks’ time. It was Sunday (July 11) when he made his statement, the day Malaysia reported 9,105 infections, the third consecutive day above the […]

... written on Jul 13 2021

Congrats Muhyiddin! – Here Are The Letters From German, Japanese And Dutch Investors Threatening To Pull Out

Does the clueless and incompetent Muhyiddin government know what it is doing after more than 15 months fighting the Covid-19 pandemic? Malaysia is the only country in the world that has declared an emergency as well as locking up the Parliament under the pretext of fighting Coronavirus, but fails even after more than 6 months […]

... written on Jul 12 2021

Russian Submarine Stalking UK’s £3 Billion Aircraft Carrier – Royal Navy Scrambles Helicopters To Search For Putin’s Sub

HMS Queen Elizabeth is not only the United Kingdom’s latest aircraft carrier, but also the most expensive flagship in the British Royal Navy. Costing roughly £3 billion (US$4 billion) to build, the aircraft carrier made headlines in 2017 after a faulty shaft seal forced it to be sent back for repair at Portsmouth. Ordered in […]

... written on Jul 11 2021

New Records Of Covid Cases & Deaths – Proof Of Incompetence, Arrogance, Data Manipulation & Cover-Up

It took hours of virtual meeting that began at 8.30pm on Wednesday (July 7) and stretched till the early hours of Thursday (July 8) for UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to make a simple decision, which was actually long overdue. But the withdrawal of UMNO’s support, which was half-baked itself, for Prime Minister Muhyiddin was […]

... written on Jul 09 2021

How To Recover From The Big Losses At Trading

Traders can’t avoid  facing losing streaks. This means they need to take the steps to recover their loss. But, it’s not easy to get money back. To recover your losses, it’s necessary to improve your trading performances. Some traders try to take action immediately and so they face big problems. Bear in mind, as a […]

... written on Jul 08 2021

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