Ways To Save Money When Working From Home

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Apr 29 2020
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An increasing number of people choose to work from home, whether it is as part of their own business or as an employee whose role can be undertaken away from the office. Finances can be tricky, so if you continue reading, you will find our guide to ways you can save money when you are working from home.


Compare your energy costs

Using an online comparison tool can be easy when it comes to finding a competitive deal for your business energy supplies. Have a recent statement to hand as often this information is required to give you a better idea of the tariff to choose as well as working out estimated payments each month or quarter depending on how you pay. When changing supplier, it is imperative to look at the small print and ensure you do not get tied into a contract for too long.


Twelve months is a decent length of time, and we would recommend reassessing the situation towards the end of the new contract as you may find another supplier offers better value for money than it did the previous year. Although some of the cost of electricity, gas and water, for example, can be claimed as a business expense, it remains in your best interests to pay as little as possible for utilities. Rate Rush has a wealth of advice over on their website for further support in this area.


Prepare your meals and snacks in advance

Working from home means that you have easy access to your fridge and freezer. If you like to graze as a form of eating (many of us do!), then this could be an expense you could really do without. Try to prepare your snacks and meals in advance. This will prevent you from entering the kitchen with no clue what to have. Doing this often results in choosing a quick packet of chips and returning to your desk.

A half-hour later, you may resume your search for a substantial lunch and pick something else. The costs of doing this soon add up. Additionally, you are likely to feel lethargic, as you are not getting a balanced meal. Having your lunch away from your office will help too because you will feel as though you have had a proper lunch break.


Shop around for furniture and supplies

You are bound to need a whole host of supplies in your home office, and if you are just setting up, you want to avoid falling into the trap of trying to make it look amazing. First and foremost, unless you are inviting customers into your home office, the aesthetics should not be your primary concern. Of course, you will want to work in a room of which you feel proud, but it is not the top priority.


When it comes to furniture, ensure you choose a chair that is comfortable as taking time off because of back problems, for example, will cost you a fortune if you work for yourself. Furthermore, the option of a standing desk is a great one so that you can avoid the chair slump that can often happen when you are working too hard. Stationery is another consideration.


Do you really need to buy the branded stuff if the generic pens and paper are just as useful? Do not be tempted to buy something purely because of the label. Always check the reviews and make a decision based on that and also personal recommendations.

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