What Denuclearization? Trump & Moon Played By Kim As North Korea Continues Its Missile Development

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Dec 31 2018
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Kim Jong-un told South Korea’s Moon Jae-in in a New Year’s letter that he wants to meet with Moon “frequently” next year and vowed to work on “denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula together. Similarly, the North Korea dictator also reportedly has sent a “conciliatory message” to Donald Trump, believed to be sweet talks on denuclearization.


In reality, the Rocket Man Kim has been laying dozens of pledges, only to twist and spin and even fails to meet them. He had committed to travel to Seoul to meet President Moon before the year’s end, but failed to do so. He also committed to “denuclearization” after the historic June summit in Singapore with President Trump, but never follows through his commitments.


Trump was so anxious for the so-called “denuclearization” that National security adviser John Bolton said in early December that the U.S. president believes he should hold a second summit with the pariah Kim Jong-un because the North Korean leader hasn’t lived up to the commitments he made during their first meeting. Such plan screams “desperation” on the U.S. part.

Donald Trump Meets Kim Jong-Un - Smiles

Yet, Trump described his relationship with North Korea as – “we are getting along very well” and that “we have a good relationship with Kim.” The U.S. has set zero conditions for the second meeting, despite the release of new commercial satellite images identifying more than a dozen undeclared North Korean missile operating bases.


Pyongyang had never abandoned its ballistic missile program, even after the Kim-Trump summit in Singapore. Trump’s fetish for Kim was obvious during an economic G20 summit in Argentina, when he told South Korean leader Moon to pass a message to the North Korean brutal leader – that the U.S. President Trump likes Chairman Kim and will fulfill his wishes.


Now that Kim’s “rare letter” to Seoul vowing to “frequently” meet Moon Jae-in has been unveiled, fan clubs of Kim Jong-un has reportedly sprung up to prepare a welcoming party for his visit. Although the confirmation and timing of the visit is still unknown, some South Koreans have started learning the dance moves of a North Korean art troupe – to welcome Kim.

North Korean Kim Jong-un Meets South Korean President Moon Jae-in - Hugging

Defectors who have taken shelter in the South after fleeing hardships and persecution in the pariah regime have been left flabbergasted at Kim’s sudden surge in popularity after long being portrayed as a ruthless dictator. Eunhwa, a woman who arrived in the South in 2015, said – “I’m so surprised to hear South Koreans say nice things about Kim Jung-un. It means they really don’t understand the evil to the north.”


At the Maronie Park event in mid-December, enthralled students watched a short drama about a local family excited about Kim coming to Seoul. “I like our Chairman Kim more than BTS!” yelled the family’s father, referring to a K-pop band that has stormed the global charts this year. Kim Han-sung, 28, said the welcoming parties had been inspired in part by President Moon’s warm reception in Pyongyang.


The obsession for Kim Jong-un has been unbelievable in South Korea, considering that North Korea has continued its development of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) despite declaring a halt to more missile launches. In fact, it had conducted a missile-linked radio wave experiment early this month, even though sanctions are still in place.

North Korea - Multiple Missiles Launch

The launch test of its radio telemetry, which is transmitted from equipment in a missile’s components such as warhead, is another milestone for the North Koreas missile program. When a ballistic missile is launched, telemetry provides essential information about the missile’s angle, location, speed and other factors to observers on the ground.


Apparently, the tests using radio waves have two objectives: first, to serve as a check on the United States due to a lack of progress in negotiating a relaxation of sanctions; and second, as a necessary part of missile development. North Korea’s last ballistic missile launch came in November 2017, but between 2016 and 2017, they launched about 40 missiles – including ICBMs.


The U.S. military, Japan Self-Defense Forces and South Korean military are constantly monitoring North Korea for radio waves. Obviously they knew the North Korean has been actively developing its missile program. But their pussyfooting on Kim’s commitment on “denuclearization” speaks volumes about the desperation not to anger the Rocket Man.

Kim Jong-un - Laughing

It appears the U.S. and South Korea are more than willing to kowtow to the North Korea as long as there is a remote chance of “denuclearization”, something which Chairman Kim has no interest of pursuing. The badass dictator has been playing both Moon and Trump from the beginning. And there’s nothing they could do, simply because Trump has set the high expectation of delivering the “denuclearization”.


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