If Najib Is Confident Of Winning, He Won’t Cut Out Mahathir’s Photo & Sabotage His Jet

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May 03 2018
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Najib son of Razak will definitely lose the 14th General Election on the night of the polling date – May 9th. But he has a trump card – Election Commission. There are two things the commission is ready to do to steal the election for him. First, they would re-distribute postal votes like candies to Najib’s boys. Second, if that fails, they would change the results and announce Najib’s victory anyway.


Yes, the Malaysian caretaker Prime Minister Najib Razak is going to lose his shirt due to two primary factors. In the urban constituencies, the educated voters will send him packing over 1MDB scandal. In the rural constituencies, the illiterate voters will either stay at home – as a sign of boycott – or vote for opposition parties over skyrocketing cost of living.


Najib’s coalition Barisan Nasional will, of course, win its fair number of seats thanks to old birds who have been brainwashed for decades by government-controlled media. You can’t do much to change the mind of these brain-dead village folks. They will believe it even if Najib tells them that he and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, are as virgin as Virgin Mary.

Malaysia Election Commission with Police Produce Magic Show

Therefore, the only reason Najib and Rosmah are still walking around and not in self-imposed exile is because the Election Commission, together with the police, are ready to perform the greatest magic show on May 9th. But there is still one thing that could change the tide, even with the massive cheating from the Election Commission.


A total of 14,806,185 registered voters under the Election Commission (EC) will be eligible for polling during the 14th General Election. But the commission has only about 1-million postal votes to game the results. That may seem a lot but Najib and his minions are worried about the unexpected surprise – the hidden group of Malays who keep their cards close to their chest.


This group of Malays aren’t the dumb zombie-walking rural folks. Although they live in rural area, they do mix around with the ethnic-Chinese. They still visit their Chinese old pals during Chinese New Year and exchange cookies and delicacies. They exchange greeting and news when their retired Chinese buddies dropped by at “warung (mini cafe)” for drinks and snacks.

Felda Settlement - Najib with Father Razak Photo Billboard

And there’re tons of them residing in the Felda settlements – numbering 317 in the country. These are the rural open-minded voters whom Mr. Najib is mostly worried about. Unlike the 2013 General Election, Najib’s photo alone cannot guarantee an easy win. That explains why he’s dragging his father’s photo – on billboard – to remind the Felda settlers of his daddy’s greatness.


That’s how low the son of Razak is willing to go to cling to power. But it seems such cheap stunt isn’t enough to him. The caretaker prime minister is so terrified of his mentor-turned-rival former premier Mahathir Mohamad that the Election Commission has been tasked to cut out photos of the 93-year-old former prime minister who ruled for 22 years (1981 to 2003).


Apparently, Mahathir has been attracting large crowd during his campaign in rural Malay-majority area that the Election Commission has come out with some silly rules. Despite the fact that Mahathir could be Malaysia’s 7th and oldest prime minister (again), the commission has banned his photo from being used during the election campaign nationwide.

Mahathir Photo Cut From Billboard - Election 2018

MCA Liow Tiong Lai with Chinese President Xi Jinping - Election 2018

It was like banning Donald Trump from using his photo to campaign for the 2016 Presidential Election. That speaks volumes about the level of panic in Najib’s camp. Amusingly, Malaysia Election Commission is perfectly alright with Najib using Chinese President Xi Jinping photo. So, a prospect new Malaysian prime minister’s photo is disallowed but China’s communist leader photo is welcomed.


If Najib Razak is absolutely confident of winning the 2018 General Election, as trumpeted by his band of cybertroopers, propagandists and bloggers, why does he need to cowardly harass and cut the photo of a 93-year-old man? Not only such action is childish, it is also counterproductive and could backfire, not to mention create free publicity for the oppositions.


Desperate times call for desperate measures. After Mahathir cried of potential sabotage to his chartered private jet (to prevent him from reaching Langkawi to file his nomination), the police are now investigating him for spreading fake news. Under the rushed Anti-Fake News Act, Mahathir could be jailed up to 6 years or a fine of RM500,000 or both.

Mahathir Jet Sabotaged - Najib Laughing

Mr. Mahathir was accused of having ill intentions and was lying to Malaysians to gain attention for political reasons. Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) chairman Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the agency had investigated the allegation and found no recent reported defect, except for air leakage from the left nose wheel.


Mr. Azharuddin conveniently declares that CAAM has found no indication whatsoever of any sabotage. Interestingly, Azharuddin is the same guy who had claimed that several passengers who had checked in did not board the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. The MH370 went missing in March 2014 and has never been found.


During the disappearance of MH370 four years ago, the then Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar rubbished Azharuddin Abdul Rahman (then Department of Civil Aviation Director) claims that 5 people had purchased the plane tickets and had even checked in their baggage but did not make the flight.

Missing MH370 - DCA Director-General Azharuddin Abdul Rahman

Hence, the integrity of Azharuddin alone can be questioned. As an agency under the Ministry of Transport, it doesn’t need a rocket scientist to know which side of one’s bread is buttered. The simple fact that the air leakage from the left nose wheel could not be replaced as there were no spares proves that the issue was critical enough for Mahathir to be alarmed  and called it a sabotage.


Was it remotely possible that it could be an assassination attempt? Absolutely! Here’s the beauty of reverse-psychology game. Najib’s top blogger said it would be stupid for Najib to assassinate rival Mahathir. But that’s exactly why a desperate man would want to do it, because nobody would believe he could be so dumb to pull the trigger.


That was precisely what Mr. Najib tried to justify when he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar – a whopping US$681 million in his private banking accounts. His minions rubbished that he had stolen money from 1MDB, arguing that Najib can’t be so stupid as to transfer the ill-gotten cash to his own banking account. But the U.S.-DOJ said that’s exactly what had happened.

FBI Department of Justice DOJ - Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor - inset Riza Aziz

With the death of Mahathir, the opposition coalition of Pakatan Harapan will be leaderless and in chaos. The police would then move in to arrest all the opposition leaders, including the powerful DAP, under eye-popping tales that the Chinese political party is involved in the assassination of Mahathir. One cannot underestimate the crazy stuff that a desperate man is wiling to do.


After all, it was none other than Crown Prince Tunku Ismail of the Sultanate of Johor who infamously insulted the scandal-plagued Najib Razak – comparing the (caretaker) prime minister as “a drowning man who will try to reach and hold on to anything, including ‘faeces’.”


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