Rosmah’s UNESCO Award – Chief Irina Bokova Sucking Up To Corruption

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Sep 24 2016
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Why do people hate Rosmah Mansor, the self-proclaimed Malaysia First Lady who likes shopping and showing off like Kim Kardashian? Take the real Kardashian, minus her self-made wealth, but adds her into misappropriation of taxpayers’ money and voila – you are looking at Malaysia version of Imelda Marcos, whose 3,000+ shoe collection was legendary.


In fact, if both Rosmah Mansor and her husband Najib Razak are put in an “Unpopularity Contest”, Auntie Rosie will win hands down. While people hate both Prime Minister Najib Razak and his exotic wife Rosmah Mansor, they hate Rosmah more. To understand why people hate Auntie Rosie, one just needs to understand why Filipinos hated Auntie Imelda.


The latest brouhaha was over a “Lead by Example” Award which Auntie Rosy had won (*applause*), but was cancelled (*grin*) at the eleventh hour. Bernama – the government’s official mouthpiece – first announced that Rosmah was selected to be the recipient of the UNESCO’s award in conjunction with the 71st United Nations General Assembly.


Apparently, Rosmah had supposedly won the prestigious award due to her pet project – “Permata” – which was set up in 2007, providing Early Childhood Education and Care, Gifted and Talented, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Youth At-Risk and Children’s Health and Medical Care, among others.


Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, was reportedly sent letters to Prime Minister Najib Razak, his wife Rosmah Mansor and Foreign Minister Anifah Aman informing them about the special tribute award. But the organiser of the event – Antiquities Coalition – clarified that the award had nothing to do with the United Nations’ cultural arm – UNESCO.


Furious and humiliated, Tengku Sarifuddin Tengku Ahmad, press secretary to PM Najib, claimed he received an email from Tudor Vernon Parfitt (a scholar involved in the event who is also a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society) confirming the award had been cancelled because Wall Street Journal and New York Times had queried about Permata’s funding.


Obviously, Irina Bokova and Tudor Vernon Parfitt were caught off guard and panicked when the American media started questioning both individuals about the appropriateness of the award considering that PM Najib Razak is presently being investigated “indirectly” by the U.S. Department of Justice over stolen money allegedly originated from 1MDB to the tune of US$3.5 billion.


Rosmah Mansor was herself involved in the controversial RM2.4 million diamond ring, private collection of Hermès Birkin bags and expensive watches. Auntie Rosie was also reportedly having spent at least US$6 million (£4.5 million; RM24.7 million) between 2008 and 2015 on clothing, shoes and jewelry from London’s Harrods department store, Saks Fifth Avenue of New York and elsewhere.

Emirates Airbus A319 Private Jet - Rosmah Mansor - Cost To Receive Award in Turkey - RM86.4 Million

For a similar Permata award, Rosmah was accused by opposition MP Rafizi Ramli of hiring Emirate’s Executive Airbus A319 private jet for 2 months – costing RM86.4 million of taxpayers’ money – so that she could fly into Turkey for the award. Had Auntie Rosie flown into New York City to receive her UNESCO award, at least tens of millions of ringgit of taxpayers’ money would be wasted.


Two days ago, UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova posted a statement titled – “The Malaysian Example – Partnering with Asia to Prevent Violent Extremism“. Like a canary, Irina has sung songs of praise that PM Najib Razak administration has taken a firm stance against violent extremism. Did she realize Najib had actually sung songs of praise about ISIS terrorism?


Under Najib’s leadership, the country witnessed its first ISIS terrorist attack despite the prime minister urging his 3-million UMNO members to emulate the bravery of the terror group not many moons ago. Had Irina Bokova cared to ask from her colleagues in UN, she would know that Malaysia is a breeding ground for terrorists especially in the southern Thailand and Sabah.


Irina Bokova, ignorantly, wrote that Malaysia has taken the lead to encourage a nation-wide discussion on the teaching of religion to promote tolerance, respect and mutual understanding. In reality, under Najib’s leadership, the country is experiencing its worst racism where religion is being used to incite and provoke the Malays, Chinese, Indians and others into hating each other.

Chinese Ambassador Huang Hui Kang and Wife at Petaling Street Chinatown

Because Najib and Rosmah are losing power due to massive corruption and money laundering, they’ve essentially turned Malaysia into a police state where criticism and mocking – either through cartoon or yellow balloon – are not allowed. If not for China ambassador Huang Huikang’s intervention, Petaling Street would have had turned into a war zone last year.


The UNESCO Chief, of course, didn’t bother to check her facts hence didn’t know about Low Yat Crisis which almost exploded into bloody racial riots. She also hadn’t read about Najib’s department of gangsters – Perkasa and Red Shirts – who was unleashed to terrorize the city of Kuala Lumpur, calling for the Chinese vernacular education SJKC to be abolished.

UMNO Red Shirts Rally Charming Message - Eliminate Chinese SJKC Vernacular Education

Like a fool, UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova was misled, most likely by the Malaysia Prime Minister Office, into believing that Rosmah’s Permata programme was the best invention since sliced bread. Malaysians, in general, have no idea at all what has the programme contributed to the betterment of children.


Auntie Rosie was allocated RM100 million, RM111 million and RM150 million in 2010, 2011 and 2012 Budget respectively for her pet project. In the 2013 Budget, the pre-school education programme was given a boost and allocated RM1.2 billion, despite nobody knows how the money was being used. There hasn’t been any audit or transparency on the programme.

Rosmah Mansor RM24 Million Diamond Ring

Permata merely acts as an intermediary to disburse funds for early childcare and education. The fact that Permata was parked under the Prime Minister Department, instead of Education Ministry, screams misappropriation of taxpayers’ money. Like 1MDB scandal, the belief is Permata was a smokescreen used by Auntie Rosie to divert funds elsewhere.


But does Irina Bokova care even if she knew both Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor are no different than crooks dressed in expensive clothing and carries Hermès Birkin handbag? Most likely not, considering she is running to be secretary general of the United Nations. Unless she’s retarded, of which she’s not, Irina appears to be sucking up to Rosmah Mansor.

Rosmah Mansor - Auntie Rosy - Hermès Birkin Bags - 5

Rosmah Mansor - Auntie Rosy - Hermès Birkin Bags

As one of the 10 countries that hold a rotating seat on the United Nations Security Council, Irina Bokova needs Malaysia’s support for her next promotion. As a Bulgarian politician, it’s hard to believe she didn’t know about Najib and Rosmah’s infamous corruption, money laundering and lavish spending. After all, her country – Bulgaria – is the most corrupt among the 28 EU states.


Perhaps Irina Bokova didn’t think corruption is such a big deal at all. Talking about birds of the same feather flock together, the UNESCO Chief was involved in a scandal where she appointed her deputy despite possessing fake qualifications. She was also caught owning property in Manhattan worth more than US$ 3 million, despite questions about her affordability.


The latest statement published by Irina Bokova on UNESCO website proves that she is desperately sucking up to Rosmah Mansor, who has unlimited funds of taxpayers’ money at her disposal. With a fool and scandalous Irina Bokova in charge of UNESCO, no wonder the Philippines President Duterte called the United Nations “stupid”.


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