Why Call It A Plot? Why Can’t It Be A Normal Criminal Case?

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Jul 31 2015
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At the rate new explosive video clips and documents being released accusing Najib Razak of corruption and cover-up, the Malaysian prime minister needs more than a miracle for a safe and victorious journey in the next 14th general election. He has already lost the battle in the court of public opinion.

Muhyiddin Sacked - Disagreed with Boss Najib and Video Clip

After the damning video clip where sacked deputy PM Muhyiddin Yassin claims his boss, Najib son of Razak, admitted to pocketing US$700 million, the naughty Sarawak Report drops yet another exclusive and explosive revelation – the “arrest warrant” for the prime minister. The whistleblower claims it has proof why former Attorney General Gani Patail was suddenly sacked.


Apparently, Sarawak Report (SR) has acquired verified documents, or rather secret “draft” charge sheet documents to be precise, which Mr Gani was allegedly in the process of drafting. The person being charged was none other than the Prime Minister “Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak” along with a company director, Dato’ Shamus Anuar Bin Sulaiman.

Najib Razak Arrest Warrant Draft - Sarawak Report - 1MDB Scandal

SR claims the documents, which were being worked in their final draft stages by the (former) Attorney General before he was given the sudden termination, were sent to SR following the sacking of Gani Patail and have now been verified by other senior parties. Dramatically, SR also reveals what had happened on the day Gani was sacked.


Based on a close insider information, SR claims that Patail had arrived at his office on Monday morning expecting to finalise the extremely sensitive charges he was preparing against the Prime Minister, resulting from the investigations of the multi-agency task force into 1MDB.

Gani Patail and Ali Hamsa

However, Mr Gani found he could not go in because Ali Bin Hamsa, the Chief Secretary to the Government, was waiting and he told him (the Attorney General, Abdul Gani Patail) that he was dismissed. The (former) A.G. could not even get his papers. Coincidently, the head of Special Branch was removed.


On the same day, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin was fired together with four other Cabinet Ministers. Four members of the investigating Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) were promoted to positions in Cabinet and its work was declared suspended. The PAC chairman, Nur Jazlan, has gladly accepted his new powerful Deputy Home Minister post.

Nur Jazlan - Promoted as Deputy Home Minister

Among contents exposed by SR including a charge sheet for corrupt practices under Section 17 (a) of the MACC Act, allowing for punishment of a sentence of up to 20 years in prison under Section 24 of the Act. Hence, if the exposure is true, Najib Razak is looking at the prospect of spending a maximum 20 years in jail, preferably next to Anwar Ibrahim’s cell.


So, how could police chief IGP Khalid Abu Bakar blame the people for speculating the coincidental fire which broke out on the 10th floor of Bukit Aman as an attempt by certain desperate parties to destroy investigation papers or evidence? Mr Najib was also hoping for some praises from the visit of Britain’s David Cameron as an endorsement.

The Telegraph - David Cameron Challenges Najib Razak on Corruption

Unfortunately, UK press “The Telegraph” reported that Dave has instead confronted Mr Najib over the deepening corruption scandal that threatens to bring down his government. So, no candy for naughty Najib boy but to clean up his mess was the message from the British Prime Minister. How would Najib strategists firefight this international humiliating episode?


Lim Kok Wing should be thankful he’s out of this mess. His toes would probably laugh at him if he is asked by new Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi to design a new propaganda on how to extradite British Prime Minister David Cameron to Malaysia on charges of insulting the Malay (Najib), Islam and the King (*grin*).

Malaysian New Attorney General Apandi Ali

However, the new “government-friendly” Attorney General Apandi Ali has reacted at lightning speed to rubbish SR’s allegations, claiming the Attorney-General’s Chambers had never drafted such charge sheet. Well, that depends on whether former A.G. Gani drafted it himself without even letting his deputy Abdul Majid Hamzah knows about it, considering such a high profile case.


Of course, the assumption is that Mr Gani had done the drafting in the first place, to which only the former A.G. himself can verify. But even if SR’s allegation is true that the former A.G. was preparing to charge Mr Najib, does that tantamount to a plot to topple the prime minister? Why can’t it be seen as normal criminal charges?

1MDB Scandal - How Prime Minister Najib Razak Becomes Billionaire

Unless the post of prime minister is “supremely above law”, regardless of the types of crimes committed, he can actually be charged, just like ordinary people on the street. If the prime minister has committed crimes and cannot be charged no matter what, does that mean the position is superior than of a “Sultan”?


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Ironically Najib should thank Toon Mahatiu for making the PM as the most powerful person and untouchable in KangkongLand during his 22 years of PMship . Toon Mahatiu had systemetically dismantle the check and balance built into the system by our forefathers.
The judiciary , civil service and legislature were weakened to be just like some PM office rubber stamp.

May be Toon Mahatiu is now banging his balls for having done so.

That’s why only Mahathir can bring down his protege …

Only he knows the corrupted system inside out … Nobody else can dismantle the system which he built …

Mahathir has been blackmailed to shut his ass up. Any comment on 1MDB is a crime. Rosmah had used the joker card on Mahathir. It is so easy to do, even a railway gatekeeper could do that.

His years in numbered before Allah, why want to spend the remaining years in jail.

After certain thoughts, better to go Switzerland to have a good retirement holiday with some renewal treatment for anti-ageing. He already gave up, all his friends have deserted him. Without money, Mahathir cannot BUY friends anymore.

Sad, I wonder how it is like tasting your own medicine?

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