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Can You Solve This Hong Kong Exam Question For 6-Year-Old, In 20-Seconds?

Two months ago this year, a Mathematics question posted by a Singapore TV presenter, Kenneth Kong, meant for 14-year-old students had gone viral. Thereafter, people around the world have been trying to figure out the solution for the mysterious question, which was actually meant for Singapore and Asean Schools Math Olympiads (SASMO).   In case you […]

... written on Jun 17 2015

Go, Go, Go, Donald!! But, Please Don’t Chicken Out Again

Donald Trump is doing it!! No joke!! Real estate mogul and billionaire businessman Donald Trump officially announced his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination at his own Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. Essentially, he’s now the 12th high-profile Republican to enter the already crowded 2016 race.   He had actually hinted it last week, […]

... written on Jun 17 2015

Great News!! – Eating 2 Chocolate Bars “A Day” Keeps The Heart Attack Away

Chocolate can reverse memory loss, as revealed recently. If this was not enough to convince you to start eating chocolate, here is another reason to flirt with it. Chocolate lovers should immediately share this information with their partner, or whoever that has stopped them from eating that piece of gorgeous, delicious, sweet thing called chocolate.   […]

... written on Jun 16 2015

Badass Nazri Aziz – A Doberman Every UMNO PM Loves To Own

Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, or popularly known as Gangster Nazri, or simply Nazri, is a politician you either love or hate. He’s a cat with nine lives, served under former prime ministers Mahathir Mohamad and Abdullah Badawi before serving Najib Razak today. How many ministers could actually claim such trophy?   Under Mahathir’s premiership, Mr […]

... written on Jun 15 2015

Meet Helan Abdulla, The “Kurdish Shakira” Who Fights ISIS With Pop Song

After the first UAE female top gun – Major Mariam – took to the sky bombing the barbarian ISIS, denying the fake jihadists of their supposedly 72 virgins reward in heaven, another woman is taking to the sky for the same purpose. But instead of flying F-16 fighter, this woman is using cyberspace to fight […]

... written on Jun 15 2015

2 Filipino Divers Spectacularly Score ZERO – The Secret To Get Funding?

These two Johns represent Philippines at the 2015’s 28th Southeast Asian Games, Singapore, which otherwise is also known as the SEA Games. John Elmerson Fabriga, 21, and John David Pahoyo, 17, were supposed to bring back medals in a 3-meter springboard event. But not only there was no medal, they spectacularly score a big “Zero” […]

... written on Jun 14 2015

Ringgit Is Toast – Here’re Proof Malaysia The First Asian To Hit Recession

Mahathir Mohamad is perhaps the luckiest person on planet Earth. Besides being the longest-serving Prime Minister of Malaysia, stretching from 1981 to 2003, he also had the luxury experiencing the country’s currency under attack by speculators during the infamous 1997/98 Asia Financial Crisis. Ten years later, during his retirement, he had the second opportunity to see […]

... written on Jun 12 2015

Damn!! – Airlines Want You To Buy New “Cabin OK” Luggage

New conspiracy revealed – airline authorities are working hand in glove with luggage manufacturers to rip off travellers big time. And how do they plan to do that? The International Air Transport Association (IATA), working together with Boeing and Airbus has recommended a new sized bag to be allowed onto a plane (*grin*).   The […]

... written on Jun 10 2015

50,000 Global Jobs Cut So That HSBC Can Reward Shareholders

Iron rice bowl is a term Chinese used to refer to an occupation with guaranteed job security, with steady income and perks thrown in. The term is also known as “golden rice bowl”. One of the careers that provide such job security is a job with the government of the day. This was true as […]

... written on Jun 10 2015

Here’s Why Americans Should Vote Clown Trump As The Next President

Ronald Reagan ruled the White House from 1981 – 1989. Prior to his presidency, very few in their right mind believed the former film actor could become the 40th President of the United States, let alone a two-term great president. But Reagan was so good that when he left office in 1989, his approval rating was […]

... written on Jun 08 2015

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