Looks Like Rosmah, Shops Like Rosmah … But Could She Be Rosmah?

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Jan 06 2015
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In December 2006, Johor state was hit by severe floods. The then-PM Abdullah Badawi couldn’t care less but hurriedly flew out of the country en route to Perth, Australia. The mission – to open the “Puteri Nasi Kandar” restaurant co-owned by brother Ibrahim Ahmad Badawi. During that crisis, Abdullah put his deputy PM, Najib Razak, in charge of the national disaster. Later, Badawi was swiftly ousted after the 2008 General Election.

Malaysia in Flood - Photo from the AirMalaysia in Flood - Old couples waiting for helps

History repeats itself again 8-years later in December 2014, only on a bigger scale. More than 250,000 were evacuated as compared to 90,000 eight years ago. Just like his predecessor, PM Najib Razak flew out of the country to Hawaii. The mission – to play golf with President Barack Obama. As usual, deputy PM, Muhyiddin Yassin, was put in charge of the national disaster. But why should Muhyiddin dirty his hands while his boss went golfing?


It was only after the exposure of Najib-Obama golfing session, while hundreds of thousands of Malaysians were left without water, electricity and food, that Najib reluctantly cut short his happy moment in Hawaii. Make no mistake about it – Najib couldn’t care less if not for the anger outbursts in the social media. And so, another drama with the actor and his minions pointing at floods and say “Look! It’s water” while photographers snapping photos.

Malaysia in Flood - PM Najib Cook and Photo DramaMalaysia in Flood - PM Najib Needs Help Wear Boots

Perhaps Najib thought he could mirror what Obama has done during the fiasco where Americans were beheaded by ISIS while the lamest duck in the American presidency history went golfing. But Obama was in his final term with only months to go, so he could afford to do golfing for the rest of his presidency days, if he chooses so. Najib on the other hand has many years to go, if he plans to prolong his premiership.


Sure, like everybody else, Najib deserves his holiday, especially during Christmas holiday with the POTUS. It was an honour to rub shoulders with the president, and to be able to “hunt their lost balls” together all over the golf course would indeed make anyone orgasm (*grin*). However, the problem is this: almost all ministries in Najib administration are either handicapped or retarded.

Malaysia in Flood - Najib Golfing with Obama

Deputy PM Muhyiddin didn’t know which button to press to activate disaster recovery plan, if there was one in the first place. Defence ministry couldn’t be activated to help because Minister Hishammuddin, Najib’s own cousin, was on holiday overseas. Home ministry was not functioning because Minister Zahid most likely believes his job was merely to draft support letters helping gambling kingpins (*tongue-in-cheek*).


Like it or not, Najib hastily packed his bags for home. Just like how he quietly smuggled himself out en route to Hawaii, the Malaysian prime minister did the same trick back to the country, minus his official plane, an Airbus A319 registered as “9M-NAA”. Equally missing was his beautiful wife, Rosmah Mansor, whom everyone regarded as the de-facto prime minister. Needless to say, all hells break loose.

Malaysian Prime Minister Official Plane - 9M-NAA

Amusingly but expectedly, all attentions shifted to Rosmah Mansor. Why Najib flew back on a Royal Air Force military jet, leaving his beloved wife stranded in Hawaii? The plane was tracked to have flown from Hawaii to Los Angeles, Indianapolis, and London, with a stopover in Dubai. The clumsy excuse from prime minister office – technical issues hence the needs for maintenance in the United States.

Malaysian Prime Minister Official Plane - 9M-NAA Interior - 1Malaysian Prime Minister Official Plane - 9M-NAA Interior - 2

That explains everything, with Commander-in-chief Rosmah “shopping” for spare-parts and zig-zagging around Los Angeles, Indianapolis, London, Dubai bargaining for best priced Airbus A319 parts in order to save some bucks for the nation (*grin*). After all, who can beat women when come to shopping, right? For all you know, Rosmah could be shopping tirelessly hunting essential goods for the flood victims.


In a latest social media uproars, a lady resembles First Lady Rosmah was spotted shopping away at the posh Bangkok Central Chidlom mall. As much as PM Najib tries to keep a low profile flying to Bangkok disguised under a meeting appointment with Thai PM General Prayuth Chan-o-cha, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see it as a reunion with wife Rosmah and 9M-NAA, if indeed that lady was Auntie Rosy.

Malaysia in Flood - Rosmah Shopping in Bangkok

Where did Rosmah get her pocket money for her shopping spree? Well, as far back as 2013 national budget, Permata Negara, a pre-school programme which happens to be Rosmah pet project was allocated a whopping RM1.2 billion alone in taxpayers money. Of course, nobody knows how the money was being used, let alone audited. There were other equally juicy scandals allegedly associated with Najib and his wife.

Bangkok Central Chidlom mall - Rosmah Shopping in Bangkok

Take for example Rosmah’s alleged RM24 million diamond ring. Or the gruesome murder of Mongolia beauty Altantuya. Still, question remains if Najib could be de-throned with the latest uproars. Most likely not, and it’s not hard to see why. As compared to other more serious allegations, Najib and Rosmah’s golfing and shopping screw-ups are like a child’s play. Relax, even if Najib refuses to come back from his golfing session with Obama, he’s still safe.


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