Obama or McCain, place your bets and Make Pocket Money

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Nov 04 2008
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Ever wonder why those casinos, lottery and 3-D, 4-D & 5-D businesses were almost recession-proof? Besides opportunity to make money if you strike, people tends to feel great when their bets hit the bull-eye. The feeling was just unbelievable as if it was better than sex. And it’s not funny at all to read the husband-wife team was slapping each other to confirm they actually won the multi-million dollar jackpot recently. Today, Tuesday Nov 4, is the day the de-facto Malaysian PM Najib is due to announce his grand economic plan while the Americans will decide if the country will see the first black as their next President of the United States.

Dow Jones closed the trading session with little change Monday ahead of the election. But at one corner punters (can you call them investors?) are monitoring to see if their bets will make cool monies for them – the Election Futures Market. You can virtually open an account for as little as $5 to as much as $500 bucks (real money, mind you) and use it to buy and sell contracts. However you’ve to take this trading system with a pinch of salt because a simple huge order could tilt the result in your favor. The risks are high but so do the gains.

Platforms such as Iowa Electronic Markets or Intrade are some of the election futures market providers. It was reported that people who bet on Barack Obama a year ago are making great money today. Back then Obama was given a pathetic 14% if he can win the Democratic presidential nomination but now traders are betting this guy has a staggering 90% chance of being elected to the White House. If you’re a high risk taker then place your bet on Arizona Senator John McCain because as of now a contract will cost you only $9.20 but if this guy can pull the stunt, you can pocket $100 from the bet.

Unlike Malaysia whereby only 191 voters will vote for the President of UMNO and indirectly the Prime Minister of Malaysia, there will be more than 100 million people who will vote for the President of the United States. No wonder money can easily buy the Prime Minister seat in Malaysia. Can you imagine doing the same in the United States? But then we shouldn’t do such comparison because Malaysia is such a darling country with the cleanest Prime Minister, heaven-like investment climate, fairest wealth distribution of all, recession-proof, highest concentration of great-brains from all over the world and basically there’s not a single poor citizen at all *grin*. We’ve even explored the space and self-sufficient with abundance of oil, palm oil, agriculture products, clean water, free electricity, cheapest fuel price, great foods and you name it we have it.

And no, we didn’t blow up that Mongolian beauty Altantuya, most probably she tripped and blown up herself while playing with that piece of hamburger-like C4. I still wonder how do Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, both from Special Action Unit, look like since until today nobody can ascertain if the persons behind the masks are indeed them at all.

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