No further fuel hike for 2008 yet nobody rejoicing?

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Jun 12 2008
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Wall Street tumbled more than 200 points to its lowest close since mid-March thanks to surging oil prices which was traded as high as $138.30 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The culprit – U.S. Energy Department data Wednesday showed that gasoline supplies grew last week but that crude oil inventories fell more than analysts expected – a sign that U.S. energy demand is still growing despite more than $4 a gallon gasoline. On the other hand Fed confirmed the economy remains “generally weak”.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he expects oil prices to keep climbing and predicts they could reach $200 a barrel. Sure, he blamed it on the falling U.S. dollar, U.S. continuous threat to bombard Iran and U.S. own bad management on economy except himself. As the fifth largest oil supplier to the U.S. Chavez could scream as loud as he likes but maybe he should helps to convince the OPEC members to increase production. In practice they don’t really have to increase the output but merely a statement will surely helps to bring down the oil prices.

Fuel Price Producing CountriesIt’s hard to hate Chavez although he seemed to have the vocal voice comparable to former premier Mahathir in condemning the West especially U.S. He’s an angel when you talk about fuel price. In fact Venezuela is perhaps one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, countries that you could get your fuel at RM0.16 a liter. Malaysia’s latest hike of 78 sen or 40.6 percent a liter has pushed up the country onto the world map as perhaps the most expensive amongst the oil producing countries.

Very few rejoice after the government announced that there will be no further increase to the price of fuel in the country this year even if the global price of oil reaches US$200 (RM654) per barrel. Perhaps the PM was worried more and more people are engaging in unhealthy activities in order to change their lifestyles. Cool, license for the global oil prices to shoot above $200 a barrel but then there’s another reason why people didn’t brouhaha now the same way when it was raised. Obviously people are not confident with their flip-flop PM Abdullah Badawi who might just increase the fuel price to RM4.00 anytime armed with the silliest reason you could ever think of. Hence might as well take the announcement with a pinch of salt.
Change LifeStyle Puff SharingPetronas suggested that the subsidy should be removed completely. I agreed and I’m sure all the people would stop grumbling provided the government enforces the following:

  • Since the government likes to compare with Singapore, the government should just increase all our salaries by 3.5 times since that’s how much Singapore’s GDP per capita is compared to Malaysia. I believe you would be very happy to receive monthly salary of RM7,000 from current RM2,000 and I doubt you would demonstrate even if the fuel price increases to RM4.00 a liter.
  • Revamp the income tax structure to imitate Singapore’s
  • Abolish all the tolls
  • Abolish the road tax
  • Abolish renewal of driving license
  • Abolish import duties on all non Malaysian made car

Last but not least, improve the damn public transportation before recites the same old expired excuses again. What happened to the billions of dollars saved from the previous 30 sen a liter hike in 2006? Why I’ve a bad feeling that somhow Scomi Coach Sdn Bhd would benefits the most from the so-called transportation system improvement?

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I recently went to Singapore for a visit, spent 4 days there sightseeing, and never once there is a need to take a cab.

Inside the city, the MRT takes you to most places and operates until late at night. Outside of the city, bus services take you to Sentosa, zoo etc, for just a few bucks.

maybe U.S. sell the crude oil from inventories at $200 before OPEC members to increase production! haha

first of all, bodowi words cannot be trusted. you already experienced first hand on date of disolving parliament and the date fuel hike. Bodowi must step down because he was unable to manage the economy and unable to get public confidence of his administration.

by the next election, BN will fall so hard that none of the BN component party can do anything about it. MIC inside is cracking, Gerakan is spliting. MCA unable to represent its people. In Seputeh, Teresa Kok won with super-majority, a few folds over MCA candidate. Oppositions will reign supreme in peninsular. BN in Sabah and Sarawak demanded some piece of the “pie” or they will switch to opposition.

See what is coming next..

hello hs maths … singapore sure has one of the best transportation since many years ago …

and to think that KL itself couldn’t match what little dot can do is simply puzzling … but then singapore is not a country but just an island *grin* (as what some politicians said) …


hello 雷門與江邊鳥 …

it could be but who can blame them for being smart (& cruel) …

cheers …

hello anonymous ..

precisely why people are still don’t give a damn to any more announcement from the liar … i guess once a liar forever a liar …

in order not to get trapped in long queue again, i suppose consumers should fill-up their tank when the fuel meter said “half-tank” …

cheers …

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