It’s Wise to Claim your RM625 Rebate Soonest Possible

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Jun 14 2008
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As I was renewing my road-tax and insurance today, I noticed that the staffs were busy chatting and explaining to their customers about the hottest news of the day – claiming the RM625 cash rebate for cars below 2000cc. Indeed it was the busiest day in the history of local post offices nationwide. Although the 683 post offices would continue to disburse the hard-cash for eligible vehicle owners from today (Saturday, being the first day) till Mar 31 2009, obviously people were not taking chances.

So, while I was checking the quotation for my renewal I asked the staff / officer how could I claim my rebate (RM625), just to double-confirm in case the procedure contains silly requirements such as to bring my dead grandfather along to prove I’m not a permanent resident *grin*. A lady who sat next to me heard what I asked and immediately offered her expertise. She was so eager to offer what she knew, so much so I can see the sparkle in her eyes. She told me all you need to bring is your Identification Card (I/C) and your thumb-print hence don’t leave your fingers at home. Fill up a form, wait for a while and you should get your lovely cash. You can opt to have the money (order) sent via postal to your address but who would be so dumb to choose such method right?

Claim Rebate IC Thumb PrintBy now the lady was so excited about the whole rebate thing I can swear she could continue for another 5 hours but it’s nice to hear what people on the ground was thinking about this whole fuel-hike-rebate program. She advised me not to claim the rebate today as almost all the post offices are stuck with people. Boy! Malaysians who are known to do things last-minute have suddenly change for the better. If today is the last-day for income-tax submission then I would understand why everybody was flocking to their nearest IRD. But then who can blame them considering the current political landscape. Anything can change within 24 hours and you don’t wanna bet your RM625 on the table that the flip-flop Abdullah Badawi will not wake up one morning and yell “I think I’ve to stop this rebate”.

That was exactly what this lady was telling me – best to take the money soonest possible. This reminds me of a practice in stock investing or option trading – during uncertainties, it’s wise to lock-in profit or to take the money off the table and run. It makes perfect sense since it’s not everyday that you get to claim such rebate. The lady continued to lecture me that an individual can claims (rebate) up to five vehicles. I asked her if she knows whether this rebate is a one-time off thing or it’s an annual event. She seemed caught for a while and admitted she wasn’t sure but she heard it could be either. So, while everyone was happily collecting the RM625 rebate not many know if this wonderful event can be repeated next year. And that’s precisely why people started queuing as early as 7 a.m. today. It was reported that about RM116 million were successfully distributed today. I hope the post offices have enough security guards as that would means each post office is practically an ATM machine with an average RM170,000 of cash stashed inside.

Rebate Sample FormIn fact, it is advisable to download the form here, fill it up and bring it to the post office to save your time. The server is either loaded with people downloading the form or the web server itself was already sucks from day one because it was freaking slow. However I’ve captured the screen shot from Pos Malaysia on a sample of how you should fill the form. Go to the nearest post office, preferably during weekday, as soon as possible and get the money. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. So it’s better to have the RM625 in your pocket than to leave it in the government’s hand.

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of course! what’s better than keep your cash in your own pocket than others? Like you said Bodohwi may change his mind suddenly and those haven’t claimed may lose the last bit of RM625. This has shown many many times previously as this is one of the stone f**king face Bodohwi!

Wa! Better hurry. Earlier I thought no need to be so Kiasu and do it after the initial rush is over.

I think I read it somewhere that the rebate is only one off.

hello m-factor … indeed it’s better to do it soonest possible and i’m pretty sure majority of blog readers would know what to do …

hello oni … yeap, this is not another round of tokkok thing but better to be kiasu than lose the RM625 to the tokkok-politician …

indeed nobody knows if it’s one off or repeated windfall money …

cheers …

I collected the RM625 fuel rebate at the post office in the Kajang Tesco hypermarket this afternoon 4 hours after I punched button A of the ticketing machine for a number. The long waiting time was due to the endless stream of customers coming in all day and wanting to cash out the fuel rebates more than anything to do with the counter service.

My impression is that despite so many people wanting to cash out, the small post office appeared to have lots of cash at its disposal to pay out.

thanx spacious-moments for your kind feedback … it’s good to hear you’ve gotten the money while it was still hot from the oven … did you check if the notes received were real *grin* …

cheers …

Good morning stocktube.

Aaaaaah! Now that you mention, spacious-moments didn’t check on the spot whether the RM625 cash rebate notes were real or counterfeit…

Anyway when I deposited the RM625 into my savings account on the same day soon after I left the post office the Maybank ATM machine accepted RM620 and rejected RM5…

I am sure the RM625 must be real money and it is just that the stupid machine is not programed to recognize RM5 denomination notes.

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