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Next on Middle East’s shopping list – MAHSING

After invading the territory of Putrajaya Perdana (KLSE: PPEDANA, stock-code 5117) and Loh & Loh Corp Berhad (KLSE: LOH&LOH, stock-code 7706), it appears the appetite from Middle Eastern is getting bigger and it was reported that a consortium from the oil-rich states is eyeing a strategic stake in property developer Mah Sing Group Berhad.The shopping […]

... written on Nov 13 2007

DIGI to Bail-Out Time DotCom via Share-Swap?

Both Telenor’s DIGI.com Berhad (DIGI : stock-code 6947) and loss-making Time DotCom Berhad (TIMECOM : stock-code 5031) were suspended from trading today, Monday, and rumors quickly spread again that DIGI.com is buying into Time DotCom on a share-swap. The last trading price of DIGI.com was RM23.60 a share while Time DotCom’s stock price was RM0.87 […]

... written on Nov 12 2007

Bursa should get more mature, take the Quantum Leap

Nobody knows when the current temporary bearish sentiment will last. What we know is the U.S. sub-prime or housing bubble has burst and now is the time for financial companies to report the extent of the damages caused by it. Gauging from the initial reports, it seems the damage is quite serious but does not […]

... written on Nov 12 2007

Payday Loan is getting easier and even free

Remember those days when the parents would be extra proud that their daughters found their other half working under the bank’s payroll? It was the moment to cherish simply because the job was said to be one of the safest of all. It was like striking a gold-mine and you can be sure your daughter […]

... written on Nov 11 2007

Dow and Nasdaq ready for technical rebound?

Almost every single human being on the trading floor at Wall Street ran helter skelter searching for shelter from the stocks plunge. This time (last Friday) it was Wachovia Corp. and Qualcomm Inc. with their loan losses and weak quarter respectively that continued the previous day’s panic selling started by Cisco System Inc. The selling […]

... written on Nov 11 2007

Malaysia’s Biggest Rallies since 1998 – KL under siege

There’s a strong reason why Malaysian PM Abdullah Badawi didn’t looks relax when he should be when closing the 58th UMNO General Assembly on Friday. Obviously he was disturbed with what was going to happen on the very next day, Saturday 10th Nov 2007. A mass gathering organized by a non-governmental organisation called The Coalition […]

... written on Nov 10 2007

Technology Stocks’ Tumble Exaggerated

So, the whole world thinks the technology stocks are next in line to get the spanking from the subprime crisis. That’s just silly. If you didn’t know, Nasdaq was punished on Thursday because Cisco System Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO, stock) indicated his company has been having trouble selling products to its 25 largest customers particularly financial […]

... written on Nov 09 2007

Scalping GOOGLE for fast money, thanks to option

Unless you’re Angkasawan (not astrounaut mind you), you should respect the Newtons’ Law of Gravity which says whatever goes up must come down. The physic law or formula applies mostly to engineering – remember those days when your physic teacher always relates your classmates who excel in physic as potential engineers but not doctor? I […]

... written on Nov 08 2007

Dow Jones already taken 3 Bunjee Jumps in 1 month

Again the U.S. Dow Jones plunged 360 points Wednesday *yawn*. Is that the best it can do? I’m still waiting for 4-digits drop as I’ve not seen that before but 3-digits drop is quite normal nowadays, no? And aren’t you sick and tired with this subprime crisis being put as target on the shooting board? […]

... written on Nov 08 2007

GUESS – the apparel retail stock you can’t ignore

Stocks tumble again on the Wall Street and this time we’ve another culprit that we can point our finger at. Blame it on General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM, stock) – the company reported a loss of $39 billion, or $68.85 per share, more than the loss of $147 million, or 26 cents per share GM […]

... written on Nov 07 2007

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