Now Malaysian can trade Google stocks literally

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Nov 02 2007
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Wow! For investors who are keen to trade the U.S. stocks or options but not sure how to do it, fret not. There’s good news for you thanks to the aggressive issuer OSK Investment Bank. OSK Investment Bank has been fighting heads on with CIMB in the call warrants market lately. Both are willing to lose tooth and nails into the profitable foreign call-warrants and the battle is not going to stop anytime soon.

OSK Investment Bank will list the first Call Warrant (CW) on an American stock, Google Inc, for which the exercise price is denominated in US dollars. The CWs will be listed as Google-C1 on Nov 14. Hold on the excitement. Gosh! Isnt’ AEON Credit prospectus will be launched in mid-November as well? How could you do the killing then? I’ll leave it to you as far as your money management is concerned. You might want to sell down some of your portfolio the moment KLCI goes up to 1,400 points again (example) or if you’re holding some stocks that are not moving for centuries but profitable enough, why not take the money off the table and move on?

AEON Credit being related to AEON hypermarket (previously known as Jaya Jusco) should attract lots of subscribers. If you think AEON is a great stock with great sales record plus tons of loyal customers, then the question of whether you should try your hands on AEON Credit is a no brainer one. AEON’s fundamental is absolutely fantastic and you need to go and visit their supermarkets to get the feel of how good the business is.
Google Call Warrant in MalaysiaAnyway, I’m sure you don’t need much introduction about Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) because FinanceTwitter has been crazily talking about the same stock for quite some time now. OK listen, before you plan to jump into options trading in the U.S. markets (I know, I know, I’ve been a bad influence by blogging how much money can be made from options trading), I think this Google call warrant will be the best platform for you to try it out. It’s good to see if you’re ready for the high volatility coaster-ride. And if you can’t take it at home (Malaysia), don’t ever try it at U.S.

Both Google call warrant and options will be similar in the sense that both expire within a time-frame. So if you’ve been trading local call warrants and think you can take more excitement consider this. If you think the existing call warrants are volatile, Google’s call warrant could be 100-times more volatile, depending on the call warrant conversion and structure to be issued by OSK.
Google Stock ChartHowever there’re some differences. The newly Google call warrant will have conversion based on U.S. dollar and the dollar is weakening now. So that could be the risk but on the bright side the stocks’ volatility in the U.S. will not mirrored on local bourse. Also the call warrant will be at the discount since OSK placed the exercise price at $680 a share (Google’s closing stock price is $703.21 as of Thursday trading). Needless to say you can’t perform other strategy such as spread on call warrant.

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Hi Friend :

Congrats!! Your GOOG has touched the $700.00 mark 🙂 WOW

Tony Chai
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hello tony … yeah, i’ve the lady luck to thanx for being so kind to me … i’m getting greedy and still wish to hold on 🙂

cheers …

I am going to vote for Disney. Actually I am more interested in one of their holdings- Pixar 😉

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