Making Money Investing GOOGLE Again

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Nov 14 2006
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Another of my favorite stocks, Google (NASDAQ : GOOG) was triggered and sold minutes ago (just after my Apple was sold earlier today ) making some money after 14 days of investing.

FinanceTwitter noticed that Google was trading within the range of $475 & $480 after it announced it’s earning. When the stock dived to $475 on 1-Nov-2006, decision to take the position was triggered. Today it seems Google tried to established $480 as its’ new support (though the stock market is very volatile today with all the Dow Jones, Nasdaq & S&P500 in red as of current hour).

Earlier Google had performed well after it announced its’ spectacular earning of which FinanceTwitter made profit.

Reuters financial news reporeted that Google today closed its $1.65 billion acquisition of top online video-sharing site YouTube, setting a new record in the valuation for user-generated media sites. In a statement, Mountain View, California-based Google said it had issued 3,217,560 shares to pay for YouTube. It also paid restricted stock units, options and a warrant that can be converted into 442,210 shares of Google’s common stock. The $1.65 billion stock deal included around $15 million in funding which Google provided to YouTube between signing the deal in early October and closing the deal this month.

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