The Malaysian Dilemma – Choosing Heroes From A Bunch Of Thieves

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Jul 09 2015
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Today, Malaysian ringgit hits another new lowRM3.8348 against the U.S. dollar, before settles at 3.7974. As expected, Bank Negara (Central Bank) has been working extra hard to ensure the local currency doesn’t breach above RM3.80 psychology level. But for how long can Governor Zeti keeps pumping foreign reserves to support the ringgit?


With Greece going into bankruptcy, China stock markets crashing, oil prices going south, and whatnot, the last thing the country needs is a prolong 1MDB crisis where prime minister Najib Razak himself was allegedly received RM2.62 billion (US$696 million) in his personal bank account. From RM3.20 to a dollar a year ago, the ringgit is now at RM3.80.

Malaysia Ringgit Lowest against US Dollar - 8July2015

The local stock market is tumbling as if it was hit with diarrhea. Make no mistake about it. The only people who will be hit are the average and poor citizens. The mega rich UMNO politicians will not be affected, because even the poorest of them are already multi-millionaires. Whoever wins from the Mahathir-vs-Najib feud, 30 million Malaysians are still screwed.


Who do you support in the current 1MDB crisis? If Mahathir wins and install Muhyiddin Yassin as the new prime minister, Mahathirism would return. Muhyiddin himself is more racist than Najib, not to mention as empty vessel as the present prime minister. The only consolation is, with Mahathir pulling strings from behind, GST may be abolished.

Mahathir Mohamad and Muhyiddin Yassin

But that also means foreign cars such as Toyota Vios and Honda City may increase in prices simply because Mahathir wanted to protect Proton. And if the ringgit continues to plunge, puppet Muhyiddin would probably re-introduce RM3.80 to a dollar peg, last implemented 16-years ago during 1997-98 financial crisis.


If somehow Najib Razak wins, his arrogance would multiply thousands of times because he would essentially becomes the “Invincible Man”, beating “Superman” Mahathir so bad that the old fox would admit Rosmah Mansor was the prettiest woman he had ever seen in his entire life. Najib would then continue his Najibnomic plundering as if there’s no tomorrow.

Najib Razak & Rosmah Mansor

Auntie Rosy would openly buy and display to all and sundry her new US$24 million diamond ring. Project 1MDB would expand and accumulate another RM100 billion in debt, without a single soul dares questioning it. GST may be increased to 10%, or even up to 23% just like Greece in order to pay national debt and service interest.


What if opposition PKR Azmin Ali miraculously becomes the new prime minister? With UMNO DNA inside him, Azmin Ali could become more corrupt than Mahathir himself. Gosh. How about Hadi Awang? Are you kidding me? Hadi Awang would happily “Talibanisation” the whole nation, the same way Mahathir did it via “Privatisation”.

Azmin Ali and Lim Guan Eng and Nurul Izzah and Hadi Awang

Okay, how about Lim Guan Eng? That’s impossible because he’s a Chinese, no matter how talented he is. Nurul Huda will not make it too because she’s a woman. Malaysia is not only a racist but also a sexist Muslim country; worse than Indonesia, Pakistan, Senegal or even Bangladesh. You do know that Bangladesh had a woman prime minister, don’t you?


Get real, the problem of corruption, money laundering, abuse of power and whatnot will remain even if premier Najib is replaced. The next prime minister could be equally corrupt, if not worse. Mahathir was allegedly plundered RM100 billion. Najib is tainted with RM2.62 billion on top of his 1MDB’s RM42 billion debt.

Najib vs Mahathir - War

People rejoice and applause Mahathir because this grand old thief seems to be able to catch another thief – Najib. Although they knew Mahathir was a bigger thief, he was lucky because there wasn’t any social media during his rule, not to mention he was smart enough not to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar, unlike Najib.


Assuming Mahathir succeeded in disposing protégé Najib, and plays his card well by putting things back in order to eliminate corruption and abuse of power, it could probably erase his past dark chapters. He would be remembered as a great statesman, something he would get orgasm thinking of, although most likely he would pretend he didn’t care, if you ask him.

Greece Voted No in Referendum 2015 - Vote NO

Long term solution – how could the 30 million Malaysians stop themselves from being screwed again, once and for all? This may be provocative and sensitive but the answer could be found in Greece. If only Malaysians had the mentality and courage of the Greeks, where they consider taxes as theft, and avoiding taxes was a sign of patriotism (*grin*).


Sure, Greece is practically bankrupt today because 89.5% of the population do not pay taxes. Malaysians will never do that because they’re a bunch of obedient citizens. But what if Malaysians decide to not pay taxes and take to the street, until the government get rid of corruption and restore the doctrine of separation of power?

Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Ibrahim Remark on PM Najib Chickening from Nothing2Hide

Perhaps it’s time the Johor Crown Prince leads not only Johoreans but Malaysians, if it’s true that he cares about the people, demanding this country be restored to its original condition before Mahathir corrupts it during his 22-year-rule. Easier said than done, we suppose. Well, then don’t whine and bitch if Razak version 2 continues.


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