Your Superheroes Batman & Spiderman Arrested For Fighting In Times Square

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Sep 15 2014
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Forget about next blockbuster Spiderman and Batman movies. Your neighbourhood friendly superheroes were already on the street – Times Square – fighting bad guys. Abdel Elkahezai, a 35-year-old dressed as Spider-Man, and Jose Escalona-Martinez, a 41-year-old dressed as Batman, were at Times Square when suddenly two men started heckling at the two superheroes.

Batman and Spiderman in Times Square

The superheroes confronted Thomas Rorke, 23, and his 23-year-old buddy about the “sexual suggestive gestures” made at them near Broadway and 44th Street. At first, yelling match broke out between Spiderman-Batman and the supposedly villains Rorke and his buddy. Soon, all hell breaks loose when punches started flying. Rorke, a Breezy Point resident, claims that he was hit multiple times in the face, causing swelling and visible injury to the left side of his face.

Spiderman and Batman Fight at Times Square New York - Fighting With Men

Amazingly, Spiderman and Batman also claimed to have been punched as well by the two loudmouthed pedestrians. The fight which started at about 10:25pm ended when the superheroes Spiderman and Batman – both Manhattan residents – along with bad-guy Rorke were arrested by NYPD and charged with misdemeanor assault. What a shame (*grin*).

Spiderman and Batman Fight at Times Square New York - Fighting With Men - 2

In reality, New York officials have been considering a crackdown on costumed characters in Times Square. Superheroes or otherwise known as street performers have been making good money on the street. However, not all of them were well behaved. There was an incident where Spiderman (22-year-old Moussa Rabaoui) was arrested for allegedly groping a New Yorker – grabbing the woman’s breasts and backside.

Elmo, Minnie Mouse, Pooh taking photo behind NYPD

There was also a case of a man, Adam Sandler, dressed as Elmo shouted anti-Semitic slurs in the city. Another famous figure, Woody from “Toy Story”, dressed by 44-year-old Jose Vasquez was charged with multiple counts of sex abuse and forcible touching after police said they saw him groping women in Times Square early of the year.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse taking photo with tourist

City Councilman Andy King is proposing legislation that would require characters to be licensed by the city, which will cost street performers US$175 per license. The performers were making about US$50 – US$70 in tip a shift, on average. Last month, NYPD had started distributing fliers in Times Square to tourists that they were under no obligation to pay for photos taken with costumed characters.

NYPW fliers about optional free tipping

Spiderman, Batman, Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse and tons other impersonators claimed they were just making a living hence NYPD and city authorities should leave them alone. But when Spiderman started telling that he only accepted $5, $10 and $20 dollar bills for people to have their picture taken with them, perhaps the superhero had mistaken the real meaning when his uncle once told him – With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.


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