A Duty Well Done, RIMM, Thanks For The 480% Profit

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Jun 22 2011
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Was away on a short holiday trip but that didn’t stop me (or you) from selling or buying the stocks or options, as long as you’re connected to the internet. Can you imagine the trading or investing landscape changes between now and ten years ago? Now, as long as you’ve a smartphone with connectivity to the internet, you can basically do anything. As blogged earlier, I took profit on Research In Motion Limited’s (Nasdaq: RIMM, stock) while holidaying and what was particularly sweet was the percentage of profit – 480% – something which I had not tasted for many moons.

RIMM Profit 480 Percent 

To be fair, RIMM had done particularly well under the onslaught of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, judging from its survival rate till now. Palm and Motorola, for example, died almost instantly upon the announcement of iPhone’s arrival back in 2007. However as much as business communities and carriers loved the BlackBerry, they are slowly shifting to iPhone or Android-phones and no longer promoting them as they used to. Heck, even Taiwan-based HTC, who made the early and correct bet on Google’s Android has overtaken RIMM in terms of market capitalization.

 RIMM Intraday 17June2011

While it’s still early to say whether RIMM will take the same route as Motorola or Palm, the great story of RIMM has ended, at least for now. I would be surprise if the company can withstand the competitions and survives another couple of years without pressure from the stakeholders to sell or at least merge with another company. But for now, RIMM has done its job well in providing investors and traders loads of money either longing or shorting the stock. Of course there’re still bits of pieces here and there for scavengers, now that the stock is trading below $30 a share.

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