KL under siege – frighten of own shadow of collapse?

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Jul 14 2008
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Desperate people not only do desperate things but also stupid and childish things as if they are begging to be laughed at. Malaysia has been the laughing stock for quite some time but things got more hilarious with today’s total lock-down by the police. Roadblocks were setup at numerous access points into the capital of Kuala Lumpur as if Osama bin Laden had sneaked into the country planning to blow-off the Petronas Twin-Towers, causing massive traffic jams. The excuse given by the police who often labeled as the bully – opposition was planning a huge demonstration which of course didn’t materialize.

It’s both funny and puzzling that the police could mobilize such massive police presence and barbed wires on the Parliament bridge to scare and intimidate the people but is still helpless in their efforts to rescue missing kids such as Sharlinie. If only the police was half as efficient in locking down the capital to search for Sharlinie, maybe we could have another happy family since. Somehow I sensed some similiarities in today’s military-style exercise to the recent Grand Saga’s gangster method to rob and hurt the innocent civilians. While Grand Saga recruited thugs to take care of their concreate slabs in their effort to block residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras (BMC) going home via short-cut, today we witnessed the ruling government used the police to setup road-blocks and barbed wires to intimidate potential peaceful demonstrators – if what the bald headed minister claimed is true.

As expected the Parliament Speaker Pandikar Amin refused to allow the debate on a “crisis of confidence in the government.” The speaker who is a member of the ruling government even shooed the opposition Member of Parliaments away yelling that they have make the Parliament a laughing stock, after they (opposition) staged a walk-out. You can’t blame the speaker for not knowing that the country has long been a laughing stock but the panic behaviour of the ruling government was simply mind-boggling. The police even obtained a court order barring Anwar as well as the public from coming within three miles of Parliament – a sign of a very frightful ruling government of the shadow of collapse. Isn’t the Parliament a symbol of democracy?

Of course the authorities’ fingers including the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi’ were all pointed at the opposition but could the ruling government the shepherd boy who “cry wolf”? Was the war-zone created necessary? Perhaps it was a good publicity to attract tourists in their effort to boost tourism industry but motorist who were caught in the traffic jam were not amuse at all. It goes to show that the ruling government will do anything to stay in power, the same way Mahathir’s buddy – Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe stubborn way to stay in power.

People on the street do not really care who the Prime Minister is as long as the PM knows the basic 101 of economy and can drive the country forward. Stop deceives the public that big fish can be caught with the detention of two top Immigration Department officers by the Anti-Corruption Agency. Stop playing the Consumer Price Index because every Joe Public knows how retarded the PM is in economy. Get someone qualified and clean to revitalize the economy and the stock market will take its course. With 24 months to go before the PM passes the baton to his deputy only new sets of policies that promote transparency, accountability, efficiency, good governance and justice could save him from going down the history as the weakest and useless PM the country ever had. When everyone prospers nobody would care about the demonstration.

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